People on Reddit were asked: "What is the creepiest thing that has ever happened in your house at night while you were alone?" These are some of the best answers.

1/22 There was a vacant lot behind a parking lot across the street from my house. Me and the stupid neighbor kid were throwing rocks at it when a hobo came out and yelled at us so we ran inside, scared.

That night, most of the family was out of town (just me and my dad). I slept in my brothers bed whose window was right next to the front door. That night the hobo came and knocked on my window. Bricks have never been shit so hard.


2/22 I went downstairs to get some water at about 2am. In the kitchen we've got a clock on the wall. As I walk into the room, acutely aware of every creak that echoes around the house surrounding me, I hear the fast wind of something mechanical. As I slowly glance to my left, subconsciously grabbing my glass a little tighter, I see the clock hands on the wall spinning at about 50 times normal speed.

Around. And around. And around. I think to myself, very clearly "this is how movies start, this is it". I was ready to defend myself with my glass whilst dashing over to grab a knife.

It was then I realized we had a radio clock which automatically sets itself. I'd never see it do it before. It was now 1am.


3/22 A plain white van would creep very slowly down our street at around 2am weekly during the summer I was 19. Our street was not a dead-end road, but had residential roads at either end preventing it from being a through street so this van was clearly not making a route of any sort. I would hear it and watch from my upstairs bedroom window every time it passed by.

One night my parents and my brother were out of town and I was home alone, happily sleeping when I heard a car door slam out front. I jumped up to look out the window and the van was backed into our driveway. I couldn't see anyone moving around outside but the lights were off and they were parked.

I ran into the hall and crouched into a ball and tried to listen for any sounds and plan an attack / escape route. I was shaking uncontrollably. A few minutes later I heard the engine start up and the van tore out of my driveway, and I never saw it again.


4/22 There's a state prison less than a mile away from my house. When I was 18, my family was out of town. My dad called the house saying someone had escaped from the prison, lock all the doors and have something handy to protect myself with. I did. It was at night and I turned on the police scanner, he was incarcerated for raping over a dozen teenage girls. I looked out the window in the back door just in time to see a man in an orange jumpsuit jogging through my backyard, stop, see me and start walking towards my back door. Next thing I knew, police ran into view and tackled him.


5/22 I woke up in the middle of the night because my television turned on. I don't have cable so it's all static. Then it shuts off, I just lay there not sure what to think. Then it turns back on and back off. This keeps happening and I am about to shit myself. I start to get up to attempt to look around and I hear a THUD nearby. I bravely run to the switch to turn the lights on and investigate.

The remote was trapped between my mattress and the wall and my moving around in my sleep was pressing the power button. When I got up it released the remote and it fell on the ground causing the thud.


6/22 When I was about 8 my bedroom was full of windows with no blinds. One night I heard something outside but was to scared to goto the window and see. The next day I go outside and there are footprints (in the snow) around my windows. For the next week or so I would refuse to sleep in that room. So every morning when my mother got up she would find me asleep under the living room table. One night as I was under the table I heard someone at the back door. They were jiggling the doorknob to try to get in. Ran into my mothers room screaming. She called the police. Sure enough the same shoe prints were at the back door. The police said there had been a bunch of break ins in the area.


7/22 When I was younger, I was home alone in a house that I know was haunted. It was not uncommon to hear people walking around the house, in parts where no one was. Doors would mysteriously open and shut themselves, and one door would always lock from the inside.

One night I am home alone. It was late, and I was just watching some TV. I hear the all too familiar noises of a door shutting and then foot steps of someone coming up stairs to the main floor. I look expecting to see my parents, but there is no one. The foot steps then continue to walk right past me, and then proceed to walk up the steps to the top floor, with the door at the top of the stairs shutting.

Freaked the f*ck out (technical term) I shout out, "Is anyone there?" to which I hear a whispered response in my ear of "No". Needless to say, I ran the f*ck out of the house.


8/22 Someone walked past my window. Which isn't that weird except I'M ON THE EIGHTH F*CKING FLOOR. I almost had a cardiac. Apparently, there were renovations being done on the building, and they were building the scaffolding up to my level.


9/22 This was when we still had a landline at my house, ours was the very last one on the line so it sometimes did funny things like ring for no reason or just drop a call in the middle. One night I was home alone and it started to storm really bad and the phone rings I pick up and it's the woman from 911 asking why I called.

