Black People Reveal The Most Overtly Racist Thing They've Ever Experienced. This Is Eye-Opening.

Black people of Reddit were asked: "What is the most overt (or offensive) example of racism you have experienced, and where were you when it happened?" These are some of the most heartbreaking answers.

1. A few months back I was walking at like 7pm in downtown Sacramento with a few friends (two white, an Asian and me, black) and suddenly a police cruiser comes speeding down the street, stops by us and has me and one of my friends (Asian) cuffed and put up against the wall. Apparently, we were loitering in front of a store that we were walking past. He sat us down on the ground for like half and hour then just let us go with a 'warning'.


2. Well here is the most hurtful. It was 7th grade, you know, when boy and girls start liking each other and there was this one kid that was always flirting with me. We started "going out" as they called it back then (even though we didn't go anywhere except meet each other up at the skating rink in groups of friends). I thought he was awesome and he thought I was awesome and we were having a fun kiddie relationship.

Well a few weeks later, he stops answering the phone when I call him at night. I ask him if he will be meeting me up at the skating rink for a party when I see him at school and he tells me we have to break up because his dad doesn't want him dating anyone black. Goes on further to say his dad said black girls are raised to be "too tough" because black men are babied and not raised to be men so his father didn't want him to go through dealing with a girl that was raised like that. WTF


3. Somebody screaming n*gger while I was walking on the street. They were passing by in a car. Best part was when I told some fellow students about it and they said "Well how were you dressed though."

I don't think he realized how stupid that was until after he said it and I didn't until I thought about it later but I said "I was dressed like any other college student..."


4. I've spent my entire life in the suburbs and have really only experienced one major act of racism. when i was nine, we were applying to private schools. I don't remember which school it was at the time, but I had shadowed a student at the school that day. When we came home, we got a threatening voicemail from one of the student's parents saying something to the tune of "Don't you send your goddamn black child to this school".

It was some long-winded rant that we didn't entertain the entirety of. Frankly, I don't remember too much about it, but I honestly don't think my mom ever really let go of it. Needless to say, I didn't go to that school.


5. Played high school football at an all white school in an predominantly white conference. One time even before the snap guy fired off (I was in the oline) and hit me at a angle wrenching my head back. My coach yelled at me because he thought I had flinched offside but after the scrimmage the other team's coach came over to me and apologized for what happened because he knew why it happened. Also many times after games when the teams line up to for the handshakes or what not I was often intentionally skipped over by the entire team not wanting to touch me.


6. Back in November, I was at a local Raley's picking up some groceries, in the self checkout line. Well, I forgot to grab something (I think it was cereal) and after I get back the attendant walks up to me holding a bottle of Robitussin and says, "You forgot this!" Now keep in mind this lady looks like someones mom. I don't think anything of it and say "oh no, that's not mine" and start to pay. She looks at me and says 'Are you sure? I see you people buying this all the time!'

I just stop in my tracks, staring at this Peggy Hill looking lady, finish the transaction and walk away laughing.


7. Black woman. Happened when I was 17 years old. It was a pretty hot summer day so after biking around town I stopped by a Dollar General type store to purchase a chilled bottled water. Upon checkout the cashier said, "You can slide your EBT card here." I pointed out that I was paying debit and promptly phoned in to his manager. The cashier was a white young guy, perhaps a little naive, but he shouldn't make such assumptions.


8. My family was living in Chesapeake, Virginia in a majority white neighborhood called Camelot. I was around seven and my older sister was eight. It was a summer evening and we were walking down the main street of the block to get some slurpees from the 7-11 on the corner.

On the way back, we saw these two white teens walking their huge german shepherds coming in the opposite direction. When they saw us, they let the dogs loose and they came charging at us. We dropped the slurpees and scrambled up onto the hood and eventually the roof of a car parked on the side of the road.

The dogs just ran around the car and barked. My older sister asked if the dogs bite because we needed to get home. One of the teens said "they don't bite n*ggers, they kill n*ggers."

They held us hostage on the car for a good ten minutes, laughing the entire time. I guess they eventually got bored because they put the dogs back on the leashes and walked off but not before telling us if they see us outside after the sun goes down again they will have their dogs rip our n*gger throats out.

We told our mom when we got home. We were not allowed to go the the 7-11 again without an adult with us. I spent most of that summer in the house. I had heard my relatives talk about the racist sh*t they experienced at the hands of cops and white business owners, but it was my first real time experiencing it face to face. I was f*cking seven and just wanted a damn slurpee. Instead, I got terrorized and humiliated for being brown.



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