This is an article for all you ruthless beings out there that thoroughly enjoy watching others suffer. Or for people who have just had enough - no more 'Mister Nice Guy or Gal.' 

The following Ask Redditors shared their stories to the question, "What was the dirtiest, slimiest, most backstabbing thing you did and regret?

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My next door neighbour's kid used to be an inconsiderate rude arsehole and his parents let him and his brother get away with it.

Well, one time he put gravel on my windscreen wipers because I saw him out the window doing it, and his parents knew he did this but thought it was a mere practical joke.

So, I waited until it was dark and I grabbed some gravel and stuck it right on top of their windscreen wipers but inside them too. His parents did not think it was funny when it was their windscreen that got scratched.


I'm a moderator on a local second-hand Facebook group.

An elderly lady put up a very nice bed for a very low price. I deleted the post and contacted her. I got the bed before anyone had the chance to bid on it.


I used to spend summers with my uncle who ran a camp ground and he taught me all kind of useful skills.

One was how to make a key that would open all master locks that were similar. Well back in the 70's just about everyone had the same locks on their garage doors and garage door openers were not around yet or our neighborhood just didn't have them yet. 

So me and my friends decided that we would collect all of the locks off of the garages, mix them up in a bag and put them back on. The next morning everyone came out to go to work and couldn't get their cars out of the garage, the entire block was standing outside wondering what happened. 

It was really funny for about five minutes and then I felt bad. Then my dad said it was a good thing our garage is full of crap and we park our cars outside.


I used to have anorexia in my early high school years and was hospitalized for a couple of years then went back to school. It took me an hour to eat lunch as I would cut even a sandwich into 36 pieces. There was a girl who sat with me every lunch for the whole hour for about a year. Then I started to talk to people more and ended up abandoning her and I didn't even realize it. By the end of high school she was totally alone. Still, teenage me did not even realize. It wasn't till two years later when I looked back that I realized how crappy I had been. Teenagers are arseholes. Hope you're doing ok Yasmin.


When I was maybe 5 or 6 I poked a hole in my parents waterbed and blamed it on my little brother.

He was 'disciplined' pretty bad cause of it.


In 4th grade my school had this huge book sale and one of my friends bought this super sparkly obnoxious multi-colored diary. We all thought it was perfect. Anyway, this one friend of ours had been really pissing me off all week and told me I wasn't pretty enough to be Belle when we played princesses. Diary girl and rude girl were best friends.

I went to diary girl's locker to move the diary to the rude girl's locker to frame her for stealing it but I couldn't find it. Diary friend caught me there and I said I just wanted to see it because it was so pretty, so she was like yea sure but when she opened her locker she couldn't find it either. I decided to stick to the plan and blame rude girl for stealing it. I got in SO much trouble for starting rumors and got lectured by our teacher in front of my entire class.

Then my teacher actually caught rude girl with the diary and it turns out she had actually stole it. It was a really weird turn of events.


To preface: I was 13 at the time so keep this in mind.

I had a group of friends in an AOL chat. The story is about two people. Let's call them Maddy and John. I really liked John and I had a big crush on him. One time Maddy and I were chatting and she said that John was flirting with her so she wanted to ask him out because she never had a boyfriend before. I was devastated.

A few days later, John messaged me and asked why I have been ignoring him. I explained that I told Maddy I was going to ask you (lie) out but she beat me to it to see if she could get you to say yes first (lie) because she was mad at me for something (lie).

He believed me, dumped her, and we dated for 8 years.


I'm not sure what happened to Maddy. We all stayed in touch maybe a year or two after this and she had another boyfriend, but I was a 13 year-old female dog.


Telling my mom my sister smoked after my sister told my mom I skipped school for a month.


In elementary school my class did an Easter egg hunt. There was a special egg that had glitter glue put on it so that it'd sparkle. If you got that egg then you got a special prize. 

I saw this one girl reaching into a bush. This girl was the shyest girl. She never spoke to anyone except for whispering in the teacher's ear when she needed to say something. I instinctively reached into the bush too thinking that she might be looking for an egg. I found the special egg. 