Me: I didn't call 911
911: I just received a call from this number. Are you home alone?
Me: Yes, no one could have made that call.
911: Are you sure you are ok? Would you like me to send a car?
Me: in my head i'm thinking god yes come save me! I don't think so. I really did not call.
911: Ok Ma'am, well have a good night.

I sat on my couch with my dog and did not move till my parents came home. It freaked me the f*ck out!


10/22 When I was 16, my parents worked at night, so my sister and I would be home alone often. Her bedroom was upstairs and she usually stayed up there, so I would be downstairs alone until my parents got home. One night, I heard these noise coming from the basement. It was like scratching and banging, like someone was walking through a sea of empty aluminum cans. I was too scared to go down there, and I didn't think it was enough of an emergency to call the cops. I thought maybe it was an animal or something. I called my sister down to make sure I wasn't going crazy, but the noise stopped before she got to hear it. She told me not to worry and went back to her room.

Later that night while I was lying in bed I heard a voice coming from the basement. It wasn't loud or anything, it was just a man talking. I thought I was hearing things, so I called my sister downstairs again to see if she heard it too, but again, it stopped. She went back to bed and so did I.

The same thing happened the next night. I heard a man talking outside of my window while I was sleeping. That time, I was sure I was hallucinating or dreaming, but still completely freaked out. I didn't get much sleep that night until I was sure the voice had gone away.

I believe about two weeks later, we went out of town for a few days and came back home to find that the basement door was open. There were no signs of a robbery. None of our stuff was missing and everything was just as we had left it. But my dad checked the basement door outside and found that the lock was broken. We filed a police report and finally went into the basement to see what was up. We found a moldy sleeping bag, a flash light, and empty bottles. Someone had been living in our basement without us knowing. I wasn't crazy after all, and it's the second-scariest thing I've ever come to realize.


11/22 I live in the woods in Canada, about 8km outside of the town of Bragg Creek. I've been a city boy all my life so adapting to the difference of living in nature has been an adventure. The silence, the absolute inky blackness of moonless nights. The way the trees surrounding the house are turned a bright duotone of black and blue, casting impossibly long, mournful shadows on nights when the moon is out. But the beauty of daytime has made adapting relatively easy, and I was surprised at how quickly I was growing accustomed to my new surroundings.

Then one night, a month into living there I was awakened by something in the middle of the night, my heart pounding and with that sense that it was a noise you can almost remember that woke you up. I was alone, my girlfriend had spent the night in town with friends and it was so dark I couldn't see my hand an inch in front of my face if I tried. I lay awake, hearing the breeze rustle the leaves faintly outside the open window, when a nearly indescribable lingering scream erupted in the night.

I sat bolt upright in bed, heart pounding like a beast trying to escape my chest. Again the scream cuts through the night, starting my mind racing, "What the f*ck is that?!" Insane explanations fly into my mind, "Is it a woman? A monster? An injured animal? A f*cking alien?" Four or five more times the scream pierces the silence, slowly getting further from my home. I get up and close the window, and crazily go back to sleep. The next morning I email my neighbor about an acre away to see if they heard the same thing. He had, he knew what it was. Apparently it was the sound of a mother cougar calling her cubs, and that the call is famous for sounding like a woman in distress. I haven't heard it since.


12/22 When I was younger, maybe 13-14, my sister and I were home alone. We lived in a very rural area, on a dirt road, and the nearest neighbor was over a mile away. We were instructed to not open the door for anyone, no matter what. So we are just hanging out, playing video games, watching TV, etc. Well, the dogs start barking, and we hear the distinctive sound of a vehicle door closing.

Next thing we know someone is banging on the door. We go peak outside the windows and there's this guy we have never seen before out there. So we just sit in the corner, peering out the window, trying to be very quiet, hoping he would just go away. Then, outta know where, this freak tries to open our door, which is of course locked. Well, we really start to panic, and he could probably hear us crying and saying shit like, "Oh my God, what if he breaks in? Get the phone!!" etc.. He is obviously getting more and more pissed off because just keeps shaking the door harder and trying to twist the locked doorknob.

