23 People Reveal The Real Life 'Plot Twist' Moment That Changed Their Lives Forever.


People on Reddit were asked: "What major 'plot twist' moment have you had in your life?" These are some of the best answers.

1/23 I thought I was going to inherit my mother's boobs my whole life. I waited. And waited. Then I found out that she got a boob job when I was little...


2/23 Mine was finding out the woman I called "mum" for the first 16 years of my life was actually my gran, and that my older sister was my birth mum. Apparently she got pregnant when she was 13 so her mum decided to raise me.

Now I've got no idea what to call either of them, calling my big sister "mum" just feels weird.


3/23 My Grandfather was dying of cancer. He was a big, tough man and gradually just wasted away. Sometime near the end, he asked my Grandmother to bring him a piece of paper and a pen. He wrote down all the names of his 27 grandchildren. Next to my name was a check. Nobody else had anything next to their names. My Grandmother showed it to me after he died. She had no idea what it meant. I still think about that every once in awhile.


4/23 When I was 7, I found my birth certificate in the basement of my childhood home. The name under "Father" was not the man I'd believed to be my dad my entire life. I didn't tell anyone about it for years.


5/23 My grandmother passed away just over two weeks ago. The family all went to see her for the last time. She was surprising aware of everything around her, and telling stories/joking. I went and sat by her, and we talked for a little while about various things. Out of nowhere she said "Do you know who your real mother is?"... Now, I have only ever known one woman to be my mother, and had never considered otherwise. I was shocked, and asked her to repeat herself, thinking I misheard her.

She said it again "Do you know who your real mother is?". I looked over to my aunt, with a confused look on my face, who addressed my grandmother "____ is his mother, Nanny!". My grandmother laughed for a second and said "Oh yeah, I guess I know who your mother is too!".

Now, I'm fairly certain my mother is actually my mother. Since then, I have been trying to justify her saying that though. All I can think is either, she was very out of it and didn't know what she was saying. Or, there is someone else in my family who doesn't know their real mother, and she mistook me for them. I'm not sure I should pursue this any further with my family, as any reason to keep it secret is probably a decent one. And I'm not so sure I want to know the answer.


6/23 Finding out at my Grandmother's funeral that she worked for MI6.


7/23 When I realized that my mom wasn't always "sick", she was completely wasted on drugs all the time.


8/23 I was diagnosed with Asperger's just shy of my 19th birthday. Before that, I really had no clue just how differently my brain operated. I knew there were some differences, but I had just scratched the surface.


9/23 My twin sister and I were born through in vitro fertilization. Our mom wanted nothing more than to have kids, and her circumstances led her to use a sperm donor. When we were three years old, our mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. when we were six, she passed away. My sister and I were taken in by our aunt (our mom's younger sister). she already had two sons and a husband. It was a crazy and emotional time for all of us, but we have become an amazing family unit, and I consider my mom, dad, and brothers as much my immediate family as my sister. You might think this was the major plot twist in my life, but it gets crazier.

About four years ago, I learned that not only did my original mother have sperm donated to her, but she also had eggs donated to her as well - by her little sister. I lost my biological mom only to be rescued by my genetic mom. All those years I had laughed at the people who said I looked like my brothers and my mom, but the joke was on me. When I think about the sacrifices my two moms have made for me and my sister, it blows my mind.


10/23 The largest one for me was finding out my parents were never married (although together for 15+years) because my father was still married to his first wife, who miraculously got pregnant and had a child while he was in jail for a year for aiding and abetting a known felon.


11/23 I was looking for my social security card in my parents' desk and I found their marriage certificate. It was dated one year later than I thought, 6 months before I was born. All of a sudden, the years of thinking my mother resented being stuck home with kids, the terrible resentful marriage they had, it all made sense.


12/23 Back when I was in college I got a girl pregnant. When my mother found out she broke down crying and divulged that I have a brother out there that I had never met. She had given the boy up for adoption long before I came around. I still wonder to this day if I will run into him.


13/23 While at a party about five years ago I met a girl who I really clicked with (friends-wise - I'm a girl). I started talking about my boyfriend, but not by that title, by name. She proceeded to tell me she knew him and had actually recently been on a date with him and how it was the most romantic date she'd ever been on. My boyfriend. Of a year. Sh*t just got real.

Yes, we broke up shortly afterwards. That girl ended up being one of my best friends. We are friends to this day.


14/23 The last thing my grandma said to me was, "See you tomorrow!" and as I walked out her hospital room she said, "....NOT!" I heard her laughing from down the hall at herself. She died four hours later.


15/23 I actually found out shortly after my grandmother died that she and her husband adopted my mom. From where or why, we have no idea. Mom and I know that we have the same type of ethnic heritage as the people she thought were her parents, which probably indicates she was adopted from somewhere within the family or close friends.

Perhaps more interesting is the fact that on her deathbed, I was 100% convinced that my grandma was saying "I love you" and gathered the whole family to hear... Only to realize that she was desperately thirsty, and saying "I want juice".


16/23 While talking to my mom one day, she (out of the blue) mentions that she sh*t all over me when she birthed me. Game changer: All this time I thought I was a good kid, turns out I was a sh*tty baby.


17/23 The day we found out that the doctors were going to stop being aggressive with my father's treatment was very difficult. My grandparents flew back from Florida to get his affairs in order. Apparently my dad (a near broke alcoholic) had not paid any of his life insurance premiums. My grandparents found out and paid all the late bills which allowed my siblings to collect on the multimillion dollar policy.

To this day I am grateful because I didn't find out until a few days after about the whole situation. Now I have enough money to pay for college and buy my first home.


18/23 I lived with my father from 4-16. The entire time trying to convince him to let me move in with my mom who was 800 miles away. He never let me. I later found out this was because my mother's boyfriend was black and he disapproved of the relationship.


19/23 I just found out last week, that all my life, my mother has been addicted to speed, and has been hiding her addiction from my sister and I as best she could. On top of that, every single night, she takes sleeping pills.

I also learned that her family is convincing her to lie to my father and continue her addiction, instead of getting help, purely to spite my father. I'd always suspected my mother had a drug problem, but never brought it up. My younger sister is still in the dark, and I intend to keep it that way. For now I'm just watching my mother slowly kill herself.


20/23 Finding out from my mother when I was ~13 that the reason I hadn't seen my father since I was 4 was because he sexually abused me as an infant :( .


21/23 When I was a kid my parents took me to Universal Studios in LA. When we were there we met Mr. T and I spent the next 20 years telling my friends that I had met Mr. T.

Everything came crashing down when I had dinner one night with my parents and a girlfriend. The topic of meeting famous people came up, and I told my Mr. T story. My parents chuckled and corrected me, "You mean you met a character impersonator playing Mr. T." Childhood. Ruined.


22/23 From a few things my grandfather said before he died it appears that my great-grandmother (his mother) was an abortionist. My mum remembers her as a very conservative Catholic.


23/23 My Grampa was having trouble hearing and it took us a while to convince him to get a hearing aid. In the meantime he got a phone call saying his uncle John had died. He asked about a funeral and was told their wasn't one. That was 2, maybe 3 years ago. I really only saw John when he came up for Christmas, but he was quite the character and my whole family has missed him.

A couple weeks ago, my grampa's cousin came to visit. Grampa was talking about how he missed John since he died. His cousin said "What are you talking about I just saw him 2 weeks ago!". Turns out my grampa misheard the phone call. We figure someone else died but we still don't know who. John's probably been wondering why no one invites him for Christmas anymore, or visits, or calls.



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