People Explain Which Activities They're Sure Everyone Else Is Just Pretending To Enjoy
Image by Rondell Melling from Pixabay

We're living in a time where you don't have to lie to yourself.

Don't want to do something? Don't do something. The world is way too big and interesting to have to pretend to want to go to a party or visit some allegedly "fun" vacation spot.

Still, doesn't stop people from pretending.

Reddit user, DionSinghLanda, wanted to get real people's honest opinion when they asked:

"What's something you're sure everyone is just pretending to like?"

There's things we're forced to do, inescapable you might say, where the thing isn't at all enjoyable. For one reason or another, you hate it.

You Buying?

"Employer's holiday parties" ~ bubbles2pop

"If open bar, it's a good time. If not? Yeah, don't get that." ~ nothatsmyarm

It's Fine Line Of Love And Hate

"Other people's kids" ~ macaronsforeveryone

"I definitely don't pretend to like other people's kids."

"I dunno know why being around other peoples kids weirds me out. Like, I have a daughter and I love spending time with her but I want nothing to do with anybody else's kids." ~ sk8t-4-life22


"Bars or restaurants where nobody can hear each other"

"I can't understand why people put up with that. Also as a foreigner it's 10x worse. Evenings like that just depress me." ~ claraclara000

It Could Be Anyone Under There!

"Shows like masked singer and the like" ~ Turquoise1720

"it might be fun if there was like a condensed version or something. they just spend too long blabbing on about who it might be and just name dropping countless celebs inbetween performances." ~ ChainsawPlankton

Sometimes you keep doing something without really knowing the reason why. You used to enjoy it, perhaps, or maybe you were tricked into believing something.

However stop for one moment, think, and you might find yourself doubting what you're doing.

People Who Took It Too Far

"Flat Earth Theory. I don't believe you. You don't really think that. You're pretending for the sake of obstinacy." ~ EarthExile

"I'm fairly certain that is did start as a joke and was picked up and spread by others, especially the discordians. Unfortunately theres ended up being more than a few who took it seriously." ~ DennisJay

Why Did You Start Listening Again?

"Sonic Youth. There is no way this band has legitimate fans. Scenester posers and hangers-on." ~ Firecloud

To Each Their Own?

"The injected lips trend. People don't really like this right..?" ~ JackofallPlaguez

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Do People Enjoy Being Angry All The Time?

"Outrage. Social media has turned pretended outrage into a spectator sport, and we don't seem to be able to look away. And yet, if you actually get any two people in a room together, without an audience to play to, just about anyone will get along with anyone. I make exceptions for actual psychopaths, but those are far, far less common than what Twitter would lead us to believe." ~ DeadFyre

Think How Many Houses Are Being Lost

"Avocado toast. Sure its edible I'll agree to that. But with butter, jam, peanut butter, banana, and preserves all being readily available and better tasting options, the people who place avocado ahead of everything else are, IMO, not to be trusted" ~ WhymustIcryempiredie

You Know I'm Panderin'

"I have the theory that nobody actually likes country music. Guys only pretend to like country because they think the girls do and want to have an in. Girls only pretend to like country music because they like the cowgirl look and want to dress up in boots, hats, and cut off jean shorts." ~ BowlesOnParade

Permission will be given here to anyone who wants it: You don't have to share chain mail on your social media.

It's fine.

You're not going to be punished for not sharing a picture of an overstuffed wallet in the hopes of getting paid.

This Is A Thing?

"Boiled peanuts."

"I've tried them several time in an effort to understand the appeal, but I just can't fathom enjoying them."

"So salty. So wet. So.... salty."

"Why wouldn't you eat delicious, roasted peanuts instead??" ~ le4t

You Can Admit We All Enjoy Drinking Without Being Pretentious

"As someone who occasionally drinks wine, honestly I feel like everyone in whole world pretends to like wine and pretends like they can tell the difference between "good" and "bad" wine."

"When I used to work as a server I once had a guy come in and request a glass of pinot noir. And this guy made a pretty big deal of asking about where and when these wines were made, my recommendation, the bartenders recommendation, what would pair well with his dinner etc."

"So I bring out his glass and he does his whole tasting bit and then he compliments the wine and later asks for another glass. When the bartender gave me the second glass, I noticed that because we had the same brand for a few different types of wine, he actually gave a Cabernet on accident and neither of us noticed. Customer never noticed. I have never forgotten that." ~ childofthe_stars

Wow, They're Not Messing Around

"Like and share - 1 like = 1 prayer"

"No Rebecca - you don't really care about this family/child/person etc.! Stop pretending!" ~ Apprehensive_Tea8686

"If you don't like and share little Timmy's sympathy post, Jesus Christ himself will come down from Heaven and personally obliterate Timmy and his family." ~ StaySharpp

"Jesus on his computer like "well sorry little Billy, that Facebook post didn't get enough likes so you're dying today" ~ XxsquirrelxX

Perhaps We're All Eating It Wrong?

"Medium-rare steak. It's too chewy for me and it's way too raw for people to treat it like a holy grail" ~ Internal_Scallion_30

Constantly Stick All The Time

"Kids. There's no way people actually like them. Some kids are good kids but majority of them are either annoying or menaces. Even the good kids I can't stand being around for more than an hour I would say." ~ Lucky_Limit2597

Hustle, All Day, Every Day

"Hustle culture."

"Overworking every day, in every aspect of life, has to burn you out. I think it gets to a point of vindictive "I suffered and so must you", as well as weird masochism. You can be successful while maintaining boundaries, erasing them just sets a new and unattainable "normal".

"...To anyone out there busting your butt working three jobs to survive, this isn't directed at you! I'm talking about people who are relatively comfy, but throw their entire identity into work martyrdom. And bosses who use those people to work the rest of us to death." ~ miss_kimba

It's Technological Hullabaloo

"NFTs" ~ Alphawolfsquadron7

"NFTs were the moment I realized that I was old. I still don't exactly get what the f-ck they are? Or what they're for? Or why people spend what appears to be tons of money on them? No amount of googling has helped lol" ~ rustymontenegro

Stop, think, be critical but constructive of what you're doing, and maybe you'll find you enjoy your days a lot more.

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