26 People Share The Most Awkward Sleepover Experience They've Ever Had.

Sleepovers are such a fun part of growing up. But these sugar-filled nights of staying up late with your pals don't always end in fun. These people describe their most awkward experiences they've ever had at a sleepover.

1/26. Our entire friend group and my poor friend Baxter (that seems like a fun name) watched as my science teacher got a BJ from Baxter's single mom in a hot tub from the window. We were 13.

There are some things can't be unseen.


2/26. One time I was over at a friends house for his 11th birthday. It was myself, the birthday boy, and three other guys. We all slept in our sleeping bags in the basement. At around 5am, we all awake to find Jake yelling at the birthday boy Derek. The reason?

Derek thought it was funny to take a piss on Jake's face while he was sleeping, and Jake freaked out. Jake walked out after right after that, while the rest of us stayed up and called our parents around 7. I went home around 8, and in that time, Derek was still trying to play it off as funny. Derek lost 4 friends that night.


3/26. Camping in the backyard with some friends when I had to pee super bad. I couldn't find the zipper to the tent to get out and I was about to burst. So I ended up trying to pee though the mesh window. I don't know why. Well, peeing through mesh doesn't work very well, especially with terrible 9 year old aim and I ended up laying a pretty thick layer of atomized urine all over everyone else in the tent.

In the morning it turns out one of my other friends was awake pretending to be asleep and saw the whole thing and told everyone it was me who peed all over everything in the tent. Dude was awake while he was getting piss all over him and said nothing. What the f*ck man? Needless to say I was not invited to another sleepover for quite a while.


4/26. When I was about 7 or 8, me and a few friend's were sleeping in a tent in my best friend/neighbors front yard. His dad was a bit of an alcoholic, quite similar to Randy Marsh actually. Anyways, his dad comes home from the bar, plastered, bursts into the tent and wakes us all up, saying we should all go up to the elementary school across the street. We go with him, the whole time acting like spies, avoiding all the lights, all under his drunk ass directions. We get to the playground, and he decides he wants to challenge all of us to a footrace. So we all line up, he yells "GO!" and we all take off. Surprisingly, he kept up with us almost all the way to the finish line, before he busted his a**, fell flat on his face, on concrete. He also landed awkwardly on his arm, breaking his wrist. Was awkward at the time, but looking back on it 20 years later, it's quite hilarious.


5/26. I was out camping with a neighbor friend of mine when we were 14. I woke up hearing the shuffle of her sleeping bag. I asked her what she was doing and without breaking a stride she said that she was warming herself up. Then I turned on the lamp and found her on top of her bag, naked and masturbating. She immediately stopped and pulled her sleeping bag up over herself and she turned out the lamp. We sat there in silence for about three minutes. Then I said "you can finish if you wanna." "No, you ruined it!" We didn't speak much the rest of the trip.



6/26. 13 or 14 years old. All-night RPG session (pen and paper) with my buddies in my friend's basement. His awesome mom brings us course after course of food throughout the evening as I vainly try to GM an adventure where my friends are more interested in creating in-game simulations of being drunk (GURPS had a skill for that, like everything else) than in actually playing the game. The night wears on and we finally pass out with dawn quickly approaching.

Shortly afterward I wake up with a start - my stomach didn't like the awesome food as much as the rest of me did. Jump up off the basement floor and bolt for the bathroom, only I'm really tall and have a problem with passing out when I get up too quickly. Black-out in the doorway and fall hard. Wake up a moment later with my friends standing over me. That's when it hits me - that looming feeling of dread when you realize that you had just sh*t your pants in front of a room full of your peers. Is this real or am I dreaming? These terror-filled thoughts are interrupted by a renewed gurgling in my stomach. Apparently it is all too real.

I claw my way into the bathroom and slam the door shut on my startled friends. I pull my pants down and unleash a foul kind of hell in the toilet even as sh*t continues to soak into my ill-fitting jeans (this happened in the 90's). But wait, there's more! Suddenly I need to vomit because this delicious food apparently cannot leave my body fast enough. I do the only rational thing that can be done and start puking into the garbage can as I continue to add to the mountain of poop underneath me.

Apparently I had offended some vengeful deity that day because - obviously - the basket is wicker. So there I am, pooping everything that can be pooped as I vomit into a garbage can that is, at best, straining it. The floor us covered in vomit, my pants are full of sh*t, and that's the day that my social anxiety started.

Welcome to the next decade of your life, kid.


