1/35. Flash gets into too much detail about his love life

2/35. Daffy Duck does some light reading

3/35. The Doctor on Rocko's Modern Life

4/35. Circumcision in The Rugrats movie

5/35. What a nice picture of their father

6/35. Oops!

7/35. Taking it a little too far

8/35. The Rescuers didn't notice the woman behind the window, and neither did any child watching

9/35. Shaggy's favorite name

10/35. The bus driver in Hocus Pocus is totally into witches

11/35. Helga'

12/35. The note in Edd's bathroom

For those of you squinting, it says "don't touch yourself."

13/35. Oh Spongebob...

14/35. It could be his "short stature", or maybe something else that's short

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15/35. That Time Rocko Moonlighted as a Phone Sex Operator

16/35. Rocko's Modern Life Gives Kids Some Great Advice

17/35. Dexter's New Assistant's Answer After He Asks Her To Dance

18/35. Spongebob's at it again

19/35. One for the parents

20/35. Where can I find a copy of Lonely Space Vixens?

21/35. Spongebob at it again with a prison shower joke

22/35. Suck your WHAT?!

23/35.Then there's Spongebob's Sea Porn addiction

24/35. How did I not notice this??

25/35. Another Playboy reference in a cartoon

26/35. Your genius is showing.

27/35. Just some light reading

28/35. The All Scottish Show

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29/35. Carpet munchers

30/35. Phil and Lil's Dad Goes Away for Some Male Bonding and Stu Makes This Gesture

31/35. Chowder's Phallic Architecture

32/35. Felch donuts

33/35. When Rocko Looks Like a Gigolo

34/35. That Time Tom and Jerry Committed Suicide

35/35. I'll leave you with this


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