Here Are The Audition Tapes From Some Of The Most Popular Shows And Movies Of All Time.

Before he was winning Oscars and Golden Globes for Dallas Buyers' Club, McConaughey was a 23-year-old up and comer vying for the role of again stoner David Wooderson in Richard Linklater's Dazed and Confused. He landed the part after nailing Wooderson's signature line about high school girls ("I get older, they stay the same age") in his audition tape.

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2. Jason Momoa landed the role of Khal Drogo, one of Game of Thrones's most memorable characters by performing the haka, a traditional dance associated with New Zealands Maori people, during his audition.

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3. Freaks and Geeks audition, Sam Weir (John Daley)

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4. Rachel McAdams tries out for Allie in "The Notebook."

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5. Hugh Laurie Auditions for "House M.D."

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6. Al Pacino's audition for The Godfather. What a legend!

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7. Speaking of The Godfather, here is Robert De Niro's audition for the part of Sonny for the Godfather

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8. Emma Stone's webcam audition for Olive in Easy A was so good that they ended up using it for the final movie. However, though Emma said she was thankful for it, the audition process was actually horrible due to the fact that it was on webcam. When asked about it, Emma said, "I was not happy needless to say, when he asked me to do that. Because I know myself. I knew that if I had the control I was going to do it over and over and over and over because you dont want to send something and be like, That is the best I can do. You know? Like, thats the one. I knew I was never going to feel that way. So, I did that for a couple hours. Its like a one-minute monologue, and I did it over and over and over. Then, finally, my roommate was like, Just send it. Come on. I was like, All right. Fine. Fine. Ill do it one more time. Just one more. And then sent it."

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9. Robert Downey Jr.'s "Iron Man" Screen Test

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10. Chlo Moretz Screen Tests for "Let Me In"

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11. Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Audition for "X-Men"

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12. Steve Carell auditions for Anchorman

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13. Natalie Portman Auditions for Mathilda in "Lon: The Professional"

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14. Alyson Hannigan Audition Tape for American Pie

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15. Here's the time Jennifer Garner had her killer audition for the character of Elektra in Daredevil.

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16. Kaitlin Olson's "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" Audition

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17. Raven Simone auditions for The Cosby Show and it's way too cute.

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18. Tom Hanks' audition for Forrest Gump is so heartbreaking!

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19. Just when you thought kids couldn't get any more talented, Henry Thomas' audition for E.T. shows everyone up. Damn, this kid is incredible.

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20. Blake Lively Screen Tests for Serena on "Gossip Girl". Ohhhh the memories.

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21. 'I must really have a weakness for hot guys.' Behold! Megan Fox's audition for Transformers.

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22. 'I'm HIV positive": Gabourey Sidibe Auditions for "Precious", the movie that launched her into stardom.

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23. 'This is a totally improvised scene': Russell Brand auditions for Forgetting Sarah Marshall

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24. Cory Monteith's Audition for Finn on "Glee" (Wow, we lost such a talent, watching this makes me sad).

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25. 'My first audition was a disaster.' Lea Michele's "Glee" Audition

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26. Most auditions are for people who make the cut, but then there are is all the unseen footage from celebrities who didn't get the role. Here are a few takes from faces you will definitely recognize, playing parts they never got in The Office.

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27. 'They said I was too young and too small.' Miley Cyrus Auditions for "Hannah Montana"

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28. Baby Scarlett auditioning for Jumanji! What an adorable little whippersnapper.

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29. 'The pot would make me happy.' Seth Rogen's "Freaks and Geeks" Audition Tape

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30. Before he became the big, bulky, famous Taylor Lautner of the Twilight series, he was the twerpy superkid on "The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lava Girl" here's his audition.

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