7/26. Friends mom walked downstairs to find eight sixth grade boys huddled around the tv watching porn. We instantly pretended to be asleep, and nothing was ever said after that. I still think of it every time I see her.


8/26. I was in 4th grade and sleeping over at my best friend's house. I wet his bed and then clogged their toilet with a massive dump. I didn't know what to do so I shut the lid and ran into their garage to hide.


9/26. I was sleeping over at my cousin's house. We stayed up and snuck out into the living room to watch Cinemax. It was after midnight and back in those days that was when all the titty flix came on. One came on that my cousin was really into. He started touching his raging erection in his pyjama pants and then he let out a blood curdling scream. Somehow he ruptured a vein or something in his peen. We had to go wake up his mom. She looked at it and decided we had to go to the emergency room. Our whole family still makes fun of him for that until this day when we get together.


10/26. The day after the sleepover, my friend wouldn't let me leave no matter what I did. Around 6:00 PM his dad finally said I should probably go home. Friend burst into tears, threw himself to the floor and was begging his dad to make me stay.


11/26. Back when I used to pee the bed in third grade, I fell asleep in my friends bed during a sleepover at his house. I pissed the bed. It... It was awkward, and I never stayed the night at his house again. But what was most awkward was that when I woke up, he was sitting in a chair staring at me, waiting for me to wake up...



12/26. Probably about 14. This girl decided to have a big slumber party for her birthday. Well, she was stereotypically uncool, wore T-shirts with wolves on them, bragged about how far she could stick the arm of her glasses up her nose, and kind of always smelled like dogs. I was about one social rung above her.

My friend and I were the only people that showed up at her big party. Her mom made us hot dogs, and dinner was SILENT. Her dad arrived at started screaming about how her two gigantic german shepherd hadn't gotten enough affection today. He ended up throwing a hot dog at the girls mother.

Later on I made a joke of the word, "gracias" as, "grassy a**" because I was 13. Her dad pulled me into the kitchen and screamed at me.

I was shaken up and scared so we all went to bed. In the middle of the night my friend and I woke up with the girl sitting up right between us and shaking us awake. We tried to figure out what was going on and she just said, "You know, we could kiss." Having no interest in such things at that age, I was thoroughly disturbed. My friend called her mom and claimed we were sick and had to be picked up IMMEDIATELY. It was just too much discomfort for one night.


13/26. About 11 years ago, sleep over with girls and boys. All lights are out for about 10 minutes. We have all settled down and gotten silent for sleeping. Then we hear a grown male voice clearly enunciate the word "what". Now, let me be clear. This was not a child's voice. This was like hearing James Earl Jones say "what". There was about a 10 second silence and then one of the girls says "who said that?". Silence. Then one of the boys starts laughing uncontrollably. We turn the lights on and he is laughing so hard that he's crying. Here we are all freaking out about some strange man in our room while we sleep and he's pissing himself laughing. He finally calms down enough to tell us that it wasn't a person who asked "what". He farted the word. His fart sounded exactly like the word "what". We all cracked up. To this day everyone from that party still answers phone calls from each other with "what?".


14/26. I was about 10, sleeping over with a group of pals, including my buddy's little brother who was around 6. We finished up a few rousing games of Donkey Kong 64 and Hydro Thunder and all went to bed. Woke up to find the little brother, standing ominously above me -- butt-a** nekkid except for a pair of Christmas-themed tube socks on his hands and arms -- and peeing into my half-open sleeping bag.

No more sleepovers at Ryan's house.


15/26. Me and my friend slept in his mom's bedroom on the floor because she liked company since her husband passed away a few weeks before. Apparently when my mom came to pick me up the next day my friends mom said I climbed into bed with her. I had no idea.

Classic case of sleep walking.



16/26. In about grade 7, I had a sleepover with a few friends. One of them started crying when we started watching The Simpsons because he wasn't allowed to watch it at home. We couldn't calm him down for almost an hour.


17/26. I once slept over at a friends house. He was a bit older than me. This difference was where he had discovered masturbation, whereas I had not.

Anyway, I heard his bed furiously rocking back and fourth. I asked him what he was doing. He said he was doing pushups. It was dark so I took him for his word. So then I asked if I could do pushups with him.

Years later it all dawned on me...


18/26. 5 people in one room in their sleeping bags about to sleep and all I hear is a very slow fapping noise. We didn't find out who it was in the morning.


19/26. I think we were all around 15, about 6 male friends came over for your typical high school sleepover; pizza, soda, and video games until 3 in the morning, and everyone just passes out where they lie.

