Compliments are always nice to receive but sometimes they're just so off-the-wall you don't know what to think! Well these people share some of the weirdest compliments they've ever got from anyone.

1/28. I got a compliment once that I looked like Brad Pitt. Not a bad thing, just not sure how I should feel about considering I was a 14 year old girl.


2/28. Once, at a party, a lovely and very drunk lady came up to me and said, "I want to build churches in your beard." It was nice. I think.


3/28. Was at a bar waiting in line for the ladies room, long line as there always seems to be. The girl in front of me kept looking back, so I felt like I had to say something to make it not weird, as I had drank a few and probably was staring oddly too.

"I like your dress" I told her

"Thanks. I like..." (long pause) "your compliment."



4/28. I overheard a guy at school telling a story where he told a girl that she was like a Picasso and she said, "Oh, so my face is f*cked up?" he just meant that she was a work of art and had no idea that Picasso was an abstract artist.


5/28. "Can I just say that you look absolutely fabulous for your age! Seriously, for a 40 year old, you look fantastic."

"But I'm only 30."

"Oh. Okay, you look quite old then."

One extreme to the other in the space of about 20 seconds.


6/28. A coworker once walk past me and said "I knew I smelled you here". I was self conscious for an hour that I smelled bad until she explained I use the same after-shave as her BF.


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7/28. "If we had an eugenics program, you'd definitely be a breeder."


8/28. When my friend came out to me as bi, he told me if I ever decided to go the other way, I'd do well.

I am straight. I was... oddly flattered.


9/28. "I love watching you get old." - my sleepy husband while we were riding home on the metro late at night. We've been together for 16 years, I knew what he meant. It was so awkwardly sweet I had to laugh.


10/28. My college had a huge nursing program. At parties the nursing majors would just grab my arms and talk about how awesome my veins were and discuss what gauge of needle they could stick in them.


11/28. "You have the long stride of a poet."

Still trying to figure out what that means.


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12/28. When I had a ponytail I would wear a ball cap when I was working at various stadium events and I would often get comment from guys about my "fine ass". They hadn't seen my bearded man face yet.


13/28. While getting ready for a shower a few years back, my husband said, "Now, don't take this the wrong way, but your stretch marks look really cool. They look alien."


14/28. "You know, your looks would have been considered ideal during the renaissance." "Oh... Thank you..."


15/28. I had a girl tell me "You're really handsome, like Willie Nelson." At the time, I was 16, and Willie was 65. Um, thanks?


16/28. I have curly blonde hair. A couple of months ago a girl told me she loved my hair because it looked like ramen noodles.

I mean I guess?


17/28. "When you walk it looks like you're dancing!"

Supposedly I bounce a tad bit when I walk, so I get a few remarks about that. This one is my favorite.


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18/28. "You have peaceful hands." -Massage patient


19/28. I was helping a friend who was going through some troubles with depression, and after about thirty minutes of talking she told me "I just constantly want to punch everyone. Well, I don't want to punch you right now. I don't know why."

I took it as a compliment.


20/28. When I was a baby, an old woman told told my mum that I was "too beautiful to live".

Jokes on her though, because I'm decidedly average looking now.


21/28. "You're the most underrated person I know!"

Uhh. Thanks.


22/28. "You have well formed cheek muscles" from the new cashier at the grocery store. He was clearly new to the country, so I just took it as a sincere compliment and moved on.


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23/28. "You have really pretty fingerprints."

Swear on my life.


24/28. I was talking to a coworker when another coworker just walked up and told me I was really good at standing.

Thank you?


25/28. "Your lisp is really adorable"

Has happened a couple times, my lisp is very slight and only shows when I say certain things.


26/28. I worked at a cosmetics store and some days I would show up early and do my makeup. This particular day I decided to wear deep red lipstick and some old lady told me I had the lips of a doll and then went on to tell me about her doll collection.


27/28. "I love your hair! I could just adopt you!"

From a lady in her sixties a few months ago. I'm in my thirties.


28/28. "You're attractive. In an abstract sort of way."


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