We've all found ourselves in a situation where we have to pretend we like a gift. But these gifts were so awkward that pretending wasn't even worth it. Here, 21 people share the most awkward gift they have ever received.

1/21. I got those ice grippers that you put on the bottom of your shoes or boots. I've been in a wheelchair for 18 years.


2/21. I was renting a room from an older, single man. On my birthday he gave me a glass dildo. I started looking for a new place to live.


3/21. I was ten, and it was Christmas. I opened a gift from my aunt, and it was in a Frosted Flakes box. I opened the box, and it was actually just Frosted Flakes. That was my only present from her family.


4/21. I was ten. I started opening the wrapping paper and I see a big grey box. "Sweet!" I think. "My parents got me a Playstation!" I keep unwrapping excitedly, and it's a f*cking printer. I didn't even bother to try hide my disappointment.


5/21. As a child I wanted a toy vacuum cleaner with funny bouncing balls in it. I got a real hand-held vacuum cleaner. That sucked.


6/21. I have an aunt who usually sends my family random knickknacks every holiday. One year I opened my present to discover an object whose purpose I was entirely unsure of. It looked like a giant chess pawn. My mom and my brother were equally clueless as to what it was. It was awkward when it came time to call my aunt to thank her for the gift (since the script was usually "Thank you for the ____.")

It turned out to be a hat holder. My aunt assumed that since I was wearing a hat in the most recent holiday photo that I must love hats.


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7/21. For my nineteenth birthday, my dad gave my an inexplicable Bakugan lunchbox with an old, naked troll doll inside. They both still had the $2 price stickers on.


8/21. A purse full of tampons from my grandmother when I was 7. I'm a male.


9/21. I was 13 and I got a massive gift bag. I look inside and see dozens of Mcdonald's Happy Meal toys. It was well past when I was into Happy Meal toys. My Great Aunt had given it to me. I said thanks...she saw the look of utter confusion on my face and explained that I had said that I wanted Happy Meal toys for Christmas. I had said that when I was 8. The woman had ordered happy meals every time she went to McDonalds for 5 years. 5. Motherf*cking. Years.


10/21. A pair of elbow pads that each had a 10" dildo glued to them, otherwise known as "dilbows".


11/21. My grandmother got me a book about China. We had never had any conversations about that country, or anything related.

Much later, I realized that she got me that book because at the time, I was dating a Filipino girl.


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12/21. One Hannukah my sister got a Blu-Ray DVD player and I got an HDMI cable.

I didn't have anything that required an HDMI cable and she didn't have a cable. I would figure my parents were thinking we could work together and both enjoy the Blu-Ray player together, except she went to college 200 miles away and the cable was only 6 feet long.


13/21. I sliced my little finger open, while making a sandwich, and severed the nerves a week before my 18th.

I got pre-sliced cheese, cheese graters and bandaids.


14/21. When I was in high school, the guy I was dating at the time gave me a card with a crumpled-up five dollar bill in it. He was all like, "I didn't know what to get you." This in and of itself isn't a terrible gift; what makes it terrible is what happened next: he started telling me about what be bought his best friend for his birthday (his best friend and I shared a birthday).

As a joke, he got his friend one of those coffee table books full of pictures of cats (because his friend hates cats), and they all had a good laugh when he ripped up the book. Here's the thing: I loved (and still do love) cats. I would've been thrilled to receive a coffee table book full of pictures of cats. Basically, he gave his best friend a gift I would've loved and then laughed when he ripped it up because he hated it so much.


15/21. Sexy underwear from my mother-in-law. I'm not going to lie. It was weird.


16/21. A pair of finches. Family friend showed up and left them at our house as a "gift" for our 1-year-old. They lasted a couple of months before the cat got them. Four years later, same guy drops off a pair of cockatiels, now a "gift" for our 3 kids. Those birds drive me f*cking insane. Do not give pets as gifts. Pretty sure this guy's wife made him get rid of them and they wound up at our house.


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17/21. I was nine years old and the worst gift I ever got was during the class Christmas party where there was a $15 limit on gifts. I remember picking out these awesome tiny remote controlled trucks that I wanted so badly for myself.

The gifts were anonymous, so I unwrapped my anonymous gift and it was a bunch of loose-leaf word puzzles from Sonic, the fast food joint. I knew who got them too because a girl used to brag about her brother working at Sonic and how she always got free drinks.

This kid I hated named Warren who used to pick on me got the trucks.


18/21. A coloring book of clowns designed for a three year old. I was 19, male, and a United States Marine. That was when we figured out Great Aunt Ruth had Alzheimers.


19/21. A "Happy Father's Day" card from my mother-in-law. We don't have children. They reallllllly want us to.


20/21. Two sets of skimpy lingerie....from my mom. She winked at me, too.


21/21. On Christmas at my aunt's house, I was walking around and stepped on a bracelet. Since my aunt has 6 kids I figured it was one of theirs. I gave it to my aunt then went on with the festivities. Turns out my aunt completely forgot to buy me a gift for Christmas, so what does she do? She takes the bracelet I found, wraps it in wrapping paper and gives it to me as a gift.

I honestly thought it was just a joke. I turned around after opening the gift to expect giggles and smirks but got hit with a cold stern look from my aunt. So I politely said thank you and threw the bracelet away the next day.


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