We all like to think that the little patch of land we call home is special because, well, it's ours. It's where we grew up and where we'll always go back to go when the going gets tough. But some people's hometowns are a bit more special than others and you're about to see why.

People on Reddit were asked: "What is an interesting fact about your hometown?" These are some of the best answers.

Hitler became a German citizen in my hometown. Kinda sucks because the allies were like "and [screw] that city particularly". Now most building look like [crap] because most of the nice old buildings are gone.


Our bank was built by shipping each brick individually via USPS. It was cheaper to put a stamp and label on each one than to ship bulk. This is directly responsible for changing the way mail costs are calculated.


Everyone thinks their hometown is the worst. There can be only one meth capital of America.


In my town, when you sign up for Dish Network at Radioshack, they give you a free gun. Only thing we've made national news for, and I think even South Park made fun of it.


Ya' know that saying, "one stoplight town"? We have zero.

The town is one mile long and a quarter mile wide, along a river. One corner-store. The rest is residential. Funny thing is... we have a rail yard and an airport.

The sad, dead south.


The Neenah Foundry is a cast iron foundry that makes all of the man-hole covers for the middle of the street, and storm drains, etc,. If you live anywhere in the United States and most of Europe if you walk out in front of your house and find a cover, I can almost guarantee it says Neenah Foundry on it. 


The only member of the Lewis & Clark expedition to die is buried in my hometown. Sgt. Charles Floyd died of what doctors believe was a burst appendix.


We have Leonardo DiCaprio's handprint in the cement outside one of our grocery stores.


The map of the town where Parks and Recreation takes place (Pawnee, Indiana) is just an upside down map of the town where I went to college.


When they were filming American Hustle they need exterior locations that could pass as a run down mid-level city in 1970's New Jersey. So they came to my home town, put up period appropriate signage, changed almost nothing else and filmed on Main St.

We.... live in a city that looks like a scummy Jersey city from the 70's. 


The creator of Spongebob went to university here and took a lot of inspiration from our town. The area is also quite famous for potent strains of marijuana, it'd be safe to assume these two facts have some serious correlation.


It contains the only road in the US where you can start and finish your education.


We have an upside down traffic light.


The last commercial plane crash in the United States happened in my home town. The crash is incredibly close to my house and I live directly on the flight path. Im certain that if it was in the air just a few seconds more or if something went slightly differently in the cockpit it couldve hit my house. Flight 3407 killed all 49 people on board as well as 1 person on the ground. 

It landed directly on one house in a neighborhood, the fire hall is basically across the street from the crash. 2 other people were in the house but had managed to get out. It was a father, mother and a daughter. I believe the daughter climbed through a basement window. The father was the one who died from the crash.


Holds the record for "Longest bridge over smallest body of water". If thats not bragging rights then I don't know what is.


The flag pole at the elementary school was donated by the KKK. We used to have a sign with their name on it.


It has a water tower in the shape of a teapot.


The entire downtown smells like Crunchberries, on occasion, thanks to the Quaker Oats plant.


There is a not insignificant amount of Agent Orange buried somewhere in my hometown. During Vietnam the chemical plant in my town produced Agent Orange for the military. When it was discovered that the stuff was basically instant cancer-juice, production was halted and all the barrels that hadn't been shipped yet were just dumped in a big, concrete-lined hole and sealed up.

As far as I know, nobody knows where it is (although I'm sure it's documented somewhere at city-hall to make sure nobody digs a well there or something). The town now has all these groundwater contamination measures, like these things every so many yards in the water/sewer system that, if they detect so many ppm of a chemical they don't like, will shoot this fast-hardening foam into the pipes and seal them off.


The Fig Newton was named after my hometown. I don't personally like them, but I feel slightly obligated to eat them because of it.


My town was discovered by the Germans in 1904. They oddly gave it the German name for "Whale's Vagina".


There's a big Coca-Cola sign in the middle of the mountains which you can see almost everywhere in town.


Two blocks of it were levelled by a gas explosion that killed over 40 people ten days before I was born. My grandmother was at one of the damaged stores minutes before the explosion. Windows were blown out of homes up to six blocks away, and no mention of this was made in the national media because the Watts riots got all the attention.


My hometown has two names: an official name that nobody ever uses and a nickname that everybody uses, and oddly it is classified as an "unincorporated community" despite having a population of about 5,000 humans, which is considerably larger than some neighboring towns.


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