Adventurous People Admit The One Outrageous Thing They'll Never Try Again.

Adventurous people on Reddit were asked: "What 'try everything at least once' experience have you regretted terribly?" These are some of the best answers.

Warning: this article contains mention of recreational drug use. A reminder that people around the world submitted answers for this piece and the laws in their country surrounding recreational drug use may differ from your own.


1. Yeah, not feeling a huge urge to do this one

Never take a recreational dose of Benadryl (DPH). Terror tripping, 800mg of that and you won't even realize your conversing with your friend who died in the fourth grade.

So much regret.



2. Right away I can tell this story is going downhill fast

For some backstory, I've always had pretty bad allergies. This combined with a deviated septum (born with a minor case+broken my nose many times) means I very rarely get any air through my nostrils. My girlfriends step-dad has a garden, and being a cool dude gave me a small chili pepper one day with the explicit instruction to "only take small bites, use it as a bet or something." This chili pepper sat in my dorm fridge for a week, waiting like a dormant volcano.

So one day my allergies are really acting up, and the inability to breath is driving me [wild]. After arriving at my dorm holding McDonald's sweet tea and Rolo Mcflurry, I decided I've had enough. The idea strikes me to clear my sinuses with something spicy. Being the only spicy thing available, that pepper becomes my salvation. I grab it from the fridge, and in what I can only describe as a moment of rage-induced insanity, I eat the WHOLE THING. Chew, swallow, down the tubes in a matter of seconds. Instant sinus relief, right? WRONG. The pain and burning in my esophagus was so intense, I began to dry-heave and have full body spasms. Drank the entire sweet tea and ate the whole Mcflurry as quickly as I could shovel it into my face, only to bolt to the toilet and throw it up. Huddled around the toilet and cried/seizured for an hour, fell asleep on the porcelain pillow. Roommate came home, thought I failed my final and was bummed out, left me to die. Never again.



3. Ouch, that's gotta hurt!

Doing some BMX stuff on a bike we found. Ended up breaking my pelvis when both of the wheels fell off.



4. Crap, I had wanted to try bungee jumping but maybe not anymore

My first bungee jump. The leap was fine but I let my body go loose and strangely, during the rebound (I mean like a bounce back due to the elasticity of the rope), the rope made a loop and my hand got stuck in the middle of it causing a massive jerk concentrated on my arm socket and the coarseness of the rope grazed my hand causing a layer of the skin to get sliced. The adrenaline didn't let me feel a thing. My blood hit the ground before I did. Hurt later. Luckily, no structural damage.



5. I would puke this up right away

My mum bet me a 1 I wouldn't drink a pint glass of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Interesting fact: a large amount of lemon juice doesn't taste like lemon. It tastes like burny sick.



6. I feel you man

Meth. It burned my nose incredibly and I didn't even feel the high or like it.

Actually, now that I think about it, drug use in general was probably one big regret.



7. When it comes to money, it's just me and my bank, no one else

Trying to help out a stranger in need of money transaction. $5000 worth of regret. If I ever resorted to becoming a murderer, I always imagined it would be because I ran into her again.



8. I would be screaming the entire time

I hated hot air ballooning. I'm 6'4"(1.95m) and too tall to be riding in a basket that's below my hip. One bump and I'm going over the edge.



9. This is a horror film waiting to happen

My best friend dared me to go into this abandoned barn and tag the wall. Once inside the barn smelled horrible and the windows were pretty much blacked out. I was making my way to a wall when I stepped in something warm and very, very wet. It was a dead alpaca the farmer down the hill had dumped in there about 3 years ago. I still adventure, but now I bring a flashlight...



10. I really hope they were under 10 when they did this...

I once wondered what the liquid medicine for earaches tasted like. I would not recommend giving it a go.



11. You knew what you were walking into

I once at a entire pod of Moruga scorpion chilli, also know as the world's hottest chilli. I also did it in at a busy beach with no drink to wash it down with. The moment I took the first bite the most intense pain set in followed by uncontrollable crying and then even more intense pain. Like it took 30 mins to reach its peak and it was pretty bad to begin with anyway. The worst part is when I started vomiting and chilli bile got into my nose and sinuses, you think eating a chilli is bad try, snorting it. The constant stomach pain for the next couple of days didn't make me feel any better and nether did the following morning's [poops]. It was some intense [crap]... literally and figuratively I guess.



12. Just.... why?

Smoking nutmeg. 15 years later and I still get a horrible shiver up my back when thinking about it. Worst, most acrid taste ever.



13. These eating challenges always end up like this

Taco Challenge. 10 Taco Bell soft tacos. It was really good until around number 7. Then it was bad. At the end of the tenth taco, I ripped it in half to get a smaller bite and the sight made me gag. Spent the ride home "drunk" with my head out of the window and the rest of the day recovering.



14. Within 6 words I can see that this story won't end well

My friends and I used to wander the storm drains and we got lost one night and popped out on a random street. We didn't bother putting the manhole cover back on and then we watched a car drive right into the manhole, snap an axle and crash into another car. We immediately ran away.



15. This sounds like a quintessential middle school dare

I ate a whole onion like an apple. It's like eating flaming sulphuric acid, if doing that gave you bad breath for a week.



16. The one time that you don't want it to be "just like the movies"

A brothel. I went in for no strings attached sex, come out living Pretty Woman storyline.



17. This is an absolute nightmare

Tripping while camping. It was mostly fine until I hiked back to my car to grab more supplies. In my ultimate wisdom I decided to listen to Pink Floyd in the car without turning off my flashlight. On the way back my batteries died on the Cliffside path while I was peaking. I crawled the last mile on my hands and knees but I made it to the campsite.



18. This one hurt me right where it matters: the bank

I bought octopus (or maybe it was jellyfish) with my girlfriend because I thought it would be fun and cultural, and maybe taste good.

It was really bad, and worse than that, was pretty much an easily forgettable experience. Oh yeah except it cost $22. I've never been one to waste money/food but we basically just bought that and didn't eat more than a bite. That $22 still haunts me.



19. I'm not quite sure where you got the idea this was a good thing

Balut. Fertilized hard-boiled duck egg is not, and shall never be a beer snack.



20. This is such a legit one

Lending money to friends. Especially if you know they aren't that financially responsible. It gets harder to ask as more time progresses and it can potentially ruin friendships. Now I strictly adopt a "no lending money to friends" policy. The only thing I'm willing to do is spot a friend for a meal or coffee.



21. This is also super dangerous!

Purposely hiking to the top of a mountain with full camping gear during a scheduled rainstorm. It was fun looking back, but I'll be damned if I will knowingly do that again.



22. I'm sure every guy can relate to this

Shaving my pubes. That was a horrible 2 weeks.

Sure it'll make it look bigger, but the itch while my pubes grew back was just [ridiculous].



23. Anything involving hot sauce and I'm OUT

Dave's insanity hot sauce....When I was in high school, a bunch of buddies were over and I told them about this hot sauce my dad uses. We all took a tiny amount--I'm talking stick a toothpick in the bottle and taste what's on it. Literally 2 minutes later we finished every piece of bread and every gallon of milk in the house and our mouths and throats were still on fire. Moral of the story: never try Dave's insanity hot sauce.



24. And people do this for fun?!

Boxing. Got my self knocked out in short order, but still managed to break a rib first. Pissed blood for a week as well. Good times.




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