WARNING: the following article contains discussion of suicide/self-harm.

Life sometimes certainly can feel like you've reached the end of your rope.

People will go through a multitude of experiences before feeling like suicide is the only option. While we hope for a positive outcome and everyone can get the help they need, that doesn't always happen.

But sometimes, people are unsuccessful in their attempt to end their life and have a change of heart. They can share their tales with others in the hopes of dissuading them from making that choice.

Reddit user, Gay_Infidel, wanted to know what things were like on the other side when they asked:

"Suicide attempt survivors, what are some moments you would have missed out on if you had taken your lives?"


Sometimes that's all you need to do.

Count up the things you have now, the things you will have or the things you want to have.

Seems like that's a common occurrence afterwards.

Tell Yourself What You Might Miss

"I used to do this on the anniversary of my attempt as a way to appreciate being alive for another year. There were some years where it was hard to come up with things to be thankful for. . .but I felt it was important for me to do it anyway. It will be 20 years in February."

"So some major moments I would have missed out on. . .

  • Met a wonderful man and support in my life. Got married.
  • Buying (and paying off) my car.
  • Dog sledding on a glacier.
  • Visited another country. (Turkey)
  • Graduated college.
  • Experienced the wonderful world of Cosplay.
  • Experienced the wonderful world of LARPing.
  • Adopted two wonderful dogs, Darwin and Eevee.
  • Had my artwork featured on site for a very popular videogame.
  • Got to see my favorite band live in concert three times."

You Find Your Calling

"Moving to supported living, learning to live independently and discovering my calling as a manga artist."


"I’m so happy for you. I’m a social worker and there is such a stigma around supported living. There is absolutely no shame in needing some help! More people need to realize this."


"Just want to say, supported living helped me tremendously! I lived in that arrangement while I got my first degree and I couldn't have succeeded as I did without it. I visited the NY Congress people to show them success comes from those arrangements."

"I became a Licensed Social Worker (LMSW) and I know sometimes it's hard to know if/when you're helping people, but success happens!"


A Moment Too Many

"I would have missed out on the birth of my nephew."

"I would have missed out on my niece's first steps."

"I would have missed out on the chance to see them grow up."

"I would have missed out on all the good times we've shared together."

"I'm glad I didn't take my life. There are too many good moments worth living for."


Not every experience leaves you with a positive feeling.

But it's a feeling, and sometimes that appears to be enough.

At Least You Can Laugh About It With The Rest Of The Internet

"After my second attempt, I was in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. The responder with me asked me to name something I was looking forward to that I would have missed if I had succeeded that day."

"I said the last season of Game of Thrones. Those last three episodes felt like a personal giant middle finger to me."


Every Rose Has Its Thorns, But That's Okay. They Still Smell Nice.

"Mmm..not really any of note. I wasnt overall wrong...life has become worse."

"But I dont regret surviving either and Ive come to embrace the pain of life."

"Like, whether or not I kill myself, I will still die. I might as well stick around..why rush towards something you will be at no matter what?"

"Might as well stop and smell the roses.."

"Maybe something I would have missed out on is realizing how absurd people are. Like, I have people on a daily basis pressuring me because I'm 5 minutes late, or they haven't done something by the exact letter of the book...and I'm like, dude, you know you are going to die, right?"

"Like..in the end, none of this matters? And you're complaining about someone being a couple minutes late?"

"Watching people lose their sh*t over the most irrelevant stuff..for me, that's a bit fun lol."


Sometimes, all you need to know is there's one more day, one more person, which you really need to stick around to witness.

Something Small, But Meaningful. And Floofy.

"Honestly nothing that I really care about besides getting a cat."


"The cat is enough. There have been times in my life when I lived solely for my cats. Your cat deserves to have you and your love, and you deserve their love too. That’s beautiful, my friend."


"I used to be suicidal. Was seconds away at one point. But now I live alone with my cat and everything is perfect. Well not perfect, but I know I won’t ever be close to attempting anytime soon because I couldn’t leave my cat"


A Person Who Needs You

"The birth of my son, who has helped me grow in ways that I never thought possible. Seeing him grow up to be the adorable little goofball that he is."


"My son saved my life. I had attempted for the fourth time about 15 months before I got pregnant. But once that kid was born, it all changed. I would have missed everything that kid has given me."


Just One More Day...

"I met my now-husband two days after my attempt."

"Two days."

"So now my biggest advice is to get through today, because tomorrow might be the day things start to turn around and you won't know unless you're there to find out..."

"...I met my husband because I lived another day, that's it. It's not some magic ritual."

"But statistically, yes, if you don't die today you'll probably end up meeting the love of your life someday, that's why this thread is populated with similar stories. Listen."

"I know things are bleak right now and that seems impossible because I was there. I felt that."

"And I know a relationship isn't a cure-all for depression because it took a good struggle of a few years of self-hate that my husband had to deal with, but stuck with me through."

"8 years later, I still have bad days, bad weeks. You're going to. And that's okay because you're going to have good days and good weeks, too. It does get better with time, but you won't know unless you're there to find out."


"I met my partner about a week later! We've been together eight years now. We're both so different (and in much better places!) than we were when we first met, and I'm so glad I didn't miss the chance to get to know my favorite person ever."


**If you or someone you know is struggling, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

To find help outside the United States, the International Association for Suicide Prevention has resources available at https://www.iasp.info/resources/Crisis_Centres/

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