Former C grade students of Reddit were asked: "Where are you now in life?" These are some of the best answers.

1/22 I'm an attorney now. Poor grades through high school. Poor grades in undergrad. Poor grades in my masters program. Poor grades in law school. But you know what they call the person who passed the bar with the lowest score? An attorney.


2/22 Awful student my whole life. I aspired to getting "C's". I'm now a couple months away from getting my Airframe and Powerplant mechanic's certificate and there are job offers everywhere. Highly recommend technical school.


3/22 Dropped out of high school. Mostly got Cs and Ds. I just went to school until football was over. Lot of mistakes. Tried college but hated it.

Anyway, worked different blue collar jobs for the next 9 years. Delivered drywall for 3 years. Framing, siding, roofing. Merchandising for soft drink company. Worked for a retiree's carpet cleaning business and tried to buy it. He wouldn't sell it. Ended up making me an offer on my last day with the company but already had plans to move.

Ended up moving down south and worked at a body shop washing cars while I took advantage of free college for state residents. Took 4 years to get a 2 year degree so I could go at my own pace. Ended with a 3.9. While going to school, got a job delivering parts around the hospital for IT. Learned from them. Now I work in IT and it's the best job I ever had.

Wish I wasn't in my 30's worrying about my algebra homework, but I'm thankful for the opportunity. I still see the drywall boom trucks loaded down on cold days and thank God I got out of that hellhole.


4/22 Could not get higher than a C in maths. Couldn't get into the course I wanted, now I work in a store.


5/22 Working for the government. I never went to college. My wife is a stay at home mom that attends college full time we have 2 young kids. I pay the mortgage, have 2 cars, eat out a lot drink beer, watch football, and fish and live a pretty good life for only 1 income!


6/22 Had c's throughout high school, dropped out of college after my freshman year. I currently work as an Administrative Assistant for a local government office making $40k. I do enjoy my job and I love my coworkers/boss and I make enough to get by and still have "fun" money.


7/22 Joined the army for 8 years, got out and got a degree in drafting technologies. I draw in-ground pools now making pretty decent money.


8/22 I never applied my self at school as it was more a social event than something I needed to do. C - D grade student checking in. I now work in my passion of Motorsport running international events such as the F1 earning fairly good money and also have my own motorcycle shop.

I started off in Australia where grades and school mean a lot less than other countries such as France where with out a degree you are pretty much on minimum wage.


9/22 D plus average in high school. Janitor. I was supposed to have potential, though.


10/22 Making 90k/year as a software engineer in a super chill environment where I can make [a] Reddit post with no worries about repercussions.


11/22 Not doing too badly actually. I bounced around a lot as a younger man; Bike Messenger, Waiter, Dishwasher. Was a 'medic (911) for a few years and now I'm in I.T. Self taught computer nerd. Ride my bicycle all the time and try to have fun as much as possible.

Oh, and I helped raise a fine son along the way. He's a man now and doing well.


12/22 I work in a candy factory, full time panning chocolate malt balls.


13/22 I had solid C grades all throughout elementary school largely through refusing to do any sort of practice homework (like problem sets)

High school comes around and the subject of "what you're going to do when you grow up", comes up, and I realize that I'm pretty shit at just about everything aside from video games. So, I figure if I'm not good at anything naturally, I might as well be good at something that you can get good at through practice: schoolwork.

I immediately start trying harder and become an A student, I got accepted at the best university in my country and after a 5 year battle with laziness I've graduated and become a professional lazy person (engineer)


14/22 Hovering at b-, c mostly. Stay at school till midnight every day to study. Some people are smart, I have to work hard... Sometimes I want to scream due to the fact that I have absolutely no free time. Otherwise, its ok. Studying electrical engineering, graduating in 2 years. Hopefully I'll be able to relax a little after school is over.


15/22 Joined marines, after went to school became EMT, and went through fire academy. Worked in ambulance, now working in a psychiatric hospital. Will be going to school for RN next year.


16/22 Got Bs throughout high school but scraped by with Cs in college. Barely graduated. I never really felt like I needed to go to college, but completed it anyway for my helicopter parents.

27 now, running a small business online with some friends. We've been at it for 3 years and are making some serious headway. We all still have regular joe day jobs, but within the next year, our online business will become our full time gig.


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17/22 D grade student I was, now I am an investment manager. Don't let your grades get you down, keep working hard and always push your employers to give you a promotion but do work hard for it.


18/22 At one of the top law schools in the country. Like a good race horse I turn it up late.


19/22 Carpenter and professional snowboard patroller. I don't make that much money but I have a reliable pickup truck, an awesome girlfriend who keeps bugging me for a ring, an awesome dog, a sweet home on a mountain and i love my life. Wouldn't change a thing.


20/22 Same place as A grade students. Cs get degrees.


21/22 My parents always thought I was brighter than I was, because as a young child I had a higher reading age than my classmates and was a bit smarter at primary school.

In secondary school and college (ages 11-18 for our American friends) I was average, C grade student. I think I got a B once. Part of it was for sure due to a lack of effort. If I could rewind time I would work harder for sure. But some of it was definitely because I'm not as clever as people thought.

I didn't go to University, because at the time I didn't know what I wanted to do. I spent about 5 years after school doing a low paid, "dead end" job before deciding I needed out. I took an IT course, that I paid for myself, and got a starter job in IT.

I'm now working in systems admin for a huge international company, with a decent salary and good prospects. Some of my friends who did go to University, are not working in the field they studied, and are not earning as much as me. So in short - I'm doing OK considering.


22/22 Always hated school and still do. Had shit grades throughout. Now I'm a train conductor and I f*cking love it.



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