Okay folks, here's the challenge. These camouflaged animal photos will get increasingly harder. It's your job to try and find them. And if you can't, you can marvel in the incredible camouflage abilities of the animal world! Share with friends and see how many THEY can spot. Enjoy!

Doesn't seem so common after all. 

Emphasis on GREAT

Wouldn't want to find one of these in my garden!

She's flat as a pancake!

Can you even see it??

We're just getting started. More incredible camouflage on the next page!

Oh hey, I didn't see you there.

Okay, there's definitely something spooky going on. 

Alternative place for this guy to camouflage: suspended in the sky on the 4th of July. 

So... does this moth have to find a broken stick to camouflage on? 

His eyes are the giveaway. 

Continue seeing more incredible camouflage on the next page!

Wow. That's incredible. 

This is so beautiful!

I seriously can't find this one. 

Have you gotten them all yet? Well it's about to get harder! Continue to the next page for more.

Okay, I'll give you a hint. It's RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PICTURE.

This impala's not getting spotted by a predator any time soon.

This little bat's favourite season must be Fall.

Games of hide-and-seek with these guys must be endlessly frustrating

Hint: There are three

Okay, we're ramping it up again! Check out some even harder-to-find animals on the next page.

Did you get it? Hint: Top right.

Okay, this one isn't as hard. But it's just so beautiful!

Moth, hidden centre-photo, as a leaf.

Leopard, bottom right. 

Tree snake, centre of photo.

Okay folks, you ready for the last and hardest round? Continue to the next page!

Answer: six

I'm not giving you ANY hints. Hehehehe

Hope you enjoyed!


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