Argh! Angry People Reveal What Immediately Causes Them To Lose Their Temper.

Redditors were asked what thing grinds their gears and causes them to lose their temper almost immediately. Most of these are fairly relatable, but you might disagree with some! 

Do these things make you livid?

I hate it when a depressed person is told "try to be happy" or "you know other people have it worse, right?" I didn't think this actually happened until my friends said it.


People saying I should be vegan/vegetarian/gluten free or what have you because it's better or healthier.

Everyone has different dietary needs, and I hate when anyone tries to preach what is better for someone else's body.

I had to stop being a vegetarian (yes, I was monitoring my protein and iron levels) after more than a year because I legitimately absorb 25% of the iron most people do in their diets. I was taking 1000 mgs of iron supplements a day, and my iron was still reading at you-need-a-freaking-blood-transfusion level.

I will never tell somebody how to fuel their body.


The moment you go to click on a link or story and an ad loads right as you touch it, sending you to a page full of the virtual flu.


Hitting my head on something.

There's probably a biological explanation for this, but nothing creates an instant rage like an accidental bonk on the head.


People who aren't interested in listening to your side of an argument.


The fatal combination of stupid AND rude.

I work in customer service. Its okay to be dumb. I can help you. You can be rude too, you self-entitled little twit. I don't take it personally.

But....... gosh help me when someone is both stupid and rude.

I lose my composure.


When I'm reading/ listening to music and people try to talk to me. Not only talk to me, but pace the conversation in such a way that they say something, I respond, and then they're silent for a long enough time that I start to listen to music or read what I was reading again, and then they instantly talk again. So I have to LOOK UP AGAIN. 3 or 4 iterations of this in a row is enough to lose me as a friend.


Blaming me for something I did not do, or putting words in my mouth.


Someone telling me to "calm down" when I'm already being calm.


People with poor tech skills getting impatient with technology.


Bad drivers. Particularly, people that will cut me off and then drive slower than I was going beforehand.


When something snags my earbuds and rips them out of my ear(s).


When people start saying their problems are worse than yours and that yours don't matter as a result. Everyone has problems, they don't cancel out, jerk.


People who constantly have to one up everyone.


The moron that stops in a roundabout.


Getting interrupted. I make a very conscious effort to shut my mouth and listen to the other person when we're having a conversation, I expect the same respect when it's my turn.


When I'm listening to music and I accidentally swipe it off my phone.


Talking down to me, or trying to "scold" me. Especially over an honest mistake. I don't care who you are or who you think you are, treat me like a human.


Wet socks.


Babies in places where they have no place being.

I don't want to hear your child shrieking in a theater - whether it's a live performance of something or something being projected onto a screen, I came to hear and see the thing I paid the overpriced admission for.

I understand that maybe you can't find a sitter, can't afford one, or just wanted to have a night for yourself to enjoy, but you're not the only one in that venue.


When a game pulls a complete bs move out of nowhere to kill you instantly.


Use your freaking turn signal, you jerk.


"Sorry, not sorry".

Screw people that say this.


Telling me I need to go to an event and how much I'll love it after I've already said no several times.




People making fun of my flaws, I get mad, and they essentially tell me to lighten up and stop taking myself so seriously. So, I do lighten up, but then when I try to make fun of myself, I get lectured about how I shouldn't do this.


Walking slow in a crowded hallway. Get out of my way.


Seeing people being cruel to animals.


People being loud at unreasonable hours. Back in college I was the dorm scrooge for asking people to please stop blasting music after midnight on week nights. Same situation in my first and second apartments.

Darn kids. 


Lately, it's the fad of saying doggo and pupper. I don't know why, they're just words, but this really gets under my skin and pisses me off royally.


Parents who let their little kids run buck wild in public places (like the mall or theatre), especially because kids like to run into everybody. Like... get your kids under control.


I lose my crap when I see people texting and driving.


I'm a pretty laid back person, and I love my neighbors. A few weeks ago their grandchildren (ages ~3 -6) walked up to the chainlink fence and started throwing garbage at my dogs. My dogs are very friendly and come up to the fence to see who's there, so they were in close range.

They'd also pulled up the tent stakes I put in the fence to keep the dogs from pushing out. My lab will run if she gets a chance.

I slammed the screen door open and yelled, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?" The kids ran and I talked to the grandparents about what happened.

My dogs are my family and I get really angry when folks mess with them.


When someone asks me if I understand something and I say yes but they still try to explain it to me.


When you join a meeting to realize there is no update and the entire hour could've been summarized in an email.... I don't have time for this! Quit wasting it so I can get home to my family!



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