Actress Lena Headey Confronts The Sexism That Exists in Hollywood.

A look at women and the sexism that they face in Hollywood.

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For many women, climbing the ladder in their chosen careers is often a demanding process, as it would be for anyone, but for women especially, it is an extra exhausting task, as they are often faced with a number of invisible barriers that constantly create and enforce a level of self-doubt in them by taking away from their work ethic to focus on lesser important issues like appearance and temperament. (Sorry, Im not bossy… Im the boss)

Game of Thrones star, Lena Headey, opens up about her own personal struggles to land work in the elusive Land of Opportunity that is Hollywood. The actress is quoted as saying that she has actually lost roles because she did not flirt with the directors during open castings calls. Certain casting directors have even gone as far as to openly make sexually explicit remarks towards Headey during specific auditions.

This behavior should be completely unacceptable, but the sad truth is, especially in an industry like Hollywood, where almost everything is constantly being over-sexualized for the publics consumption, women are expected to compile to, even accept, these kinds of actions as the norm. 

There is already so much pressure that is mounted on women to be physically attractive and skinny, the thought that these men go home and say, Who would you bang? is probably one of the most FU moments ever and basically an invisible slap in the face to any young lady who is trying to be seen as more than just a sexual object.

Luckily, Headey has moved on to land some amazing roles and is serving as a great role model to little girls everywhere that you do NOT need to sell yourself short to achieve your dreams. You can do it with all of the tools that you already have.

So remember, Teach your daughters to worry less about fitting into glass slippers and more about shattering glass ceilings.


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