Athletes Share How They've Used Their Carefully Honed Skills In Day-to-Day Life.

A lot goes into being an athlete. From the dedication to the training, it takes hours and hours of practice to perfect whatever necessary skills are needed to perform well. As the following AskReddit users prove (that even once you do go into retirement), those skills never really completely go away. Here are some awesome examples of how past athletes have used their carefully honed skills in day-to-day life. 

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I was a basketball player and a good three point shooter. State fair comes around, I step up trying to impress a lady with my shooting skills with on one of those crooked rim tough to hit shots. I pay for three balls, costing me $5. I figure one out of the three will win me the large stuffed dog and sufficiently impress the girl I'm with.

I raise up and hit the first shot. I pick my large stuffed dog. I look the carny in the eyes, and he seems skeptical. "If I hit the next shot, I get another dog." He smiled at me with one of those smiles that says, "Sure kid, I've been rigging this game for years." I take another ball and spin it twice in my hands. I find the seams and with a flick of my wrist- send it up. SWISH! Suck it carny. I choose my second overstuffed dog.

I look at the carny and say, "Third ball in, I get another dog?" The carny stared at me, sized me up and simply said, "Nope." I made the carny back down.

It worked on the girl (kind of) well, not really. I mean months later we started dating and are now married, but this event really had nothing to do with it. I still like to bring it up, and she acts like she's not impressed, but we all know different.


I'm a curler. I sweep the hell out of the kitchen floor.


I've played soccer for about a decade. When I was younger, it was a 24/7 thing like breathing. I was talking to my teacher once, and she was showing me an article on her brand new iPhone (the first one). It was expensive as hell. We were outside on concrete, and as any Apple user knows iPhones just explode on concrete. She dropped her phone, and I saw the split second of horror on her face. Out of instinct, I just kicked it back up and caught it, essentially saving her a good few hundreds. Not insanely exciting, but I felt like a boss the rest of the day.


I'm a climber (think bouldering and sports climbing). I've climbed three stories to get back into my dorm room one night because I locked myself and the window was open.


A part of being on the swim team was yearly life guarding classes. I was swimming in a hotel pool while on vacation, and a little girl fell in the deep end head first and shot straight to the bottom. I had her out in like 20 seconds. 


I've played baseball my whole life and still continue to go to the park and pitch a few times a month. Every few days, my daughter will pick up a rock and say, "Hey dad! How far can you throw this?" That's about the only use I get from it.


I was a figure skater for ten years. Now I have outstanding balance and quick reflexes, which come in handy working in a crowded kitchen.


I compete in track and field in a wheelchair, and now I am able to get to class from anywhere in the building of my school in under 30 seconds (three floors). The biggest slowdown is the elevator.


I used to be a baseball pitcher. My velocity has tapered off, but I still have pinpoint accuracy. My company recently had a summer picnic event which included a chance to dunk all of the higher execs in a dunk tank. I sank every person on the first throw.

It's also a useful skill for killing spiders, insects, etc. that get into the house but are out of reach. I can hurl any ball shaped object at an insect from across the room and usually kill it on the first try.


I'm really good at throwing trash into garbage bins from long distances. Thank you basketball, few things have helped me more in life.


I play tennis and because of serving I give people the best high fives ever.


Wrestling teaches you how to lift heavy things, and how to move people who don't want to. It also teaches you to respect the food that you eat every day.


My boyfriend and I are ex-college cheerleaders, and we work as servers at a local Red Robin Chain Restaurant. We'll stunt around in order to get easy maintenance stuff done like cleaning/dusting the rafters, air vents, and changing light bulbs. Whenever we lock ourselves out, it's usually pretty easy to get back in. He just lifts me to the window.

In high school, my cheerleading team and I would go party at the college campus near our town. If the cops ever showed up, we were the people you wanted to help you get over that fence. We would toss each other over and get out of there real fast.


I'm a soccer player. I've developed incredible acting skills.


Swimmer here. Swam out of a riptide with a friend in tow.


Football... Dodging people in crowded places.


I'm a tennis player, and I never get jealous in relationships because love means nothing to me.


Baseball pitcher, dart thrower, and bowler here. Being accurate in those skills sure came in handy in beer pong these past few years at college.


As a soccer goalie, I never score.


I'm a hunter and fisherman. I feed myself every day.


I played tournament level tennis since I was about 14-years-old. When I was around 30, I was working for a landscaper and there were wasps swarming around the guy running the backhoe. He didn't have time to move to another part of the yard because he had to finish where he was. So I nailed a disk of wood to a 2x2 stake, climbed up on the backhoe with him, and swatted wasps away until he was done. I must have killed over 100 wasps with hardly any misses. I felt more like an action figure than I ever did actually playing tennis!


I'm a second-degree black belt and small-framed. I used a pressure point and a joint lock to get a guy to me who was being too aggressive.


I was a great cross country runner in high school. I've used this skill to pace myself to outrun cops that would bust parties. Cops are good for a 100-meter sprint max most of the time. I've run a 5:30 mile for close to 3 miles to escape the cops before. Sometimes I'll even jog the rest of the way back to campus.


As a baseball player, I can say there is no piata that phases me.



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