Then all of a sudden, he just stopped. He walked back to his truck, got in and left. We of course immediately called our parents, and all this led to my Dad getting two German Shepherds and a chain link fence. We still to this day have no f*cking clue what he wanted, or why he tried to get in our house. We are just really thankful he didn't!


13/22 I was home alone a few years back, just crawled into bed and turned off the light to go to sleep. I hear this "THUD, THUD". The whole house shakes, then silence. I sit up in bed and hear it again "THUD, THUD, THUD". It sounds like giant footsteps, the whole house shakes with each one. No one is home, my nearest neighbor is a quarter mile away. It is coming from the back porch.

I grab a bat and slowly make my way downstairs. "THUD, THUD, THUD THUD". As I cross the kitchen, the light over the table is slowly swinging. I go over to the door and slowly unlatch it and slide it open. I stick my head out. Then I hear a noise like a freight train. I see something giant in the darkness, its on the deck and its running right at me.

With each step the whole house shakes, I can hear feet slipping as it tries to grip the deck. I duck my head into the house as it runs past the sliding door. I flip on the porch light, stick my head out of the door to see the tail end of a horse leap off the end of the deck and run into the darkness.


14/22 July 2009 I was spending some time at my parents farm in upstate New York. We have a lot of land, but no animals. The farm across the road has cows, but at this time they were penned up and what I saw was not bovine. So around 6pm my parents leave for Cape Cod, repeating every rule and precaution they could muster as I ushered them out the door. One last reminder, to put food & water in the barn before it was too dark (we keep the door cracked open and leave water for the wild cats that keep the mice population at bay.)

Excited for the soon to come faptoberfest, I forget about everything I was supposed to do...It wasn't until around 8 pm that I started to hear a barely audible crying from outside. It wasn't human, but still had a strange whimper that drew my attention. I flicked the porch lights on and checked out the window.

There was a small black cat that, when I opened the door, limped across my back lawn in the direction of my barn. The door was now closed. As strange as this seemed to me, I was more uneasy then scared. I figured my dad must have put something away and left it. I walked down my driveway, peered into the dark room and heard what sounded like gasps for air...Now completely freaked out and discouraged by the fleeting light I turned around and ran towards the house. Not two steps later I hear shattered glass on the back of the barn and I freeze.

What walked before me was a dark brown animal, no larger then a fox that started bounding towards the closest trees. It zig zagged to the edge of the long grass, stood up, and waded through to the woods. I still to this day have no idea what it was, but the broken window was blamed on me, my sighting was never explained, and the final nail in the coffin? Two of the cows (which were f*cking huge) were found with their necks torn open while they were still INSIDE their pen. Everyone on my road blamed coyotes, but to this day I know it was something else.


15/22 I live with my father, we rent a house in a decent area, a few bad apples in the neighborhood. The garage isn't enclosed, has a garage door that is a part of the fence and just a covering... basically a carport. We have a bunch of shit stored outside under the carport along with either my truck or my fathers vehicle.

Fast forward. I'm at home, in my room playing some xbox. Zoning out, the dog (border collie,akita) mix is outside, my room has a window looking into the backyard. I can occasionally hear the dog play with something or run around. Come 3am absolutely everything is quiet, not even the wind makes a noise outside. I go out the back door to let the dog in for the night and see the dog standing teeth bared and his tail curled all the way up (akitas tend to do this when curious/happy/mad/scared). I tell him to come in, he starts growling.

I shut the door walk to my room and grab my maglite and winchester 30/30, I slink back outside expecting a big raccoon or something. The dog starts growling in the meanest most badass way ever, I take the clue and hit the flashlight and could see the outline of 2-3 people through the slats in the fence. They notice the light and one looks over, all I see is a masked face. I chamber one round and immediately hear running. I open the gate by the garage door and I'm face to face with a 20yo something urban ghetto youth. One hand has a pair of bolt cutters the other a screwdriver. Luckily I had the rifle up and he dropped everything and took off. Police showed up later and with there help they find 2 of the guys and charge them with multiple counts of possession of burglary tools and some other charges...


16/22 It was pretty early in the morning and I heard some weird noise downstairs. My wife was out of town with her mom so just me and the cats in the house, and they were both on the bed with me and also looked kinda freaked out. So I get up slowly and hear another loud crash/glass breaking type noise. I didn't own a gun or anything at the time so I was looking around for some sort of weapon which ended up being this brass vase thing I kept change in. I grab that and creep downstairs slightly freaking out. More noises, then a "mahhhhh" noise.

