1/35. Flash gets into too much detail about his love life

2/35. Daffy Duck does some light reading

3/35. The Doctor on Rocko's Modern Life

4/35. Circumcision in The Rugrats movie

5/35. What a nice picture of their father

6/35. Oops!

7/35. Taking it a little too far

8/35. The Rescuers didn't notice the woman behind the window, and neither did any child watching

9/35. Shaggy's favorite name

10/35. The bus driver in Hocus Pocus is totally into witches

11/35. Helga's...er...poem

12/35. The note in Edd's bathroom

For those of you squinting, it says "don't touch yourself."

13/35. Oh Spongebob...

14/35. It could be his "short stature", or maybe something else that's short

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15/35. That Time Rocko Moonlighted as a Phone Sex Operator

16/35. Rocko's Modern Life Gives Kids Some Great Advice

17/35. Dexter's New Assistant's Answer After He Asks Her To Dance

18/35. Spongebob's at it again

19/35. One for the parents

20/35. Where can I find a copy of Lonely Space Vixens?

21/35. Spongebob at it again with a prison shower joke

22/35. Suck your WHAT?!

23/35.Then there's Spongebob's Sea Porn addiction

24/35. How did I not notice this??

25/35. Another Playboy reference in a cartoon

26/35. Your genius is showing.

27/35. Just some light reading

28/35. The All Scottish Show

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29/35. Carpet munchers

30/35. Phil and Lil's Dad Goes Away for Some Male Bonding and Stu Makes This Gesture

31/35. Chowder's Phallic Architecture

32/35. Felch donuts

33/35. When Rocko Looks Like a Gigolo

34/35. That Time Tom and Jerry Committed Suicide

35/35. I'll leave you with this

Image by ANURAG1112 from Pixabay

Any engaged couple looks forward to the big day when after months of planning, they get to tie the knot and declare their love in front of family and friends.

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Image by Robin Higgins from Pixabay

Sometimes I think back to a teacher I had when I was a kid who demanded to know whether any of us were "raised in a barn" in response to crappy behavior. Namely littering. She hated littering. Can you blame her? It's a horrible habit and some people do it with no sense of shame. She dedicated much of her time to telling students to pick up after themselves and dispose of things properly. For that, I'm thankful.

But why didn't anyone else get the memo? The trash I see on the streets is obscene.

People had lots of thoughts to share after Redditor SneakyStriedker876 asked the online community,

"What seemingly uncivilized thing is commonplace in society?"
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I love presents. I try to hide my enthusiasm, and I do my best to appease the greater public by saying "it's the thought that counts." But that is a WHOLE lie. I don't just love gifts, I love great gifts. And if you go rogue from my lists, please keep a receipt. It's just plain rude to divert from what the recipient has requested.

This thought process has emerged from experience. I have received some trash presents over the years and now I'm too old to pretend you just went crazy while shopping. Like... "do you even know me?!"

Redditor u/sulemannkhann wanted to hear all about the presents some of us have received that we prayed, came with a receipt, by asking:

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I'm still on the fence about this whole extraterrestrial situation. I need more proof. Now I'm not naive enough to think that in this vast, endless universe only the human race exists. I just need proof, tangible, solid, didn't see it from my trailer through beer goggles proof.

I also need proof about the afterlife, another out there topic. Truth be told, I've never been that into this whole conversation. I've got enough daily problems on this planet, let alone worrying about making Will Smith's biggest hits into documentaries and not just popcorn/comedy space farce.

But let's compare thoughts...

Redditor u/ValencikHannibal197 wanted to discuss life beyond this planet, what do we really think? They asked:

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