Except something must've been in the air that night because almost everyone was getting ... sexual. It started with jokes about 'swordfights' in the bathroom, then a couple of them actually went into the bathroom to piss and cross the streams. Or so they say, I didn't verify.

Then at one point, 5 of them (6th was passed out) basically started comparing dick sizes, and I backed out. I had my reasons: I was closeted bisexual and in denial, and the last thing I wanted was to be ostracized in a class that was only ~20 students.

So yeah, kind of odd that the inadvertently gayest experience of my life happened in my bedroom and I backed out.


20/26. When I was 12 my friend Peter had a disco themed birthday party (no, I don't know why) at his house. The party being on a Friday, we all stayed the night. Being preteen boys with limitless cola, we ended up staying up all night, and decided to watch the sunrise on his back deck. As we're looking at the majestic, slowly lightening sky, our peaceful moment is shattered by a shrill, screaming voice. Looking to the source of the sound we see his fat, topless, 50+ year old neighbor lady yelling through her kitchen window that we're degenerate perverts.

She was under the impression we were all staring at her. Once the yelling started we couldn't really help it, and that horrible image will be forever burned into my mind (I'm 29 now).



21/26. When I was around 15, I was staying the night at one of my best friends house. We decided to steal a bottle of whiskey from his parents kitchen and walk down to the park down the street to drink it. It was around 10 p.m. I immediately started taking big chugs (Dead sober and no tolerance.) About 30 minutes later I was blackout drunk, but do remember small tidbits. We climbed the roof of the elementary school nearby (Right next to the park) and tried to break into the classrooms. Eventually I became became somewhat belligerent and my friend got annoyed. It took him about an hour to get me to leave with him.

This is where my memory fades completely. We walk back to his house and (apparently) my friend told me to just lay down on the couch in his living room. At this point he was really fed up with how drunk I was and just wanted to go to sleep. He said I agreed and laid down on the couch as he went to his room. And this is where things get a little weird. I get up, in the middle of my sleep and I walk into his older brothers room and just stared at him in his sleep... My friend had just changed rooms a week ago with his older brother, so I guess in my blackout stupor I assumed it was still his room. He wakes up and asks me what the hell I'm doing. I say nothing and proceed to lay on the floor.

His brother is weirded out, but decides to just leave me be and let me sleep on the floor, probably assuming I'm drunk. About an hour later (according to him) he awakens to me rolling around and puking all over his floor. At this point I am entirely incoherent, so he decides to just deal with it in the morning and leave me be. About an hour or so after that, I get up, and walk into his parents room across the hall, and start puking all over THEIR floor. His parents are pissed, needless to say, but somewhat understanding. His mom gets up, cleans up the puke, (I am COMPLETELY blacked out.) and takes me to the shower. She takes my clothes off, except for my underwear and puts me in the shower and turns it on. This is all according to her, god knows what exactly happened and what I was saying. For all I know, my junk was popping out of my boxers, I never felt the need to ask.

Anyways, the next morning I woke up in his basement with nothing but underwear on, that was stiff from dried puke. With virtually no memory after we decided to try and break into the school. I talked briefly about what had happened with him and his family, as I grabbed my clothes and left. Most embarrassing night of my life.


23/26. I was about 5 or 6 when I lived in Florida. I was at my best friend's house. Hot thirsty and got up to drink some water. Found my friend's parents boning on the couch at 2 am. I promptly went back downstairs.


24/26. Finally invited to a sleepover at a "popular" girl's house... started my period and bled all over my pj's (which I borrowed from her) and her sheets...


25/26. When I was like 11 my mom made friends with this chick at her work who had a daughter the same age as me. There was a few times where her mom and my mom would hang out and bring us along so we were kind of friends. Anyways the girl has a birthday party/sleepover and invites me. We didn't go to school together so I didn't know any of the other girls she had over (there was 4 other girls). So we eat pizza, swim in her pool, sleepover stuff. So later in the night after her mom and her moms boyfriend had gone to bed, we're all hanging out in her room just talking about weird pre-teen shit while listening to music. So the TV is on but since we have music on too the TV is on mute. I don't know who put it on or how long it had been on but in the middle of our conversation this girl says "Oh my god look at the TV". It was some soft core Cinemax porn and the room just went silent. So this other girl asks if any of us had ever "cum", most of us are like uh no, so then she asks if we know how, again we're all like no not really, so this girl grabs a pillow and starts humping it while we all just sit there. Sean Paul's Temperature was playing in the background.


26/26. My friend's dog woke me up with his tongue in my mouth.


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