I now feel awful about stealing that egg from her when she was too shy to stand up for herself.


I crushed up a bunch of No-Doz (caffeine pills) and put it in tiny baggies so I could sell it as meth or coke at a rave (I wasn't the best person back then). 

A friend of mine was looking for uppers that night and I told him "I'll sell you this, but it's not very good. You should see if someone will trade you for something better". I got my money and he got arrested for selling fake drugs to an undercover cop. I feel pretty bad about that one, still. It happened about 13 years ago.


When I was in the 5th grade my friends and I wanted to be in the talent show. My friend (I'll call her Sarah) wanted to be a part of it. I told her that she needed to slim down if she was going to be in it with us. 

Sarah was and is still insecure about her weight. I felt like such jerk and regret it to this day.


In college I was on a rowing team. I told my coach that I had a family situation, skipped a regatta to go home and have sex with a girl who I'd been flirting with. 

The date welt poorly, she was distant the whole time (turns out she was sick with mono and didn't know). I ended up letting my team down for nothing, and got mono from that girl and I didn't even kiss her. 

I let the team down, got mono and was sick for months.


I used to work at a restaurant and there was a couple in there with their baby. He was in a high chair and was definitely less than one year old. I noticed the kid looked like he was imitating my hand movements from across the room, so I starting moving them and watching him. He was definitely following everything I was doing, although a little jerkily, and he was mirroring the movements with his hands.

I was quite impressed. He was obviously bright for his age. After a few hand gestures, an idea occurred to me that was too delicious to pass up. I moved my fist to my forehead, and sure enough, he goes to imitate. He pushes his little hand into a ball, thrusts his fist up rapidly, and bonks himself in the face. There was this really confused look on his face like he was trying to figure out who hit his forehead.

I did it three more times because it was hilarious.


I was young and mad. My dad's e-mail was opened on the computer. I told his boss to go to hell but luckily my dad was let off the hook because I misspelled hell. 


I was pissed off at a friend whilst at his house so I went into his fridge and stabbed his bowl of jelly.


I was bullied pretty badly in middle school, particularly by a girl called "Hannah."

Both of Hannah's parents were doctors. Her older brother was a lawyer. Hannah got straight A's and had an incredibly nice boyfriend. In my eyes, she had everything I wanted- wealth, good reputation, a social life, etc. I simultaneously hated her and was incredibly jealous.

One day it all got to be too much. I can't remember exactly what she said to me but it pushed me over the line. I was absolutely furious. So I made a plan.

I waited until everyone left the girl's locker room during gym class, found her bag, and emptied the whole thing into the toilet.

She had all her clothes, jewelry, schoolbooks, and even her phone in her bag. I ruined it all.

Thinking back, I can't believe I did that. It was so cruel, especially considering that I knew how it felt to be bullied.


This was in middle school, which was just a terrible time all around. I was pretty seriously bullied and the teachers did nothing about it. One day, one of the two girls who were actually nice to me was very upset. She said her diary wasn't in her backpack anymore and she didn't know what had happened to it.

There was this popular girl a year ahead of me who (in hindsight) I had been seriously crushing on. But at the time I was very christian and denying all signs of 'The Gay'. Anyway she came up to me, which really freaked me out because that never happened. She said she needed a favor from me. She needed me to hold on to something until this other popular kid could get it. I needed to be very sneaky about it and keep it a secret. Now already, this sounded pretty wrong but also I was thinking, "if i do this will she like me?" So I said yes and she pulled out something that was very obviously the nice girl's diary. She'd been telling me what it looked like earlier in the day.

Should I have done something? Yeah but I didn't. I just passed it on without comment.

It turned out one of the popular kids had grabbed the diary out of her backpack and they'd been passing it around and reading it and laughing about it all day. My school being was a terrible one and no one ever got in trouble for this. When the nice girl found out she was crying and I remember thinking "I could have done something to stop this but I didn't." I never told her that I knew about it.

