Perceptive Men Reveal Things Women Don't Think They Notice

A general consensus about men is that they are insensitive and generally don't pay attention to anything a woman does, unless it's directly related to them. Although, this notion isn't all that fair. Some men do care and are more perspective than we may think.

The following is a list of things that men notice about women, that they are sure women know nothing about. 

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How women look at other hot women more than guys do.

I walked through a mall with a hot girl and everyone looked, men and women (it was kind of uncomfortable.) Guys took a glance and women just looked, sometimes with a leer. I never use to noticed it before, now I can't not see it.


How fake their laughs are sometimes.

I just got to college and experiencing sorority girls go "OMG HEEEEEEY" in really fake high pitched voices makes me want to hurt myself.

Isjonsen & acid_phear

Question-talking. Curling the last word in every sentence upward.

'Hi, I'm Jenny? I'm from Indianapolis? I'm an undergrad in psychology? But during the summers I work at xyz company in accounteeng?

(Bonus points if you read this and can almost hear a young woman's voice saying it.)


How women check men out.

They do it quickly and nonchalantly, but they do look at guys they find attractive, even when they're with their boyfriend or husband.

The only time I ever caught a girl in the act, I was probably around 13 and was leaving football practice in the summer. A group of girls walked by and I caught one of them turning around and smiling. That was literally almost 20 years ago, and still a high point in my self-esteem and confidence.


Panty lines.

I'm not judging, quite the opposite. I like seeing them.


What perfume they wear or shampoo, that sort of thing.

I rarely say anything because I think can be a bit creepy to mention. But I am thinking it really often.

Most of the times I've noticed women is when their perfume smells amazing. It's like they instantly become 100% more attractive.

FalstaffsMind & Scylene

It blows my mind how many girls I have met who think people don't know they smoke. 

It's not hard to tell no matter how much you try and mask it. That smell is in your clothes and hair and everything you do ends up smelling like whatever mixed with smoke.


Everything about how a woman carries herself starts with and around the shoulders. The way her hair rests, the way she uses her shoulders to shield her face when she's embarrassed or flirting and everything else.

God dammit, women are beautiful.


Every time you check your phone while we're hanging out or on a date.

We notice and die a little inside wondering what's so damn important that it needs your attention every 5 minutes.


I like good hair, I notice it all the time and am often told I'm the first person that's said anything to them about it.

I wish I could be specific about what 'good hair' was to me, but it's all different. Generally speaking, it's shiny and healthy, flows right, fits the person really well (short or long), etc. 

OR it might not be something I particularly like but you can tell there was a great deal of effort put into it and they obviously were trying to achieve something with it. Sometimes, it's both, I like a girl I once met who had dyed her hair in a pastel rainbow and it remained thick, healthy, flowed, and shiny (I don't know how she accomplished all that but damn, good job). It turned out most people didn't mention her hair but she wanted them to because she and her sister had opened their own salon and wanted to get more customers.

If nothing else, I've seen women who have rather plain hair styles but just take really good care of their hair by washing and conditioning it regularly (and perhaps blow drying) so it stays healthy and shiny. Good hair can usually make a big difference in appearance, at least to me.


The manner in which they speak. Especially if they can engage on many different subjects and interests. 

It's a reflection of their level of passion and intelligence. 

Enthusiasm and smarts are sexy.

I absolutely love a women who geeks out about a passion. I don't care what the hobby is, if you catch yourself accidentally starting a "rant" about it and then catch yourself, don't be self-conscious.

Even in the worst case, it's cute as hell. Best case, I'm also interested, learn something new, and you're being cute as hell.

SendItDownrange & PM_ME_A**_SMILES


When something is on their mind. As much as you think you can hide it...I know there's something.

"Nothing is wrong!" (yet her face shows something is definitely wrong while she looks at you expectantly for the answer to the question she just told you she hasn't asked yet. . .)


Their tiny little moustaches.

I joked about my science partner's tiny invisible mustache to her alone in 8th grade.

She immediately looked really self-conscious and heartbroken. I regret it.

Bittah-Commander & cool_but_not_cool

Women seem to love small penis jokes and most of them tend to go that route whenever a guy pisses them off and they want to hurt his feelings as much as possible.

I absolutely can't stand it when women do this. Not only is it immature and mean, it reinforces the idea that something is wrong with having a smaller-than-average penis. No wonder so many guys get self-conscious about it.

SalemWitchBurial & Dragonsblood_Venus

The silent conversations a group of girls will have while they're with a group of guys.

It's all in the eyes. Any miscommunication warrants a text to the girl sitting across from her. Any conversations that need to be had about the dudes but not in front of them is taken to the bathroom.

I was drunk one night when I noticed this and I felt like Neo when he finally saw the code of the matrix.


How many of them act like they aren't smart (or just dumb themselves down) when they think it is romantically or socially advantageous. 

I wish they didn't do this though, I don't mind working with, being friends with, etc women who are better at something or smarter than me. 


That patch of extra long leg hair above your ankles, below your calves.

I don't care whether you shave or not, and I appreciate how difficult that spot must be to get, but I still notice those rogues.

It gives me a giggle.


I notice a woman's total disinterest in me.

It's a rare gift to have. I once had a coworker who had a guy interested in her that said he was getting upset with her mixed signals. She responded by saying that she was not at all interested in dating him and would never see him as more than a friend. His response to that was to ask why she was playing hard to get.

I've seen countless other stories along these lines.


The way their manner changes when an attractive guy is around vs an unattractive guy.

With unattractive guys they seem to become quite guarded, and there's a kind of distant politeness.

With the attractive guys they tend to be more relaxed and friendly, make eye contact, and for some reason run their hands through their hair.


I always notice their nail polish. I like picking nail polish colors.

Nail polish is just so neat and the things women do with it are so fascinating. Have you seen like this certain method where they spray a bunch of paint into a water filled cup then just dip their nails in it? Super cool!


A woman's posture. People always talk about how it makes you look better to stand up straight. This is true for women just as much as it is men. 

Unfortunately it's one of those things you can't exactly point out because it often has a lot to do with their self-confidence.



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