Some celebrities are known to be funny. Others are outright jerks. But these celebrities will forever go down for their heartwarming acts of kindness. Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories.

1. I met Kesha in a pizza place. I was eating with some new friends and I was telling them about an experience I had with ghosts as a kid. They were making fun of me because they didnt believe. All of a sudden Kesha turns around and gets up from a table next to us. She walks up and says, Hey. Sorry for eavesdropping, but you caught my attention because you have the prettiest hair Ive ever seen. Also I totally believe you! Ghosts are real!


2. I met Jeff Goldblum years ago, before a performance of a play he was in. We stood on the sidewalk and he talked to my friends and me for about 15 minutes and was so incredibly friendly and funny. A few weeks later I was walking down the sidewalk when I heard someone say my name it was Jeff Goldblum! I couldnt believe he remembered me. He gave me a hug and we chatted for another minute and then he went into his theater to get ready for a matinee. It was absolutely surreal.

Liz Adams

3. My sophomore year of high school I met Ed Sheeran. It was before he was famous in the US, so after he played this super-tiny venue I went out back to chat with him. He was the most down-to-earth and just kind human being Ive ever met. We talked for around half an hour and he even recorded my voicemail message for me! Now every time you call me and I dont pick up, youre greeted by Ed Sheerans voice.

Meredith Warren

4. Was walking down the street in LA and, next thing I know, Ben freaking Affleck comes along and starts walking next to me eating a Subway sandwich. Casual.

Actual conversation between him and I:

Him: Whatcha up to?

Me: *trying to not freak out* Just finished taking a dance class.

Him: You need food after doing physical activity like that. *hands me the rest of his sandwich* *walks away*

Long story short, got mother-henned by Ben Affleck, and the sandwich wasnt bad.


5. I was on a family vacation in a ranch in Montana and it turns out Stephen Moyer was there also with two of his kids. We ended up playing softball together and he literally (Continued)

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We ended up playing softball together and he literally saved me from crashing into a tree with my horse. It sounds fake, but I promise you its not.


6. Before a middle school play, a handful of us went to go grab Taco Bell for the cast. A Baldwin brother asked what all the tacos were for, found out about our play, came to our school, paid $20, didnt ask for change, and posed for a photo afterwards. Being 11, I was clueless. I thought it was cool he paid $20, which was a lot of money to me.

Freedom VanPelt

7. Tracy Morgan comes into the supermarket I worked at and he is the nicest guy ever and we consider each other friends. He is always very talkative and he always asks me how school is going and gives me advice sometimes when he sees Im in a bad mood. He will always stop and take pictures. He and I once had a 30-minute conversation on how boys should respect me and it honestly was amazing. He is the nicest celebrity ever.

Erin Saunders

8. On my 16th birthday I was in Vegas. We were staying at Caesars Palace and I was walking around the lobby, tripped and face-planted. I look up and Elijah Wood was standing there. He offered to help me up I was a huge fangirl at the time, so I panicked and quickly got up and ran away.

Kristin Johnston

9. My mom met Kim Kardashian in an airport a few years ago. Kim didnt know it, but my mom was on her way to her best friends funeral. When my mom approached her, Kim was incredibly kind and gracious, and actually signed her boarding pass and gave it to my mom as a gift for my sister. Im sure Kim doesnt remember that random encounter in an airport in Alberta, but her kindness to my mom won her fans in all of us for life.

Brittany Rae

10. Im a server at a caf in Southern California and have had the chance to meet a bunch of celebrities. Matthew Gray Gubler is hands down the best. He took a photo with me, then sent the restaurant an autographed photo a month later as a surprise!


11. I was working on a movie with Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth called The Last Song. During a break, I went into the restroom, which was totally empty except for Miley, who was (Continued)

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who was sitting up on the wall of sinks, and her makeup artist, just chatting. I really had to go, so I just sheepishly apologized and said I would be quick, in case I was interrupting. As I was heading into the stall Miley said, Do you want me to turn the water on for you?? I get SO pee-shy. Here, Ill just turn it on for you. I chuckled and said, It was OK, I lived in sorority house with 30 other women, you learn to get over that quickly! But thanks! As I washed my hands, she divulged how she wished someone had been there to turn the water on for her at the Grammys when Mariah Carey was in the stall next her.

Erin Berson

12. I once met Tom Felton while hiking, and although I was really nervous about asking for a picture, he was super sweet and let me pet his dog and apologized for having wet hands because he was giving water to his dog. Even called me lovely. Made my little Slytherin heart swoon.


13. Colin Firth opened the door for me, nodded, and wished me a good evening.

Eliza Gray

14. James Franco taught me how to pump gas. I had just gotten my license like a week prior and was really struggling at the gas station. I heard an oddly familiar voice ask if I needed any help. I turned around, and there he was.


