T-Pain Called Out Delta For Their Music Choices—And Delta Responded In The Best Way 😂

Rapper T-Pain finds himself on quite a few flights on his way to and from shows all around the world. Because of this, he ends up listening to Delta Airlines' boarding music over and over again. After jokingly complaining to the company about their playlist, the airline clapped back at T-Pain quite memorably.

T-Pain expressed his concerns with the melancholy music he hears so frequently, tweeting:

Delta wrote back:

It would seem, however, that Delta relented and decided to get T-Pain hyped up on his way to the Staples Center. As he exited the plane, a familiar bop came over the speakers:

In the video, T-Pain can be heard saying:

Delta came through. Delta lit.

Those are words that get said very rarely, and Delta is surely proud T-Pain himself was the one to deliver them.

Fans online loved the entire exchange:

Of course, this incident, while funny, also brought up an important question...

H/T - People, Billboard

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