It's not the most horrible thing but it's definitely stuck in my head.


When my dad suggested I shouldn't work such long hours as a freelancer for crappy pay and maybe find a better paying full-time job, I answered, "I can't, I need the money. Or what? You're gonna support me with your pay?"

Conveniently forgetting he did raise me till I was of working age. I felt like an absolute slime ball that day and especially when I saw that look of hurt on his face.


I hated my god brother a lot. He was a 9-year-old brat and I was a super edgy 14-year-old jerk. So we're at his house one day and he's playing on his Nintendo DS and bugging the hell out of me by shaking and poking me. So I take his DS and toss it at the couch nearby while my parents out in the back yard. 

It turns out l broke it a little. I don't remember how much but I like to imagine very broken. His dad comes in for more food in the room near the kitchen and pops his head in. The brat kid complains that l broke it and I straight up lie and say he was jumping around and fell on it. His Dad believes me. And 100% thinks its his kid's fault. It felt good at the time and still feel kinda good about it years later but l know it must've hurt that kid a crap ton for weeks.


I was with my girlfriend for 11 years and this hot girl started working in my office. We ended up hitting it off really well and after a few months there and one a night out of work we hooked up.

This went on for about 6-7 months and she had a boyfriend too. We ended up stopping everything and I helped her get a job in another company. She's still with her boyfriend.

I ended up breaking up with my girlfriend because I felt guilty about what had happened and knew I didn't love her. I ended the relationship with her and came out of it seeming really nice. I made it seem like I felt not wanting to get married and have kids was stopping her from being happy and I wanted her to have happiness. Her family still thinks I'm great. We are still good friends and both have new partners.

I feel bad because I can never tell her what I did but also I've been with my current girlfriend for about 4 years now and while I love her, if we broke up it wouldn't phase me. Knowing that a relationship I ended after 11 years was no problem for me has kept me feeling pretty emotionless about people in general.


In middle school, my best friend and I made a fake screen name (IM) and messaged her ex to make him believe it was coming from a hot model. We got pictures of some random hot chick off the internet and made a fake MySpace profile. 

Then we convinced him she was going to meet him on his street corner in an hour to do dirty deeds and he believed us and waited outside for an hour at 2 am.

The worse part is that he had a girlfriend at the time and we took screenshots of the whole conversation and sent them to her inbox on MySpace. I still feel guilty.


When I was in middle school, I looked rather cute and innocent, which lead to a fair amount of girls wanting to talk to and mess around with me. There was one in particular (let's call her Amy) who I had class with that always enjoyed talking to me. Before you say I missed a hint, know that she was 2-3 years older than me and I was 10. Now, at the time, I really did not care much for most other people and just went along with it because I was told I had to.

Now, fast forward two years later. It's summer time, and I was in my room doing nothing. My parents tell me Amy is at the door and wants to talk to me, and that the door is open so I should watch what I say. However, I rather enjoyed my peace, so I came up with a solution to get out of it.

"Do I have to? I never enjoyed talking to her anyway. Just tell her to go away." (Note that I was perfectly aware the door was open at the time; I wanted to make sure she heard and my parents couldn't make it look like I willingly complied).

My parents got pissed and basically dragged me down to talk to her. But, by the time I got to the front porch, she was gone.

A couple weeks later, I found out she committed suicide. She shot herself with her father's gun. She was rushed to the emergency room where it took her 6 hours to die.

I never did find out what she wanted that day, but I'm pretty sure that if I did, she would still be around today.

Truth be told, I didn't take away anything from this incident right after it happened. It took me years to finally understand what her death showed me and that was that life was fragile. You won't even realize what someone meant to you until, just like that, they're gone, never to be seen again.

I have improved since then and have learned to understand people and their problems but I still need help with respecting others' feelings. A conversation just yesterday with one of my friends showed me how much I still cross the line with what I say to other people. And yet, I am still going to try and get better (while still maintaining my ideals) because I think the last thing Amy would want is for me to stop trying.



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