15. A few years ago, I was flying home for my birthday. My girlfriend was living in New Zealand at the time and was flying back to celebrate with me, but she could only stay for less than two days. Well, my flight was delayed, and I immediately sat down and started crying. I tried to be discreet, but it was very obvious that I was balling. A beautiful girl (both in looks and soul) sat next to me, offered me a tissue, and asked me if I was going to be OK. She sat and talked with me for almost a full hour, listened to me gush about my girlfriend, about my grandmother, and we talked about being queer. It wasnt until about a year later that I saw a picture Cara Delevingne and lost it over the fact that the gorgeous and amazingly kind woman I talked to was Cara freaking Delevingne.


16. A few years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Hudson. Well, actually I was hired to do a home inspection for her. I was really amazed at how (Continued)

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sweet and humble she was. Even though Id just started learning to play the ukulele, I asked her if she wouldnt mind singing if I played her a song. I was floored when she agreed to it. She was more than happy to humor me and was gracious enough to do a duet with me. Dang, to this day it still gives me goosebumps thinking about how extremely talented she is. I was completely gobsmacked at how amazing her voice really is when you hear it in person. Which pales in comparison to how incredibly nice she is.


17. Luke Wilson was a regular at my old Starbucks, so I would always have his iced coffee ready by the time he got to the register. During the holidays he said, Here, Kiana, this is for you, and hands me $20. I still have it framed and never told anyone, since I wouldve had to have split it with my other co-workers.


18. Before the Kim era, my sister and I ran into Kanye at a movie theatre. Though he was a bit hesitant to take pictures, he did oblige. We had a short conversation and after all was said and done (and he did compliment my shoes), we were on the guest list for his show the next night front row, it turned out.


19. Catelyn Stark (Michelle Fairley) and Jon Snow (Kit Harington) came into the bistro I worked at and Michelle complimented my tattoos; Kit proceeded to tell me all about his first trip to Canada. They ended up doing cartwheels in the little garden that we had there. (They had drank some wine.) So lovely that such big stars are so down-to-earth. It was such a pleasure meeting them.


20. Im an enormous Survivor fan (read: watched all 32 seasons multiple times) and actually ran into Jeff Probst at Starbucks. This was my first actual starstruck experience, but I went up and just said, Hey, Im a huge fan and before I could get any other gibberish out, he got out of the line and immediately started (Continued)

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asking me questions about what I thought about this season, previous castaways, past seasons, etc. We talked for over 20 minutes and HE asked if we could take a picture. Dream. Come. True.


21. I was a seat filler at the first-ever Guys Choice Awards. There was free food and drinks, but the seat fillers werent allowed to partake in any of it. Will Ferrell was randomly seated at the table I was at he was so nice! He chatted with us and showed me pictures of kids. He ended up getting the waiter to bring the whole table of seat fillers multiple shots of tequila. Andy Samberg even stopped by to take a shot with us as well!


22. Met Carlos Santana in a Las Vegas mall. My mom said, You probably hear this a lot but you look like Carlos Santana. He chuckled, then my mom began talking to his wife (aka Lenny Kravitzs drummer). She told us he was in fact Santana himself. He was super cool, gave our family of five free tickets to his show, let us hang out backstage, and even gave my brother (whos a guitar player himself) an iPod loaded with never-before-heard live music.


23. Long story short, I was very, very drunk at a very fancy party, and it was definitely time for me to go home. As I walked to the door to leave, I could feel myself starting to fall over. I was drunk, I was wearing 5-inch heels There was no stopping it. I didnt even try, kind of just let myself fall until someone caught me. I looked up, and it was Sebastian Stan. Sebastian Stan caught me in his arms. Like something out of a movie. He looked down and me and laughed and said, Having a good night? and I have no chill at all and responded with a super-suave line: I am now.


24. I used to work for Disney World, and part of my duties included what we called PAC; Parade Audience Control. Basically my job was to go out there, set up the safety barriers, watch for kids trying to stampede out in front of floats, and also to provide a bit of amusement for the people while they were waiting. There's also a position called 'alcove' which is where celebrities sit for a better view. I happened to be on alcove duty one day, and lo and behold, up comes Shakira. I had a brief moment of sheer fanboy before my training kicked in, and we spent a good 20 minutes just talking and chatting the same way I would have with any guest. She's a very down to earth and friendly person, and I'm really glad that I got to meet her, especially in the way I did.

Peter Bear

25. Just a couple weeks ago I saw Mara Wilson perform at a comedy club in Queens, and she hung around the bar after with all the rest of us "regular folk." I went up to her and told her (Continued)

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I was fan and would she mind taking a photo? She smiled and said, "Yes, why not? I'm wearing make up for once." We laughed and took the photo and then she said she loved my skirt. I beamed and blurted, "Thanks, it was 5 bucks at H&M!" She told me that made it even better. It was just a lovely interaction all around--thanks, Mara!