Turns out I left the back door wide open and my goat wandered into the kitchen and shit everywhere and broke a shelf. I yelled at the goat and he went back outside.


17/22 After a night of fun, my (now) girlfriend left around 2 am. After walking her to the door, I promptly collapsed on the couch and fell asleep. I wake up to a knocking on the door. It was pretty clearly a knock. My cat, who was sleeping on the floor at the time, woke up and looked at the door like someone was there. Glancing at the clock, it's about 2:30 so I think maybe my girl left something. Get up, glance out the peephole, and I can see the outline of what looks like a female face with long hair. I didn't have the porch light on so I couldn't make out any details. Open the door but there's no one around and it's dead quiet. I live on the top floor and would hear if anyone was running down the stairs. I even went out and looked around to see if anyone was hiding. Nothing. Didn't get much sleep after that.


18/22 I am deathly scared of aliens. One night, I've decided I will face my fears. I've started watching some semi-documental movie about alien abductions. There was this scene when some guy says that aliens often disable electricity to get people helpless at night.

As this scene was playing(some creepy aliens being shown disabling lights), there was electrical failure in my house - lights went off and a lightbulb in my room exploded. I jumped into bed, hidden under the blanket. I then pressed my fingers hard to my ears so I couldn't hear anything. I've been laying like that for about 2 hours, tensing every muscle in my body.

F*ck that shit.


19/22 I was about 13 years old and my parents were out of town for the weekend. Was near Halloween so I decided to watch some scary movies alone (No friends allowed while parents are gone). Saw that the Exorcist was going to be on at midnight and I'd heard that it was supposed to be really scary. Movie's about over and I'm thinking to myself "That wasn't very scary." Right before the credits roll there's a huge flash of light outside and the power shuts off. Turns out a power transformer blew up, and that candles can be more than just "stupid decorations."


20/22 I was home alone and it was in the middle of summer, so I had a couple of the windows upstairs open. After a couple hours of playing Call of Duty 4, I go to my room. I hear this buzzing sound, but I assume it's still my ears ringing from my headset. I lift up my covers and slide my leg in, and I feel something. Something is crawling on my legs... I jump the f*ck out of my bed and just f*cking run downstairs. I turn on every single light as I head back upstairs after calming down. I open the door to my room, and I see junebugs everywhere. All over the walls, climbing on my headboard. And, you guessed it, under my blankets. I don't know how the hell they decided that underneath my blankets was a good place to rest, but they picked it. So that night I shut all the windows but mine, closed my door, and slept downstairs.


21/22 Home alone completely. No pets. No one has a key to the house but me. I bake a pizza and leave it alone to cool. I come back. No f*cking pizza.


22/22 My boyfriend and I lived in a small house on a quiet neighborhood street, it had a lot of windows and all the doors (of which there were 3, 3 friggin' entrances all on one floor to get into a 1,000 square foot house) had glass panels from top to bottom. We hadn't been living there very long.

One evening I was home alone, as my BF was at band practice, and I was in the shower after a dance class when I heard the front door handle jiggling. I figured it was my BF getting home from practice and thought nothing of it. A moment later my phone went off. I got that panicky heart palpitating feeling because, really, no one but my BF would be texting me right then. So, shower still running, I reach out over to the sink and look at my phone.

New message. From BF "Hey babe, gonna be home late, getting beers with the guys after practice" I'm having a holy shit moment.

So, here is what I do ... which for some reason seemed reasonable at the time. I decide that if someone is in my house I don't want them to know that I know that they are in my house. So I rinse off right quick and sneak out of the shower, leaving the water running, I get dressed and grabbed a metal shower curtain rod that had been on top of the dryer. I sneak open the door, tip toe down the hall, look around. Nothing. All doors locked up tight, nothing roaming around.

Felt a little silly of course. Went back and shut off the water. About an hour later I am sitting on the couch watching TV when all of a sudden our cat charges across the living room and claws frantically at one of the door/windows. I jumped halfway up the wall, then looked outside. There was another cat out there taunting her. Turns out it had been her the whole time.




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