Mother knows best.

People on Reddit were asked: "What was your biggest 'Shit, my parents were right' moment?" These are some of the best answers.

1/22 "Not all your friends need to be 'forever-friends', some people are just meant to be your friend for that particular time in your life."


2/22 Dad left me with something cool before he died: "Wanting to f*ck somebody over and over for the rest of your life isn't love. Wanting to be with somebody for the rest of your life no matter how many times life f*cks you both over and over though? Could be."


3/22 "You can't fly with the eagles if you sleep with the pigeons." Turns out the wrong friends really can hold you back and drag you down.


4/22 It really IS nice to just clean up as you make a mess instead of living in your own filth.


5/22 During my weekly call from my dad on Wednesdays, exactly at 7pm for 20+ years: "You know, someday you are going to miss our conversations." Goddamnit dad.


6/22 "Actually, we are really cool parents." Turned out to be true... they were really awesome parents to have.


7/22 "You're lucky your parents still kiss. " They would always tell me that after I got grossed out when they kissed as a little kid. I didn't really realize the huge truth behind that until I started going to friends house's more and seeing their parents almost always argue and stay in separate rooms or something like that.


8/22 Don't balance the full can of orange paint of the roof like that"


9/22 My dad was always on me to budget everything. At 30 I understand it.


10/22 Said to me as a young teenager... "I know it's hard to imagine now but the age of 40 really isn't that far away. Before you know it you'll hit 40 and wonder how that happened so fast."


11/22 Dad: "Heat never goes past 68! If you're cold, put on a sweatshirt."

Own house with roommates, set heat at 75, enjoy a tropical month, get first heating bill. Promptly lock thermostat to 68. Roommate whined, told her to put on a sweatshirt.


12/22 At age 18 you'll know everything. By age 25 you'll realize the world isn't as simple as you think. By 30 you'll be frightened that people trust your opinion when you know you don't know very much about a subject.


13/22 I am so excited for my socks that should be arriving today. My mother always told me I'd be grateful for gifts of clothes. I never believed her.


14/22 "When you turn 25 you'll start getting a gut. You won't always be able to eat like that."


15/22 You need to sleep more.


16/22 My ex-boyfriend was an asshole.


17/22 "Stop hanging out with those girls, I have a bad feeling about them."


18/22 My dad always told me not to be in a rush to grow up. I wanted to be 16 so I could drive, 18 so I could go on those porn websites, 21 so I could go to the barsnow I'm 30 and I wish I was 12.


19/22 "You shouldn't eat an entire cake, it isn't good for you."

First thing I did when I moved out from my parents house was buy a cake and eat it, all of it. Because I was an adult and I could do what I want. It hurt.


20/22 "You'll hate everybody you work with if your try to get into film. I know you like movies and like making them, but most of the people you'll have to deal with will be insufferable."


One day into my intro to film studies course and I couldn't take it anymore. I never looked back.


21/22 I was driving a little too fast. My mom told me to slow down. I said 'Nah it's fine I never get pulled over.' ... 25 seconds later I see police lights behind me.


22/22 "Don't touch the iron, it's hot."



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