Shot put is a sport where people take a really heavy ball and throw it as far as possible. The truly golden part about this sport, though, are the faces of the competitors.

1. "You wanna see my impression of a pancake?"

2. "This ball is going DOWN"

3. "Nobody's gonna mess with me now."

4. "This one's for you, mom."

5. "I really should have gone to the washroom before this."

6. "Are you there god? It's me, baller."

4. "I've been working on my flirt face."

5. "Get off my lawn!"

9. "I work as a part time shot put player, part time horror film extra."

10. "Zoolander 2.0"

11. "I am HIGHLY suspicious of this metal ball."

12. "Daaaaamn, would you check out the rowing team?"

13. "Hold on, I think I've got a sneeze coming."


Being woken up suddenly is not very good for our health.

Especially for the elderly, it's not something to make a habit of. Sleep interruption can increase blood pressure, cause a worsened self image, and cause a day filled with irritation and confusion.

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What causes a small town to die?

Honestly, there can be quite a few factors, but perhaps the biggest one is that small towns often lack the upward mobility opportunities that are more available in urban areas.

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