Alarm Clocks, Taxes And Cough Medicine: Bad Things We're Thankful For.

 I've got a list of things that I strongly dislike, and that list might be longer than the average person's list. But I'm sure we've all got those things we can't stand most of the time but are extremely thankful for in the long run, like well...our parents (I love you, Mom and Dad!).

The following AskRedditors responded to the question, "Reddit, what is something that you dislike, but you're glad exists?" 

If you're interested in more responses find the original thread at the end of the article. Again, I love you, Mom and Dad. 

Physical pain ironically enough. People who have a condition where they can't feel it actually get affected pretty strongly. Heard some story from a friend of a friend who did some serious damage to his feet cause he couldn't feel the pain of standing on hot concrete.


Alarms of all kinds. They can be so shrill and annoying but without them, I would be late for work or worse, could die in a fire.


Taxes. Hate paying them but I appreciate the infrastructure and public services. 


The sun. I have worked nights for years, so at this point, I've basically become a nocturnal animal. Bright light hurt my eyes and give me a headache. But I still am glad the sun exists.


GPS. I'm so reliant on it so I'm glad it exists, but I no longer know how to get around just by learning and remembering how based off of experience and landmarks.


Crappy music, makes you really appreciate the good stuff.


Those damned charity gauntlets I have to run getting to the subway - fresh-faced students wearing identifying T-shirts and carrying clipboards, "Hi, how you doing today?" I always answer, "Broke, but thank you for your work!" What they're doing is really important, but I don't like them getting in my face, probably because they're reminding me of how little I can accomplish on my budget.




Contraception. In specific condoms just a hassle but one which is worth it.


For us girls, periods.

Bad: the obvious reasons

Good: usually means our body is working properly.


Free speech.

People can say awful things about each other, but the government can't censor what you say. Freedom of speech is important to a democracy. We can condemn people for what they say, but they have the right to say it. Once the government gets involved in deciding what's controversial, we hit 1984 Orwellian institutions.

You can say racist stuff; declare your love of communism; say that America is the worst country in the world; claim the government is corrupt; Obama is a secret Muslim; liberals are cry babies.

And the government only gets involved if you make a threat to someone or public safety. All other consequences are through social shunning or private means.

You may not like what someone says, but they might not like what you say either. Deal with it like adults.


Speed limits.


Cats. In the U.K they're responsible for killing around 100 million birds and other wildlife per year. Horrible, merciless killers who seem to get unbridled pleasure from torturing their fellow animals.

But also I want to give all of them an ear scratch.


Laws. Some suck but you benefit so much by having rules for everything.


Medication, hate the need for it and how it is usually delivered in more serious circumstances (needles) but so thankful it exists. 


Other people.

We hate each other but without them, I wouldn't have food or the internet.


Smoke Detectors, they will probably save my life at some point but I've never been closer to murder than when I'm fast asleep and suddenly hear "........BEEEP!.............................................BEEEEEEP!"

To this day it's why I always have at least 200 9V batteries.


Social media

It's just so...I don't know. 


The armed forces.

In principle, the idea of rough men of violence making cowards like me feel safer in our beds at night is one that gives me some comfort.

Necessarily abhorrent comfort.


Negative emotions. They suck. For some of us, they are more common than the positive ones.

Without them though, the positive ones would have no meaning.


Vegetables. I mean, they taste terrible but they are needed.


Public transportation, I hate how crowded that shit can get but I do appreciate how it gets me to places without the need for a car.


Cops. Encounters with them are never pleasant because they are typically going to give you a ticket, or worse. But, the world would be a barbaric dystopia without them out there doing what they do. Laws would take on the value of toilet paper if there was no one to enforce them.



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