Ali Arduini

26. Before a Middle School play, a handful of us went to go grab Taco Bell to bring for the cast. A Baldwin brother asked what all the tacos were for, found out about our play, came to our school, paid $20, didn't ask for change and posed for a photo afterwards. Being 11, I was clueless. I thought it was cool he paid $20 which was a lot of money to me.

Freedom VanPelt

27. Ed Sheeran was opening for Snow Patrol (this was way before he was headlining sold-out arena shows lol) so my friend and I decided to go to the venue even though we didn't have tickets. Long story short, we waited outside with a security guard for two hours and he ended up bringing Ed out to see the two of us (this man is still our hero for helping us out). Ed brought out a Lego figure that he put together on his tour bus and gave it to us because he was so grateful for our support. He then made sure we were getting back home safe and suggested we go eat at a Greek restaurant nearby. Couple of months later, we go to a small show of his and he remembered us! Love that guy.

Sophia Shetterly

28. Don Sweeney, former Boston Bruins player and coach, Stopped a photo line to help me get my infant and toddler back in their stroller, and he called me "Super mom."

Erica Sloan

Sources to individual storytellers linked in their username.

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"Instructions unclear I drugged my dinner party guests and now they're high on acid."

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- darkhorse85

"Like tomato and eggs. Every Chinese mom makes those slightly differently and I haven't had a tomato egg dish I didn't like yet."

- random314

"There's a book called 'Salt Fat Acid Heat' that comes highly recommended to amateur cooks."

- Osolemia

"Reading even just the first chapter about salt made a lot of food I cooked immediately better, because I finally understood salt wasn't just that thing that sat on the dinner table that you applied after the meal was cooked."

- VaultBoy42

"Salt is important for sweets. A batch of cookies without that little hint of salt doesn't taste quite right."

- Osolemia

Unfortunately, this tip might not be accessible to everyone. Many people who contracted COVID can no longer use their sense of smell the way they used to.

"Have a friend that lost his smell from COVID, and now he only recognizes if food is salty, sweet, sour or bitter."

- AlphaLaufert99

"Just wait until he gets his sense of smell back and a ton of foods smell like ammonia or literal garbage now. Yeah, that's fun... It's been 7 months for f*cks sake just let me enjoy peanut butter again!!!!!!!!!"

- MirzaAbdullahKhan

You can't take back what you've already put in.

"You can always add, but you cannot take away."

- El_Duende666

"I find people's problems usually are they're too scared to add rather than they add too much."

- FreeReflection25

"I see you also grew up white in the mid-west."

- Snatch_Pastry

Safety first!

"Not really a cooking tip, but a law of the kitchen: A falling knife has no handle."

- wooddog

"I'm always so proud of my reflexes for not kicking in when I fumble a knife."

"If I drop anything else, my stupid hands are all over themselves trying to catch it (and often failing). But with a knife the hardwired automatic reaction is jump back immediately. Fingers out of the way, feet out of the way, everything out of the way. Good lookin out, cerebellum!"

- sonyka

"Speaking of KICKING in. On first full time cooking job I had a knife spin and fall off the counter. My (stupid) reflex was to put my foot under it like a damn hacky sack to keep it from hitting the ground. Went through the shoe, somehow between my toes, into the sole somehow without cutting me. Lessons learned: (1) let it fall; (2) never set a knife down close to the edge or with the handle sticking out; (3) hacky sack is not nearly as cool as it could be."

- AdjNounNumbers

"Similarly, NEVER put out a grease or oil fire with water. Smother with a lid or dump baking soda in there (do not use flour, as it can combust in the air making things worse)."

- Metallic_Substance

How else will you know it tastes good?

"Taste the food."


"Also don't be afraid to poke and prod at it. I feel like people think the process is sacred and you can't shape/flip/feel/touch things while you cook them. The more you are hands on, the more control you have."

"No, this does not include situations where you are trying to sear something. Ever try flipping a chicken thigh early? That's how you rip a chunk out of it and leave it glued to the pan until it's burnt."

- Kryzm

Here's one just for laughs.

"When you grab a pair of tongs, click them a few times to make sure they are tongs."

- Kolshdaddy

"People really overlook this one. You've gotta tong the tongs a minimum of 3 times to make sure they tong, or else it can ruin the whole dish."

- BigTimeBobbyB

If you're looking to get into cooking or to improve you technique, pay attention to these few tips.

Salt generously, add an acid to brighten things up, and don't forget to taste your food!

If all else fails, you can always order take out.

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