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1/24. While still a teenager, for eight months Cobain lived at a friends house and slept on the sofa.

2/24. Cobain came close to joining the Navy, even meeting with a recruitment officer at one point to discuss enrolling.

3/24. Cobain started using heroin on a daily basis to relieve his chronic stomach pains. In his diary, he wrote, So I decided, if I felt like a junkie, I may as well be one.

4/24. As a child, Cobain could recite the dialog from Close Encounters Of The Third Kind word-for-word.

5/24. When asked what its like being number one on Billboard, Cobain responded, Its like being number 16, only even more people kiss your ass.

6/24. Kurt's mom was 19 and his dad was 21 when he was born.

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7/24. At one point, Cobain claimed to spend $100 per day on heroin.

8/24. According to his widow, Courtney Love, Cobain left behind 109 unreleased, recorded songs when he died in 1994. Some are just song fragments, some music "collages", and about eight are acoustic numbers that Love deems good enough for release. One song, "Stinking of You", which he wrote with Love, includes the line "Stinking of you...I don't care if my life is shattered, it's my point of view..."

9/24. Obsessed with vinyl, he had a substantially expensive record collection.

10/24. His daughter Frances Bean Cobain looks almost exactly like him. She has the distinct blue eyes, and nose.

11/24. He was a left-handed guitarist and a right-handed drummer.

12/24. One of Cobains most prized possessions was a signed first edition of William S. Burroughs Naked Lunch.

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13/24. In 1992, Cobain claimed that he and Courtney Love spent a million dollars: $80,000 on personal expenses, $380,000 on taxes, $300,000 on a house in Carnation, Washington, and the rest on doctors and lawyers. Thats not very much, said Cobain. Thats definitely not what Axl [Rose] spends a year.

14/24. Before he was famous, for a time Cobain worked as a swimming instructor for kids at the YMCA in Aberdeen.

15/24. Kurt said he eventually wanted to experiment with filmmaking. He even wrote a script for a horror movie.

16/24. He very frequently changed up the words or the order of lines or verses of his songs when performing them live, rarely if ever singing them the same from show to show.

17/24. Cobain was a strong supporter of LGBTQ equality and similar causes. He emphatically stated in an interview that if someone was homophobic, racist or misogynistic, then they should do the band a huge favor and refrain from buying a Nirvana album or attending any their concerts because he didn't want their money and wanted nothing to do with them.

18/24. One year, Cobain cut up an inflatable sex doll and wore it for Halloween.

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19/24. During a Nirvana concert, he witnessed a girl being groped in the audience. Without missing a beat, he threw his guitar to the ground (a Martin D-18E electric guitar, one of the rarest electric guitars ever made and worth a significant amount of money), dived into the audience and angrily confronted the man who groped the woman. Upon returning to the stage, Cobain and the other band members openly mocked the man as he was being forcibly led out by security.

20/24. When just starting out, Cobain insisted that Nirvana practice five nights a week.

21/24. While in junior high, Cobains father, Donald, enrolled Cobain in his schools wrestling team. In tournaments, Cobain refused to fight back. Instead, he sat on the mat with his arms folded.

22/24. As a boy, Cobain had an imaginary friend named Boddah.

23/24. While homeless for a time, Cobain would sleep in the waiting room at Grays Harbour Community Hospital, the place of his birth.

24/24. Cobain once said, I went through most of my adolescent life being a male and not being aware of feminism, but I was always more of a feminine person. I always felt more inclined to hang out with girls, and I appreciated softer pop music during most of my childhood, until I became a teenager when I started smoking pot.

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