Super Hero Fans Share What Their Unique Superpower Would Be

Super Hero Fans Share What Their Unique Superpower Would Be

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Having super human abilities like flying, teleportation, or super speed are key to making a super hero what they are. Most of us wished so hard that we could have super human powers just like our favorite super heros. The question is, which super power would you choose if you could have one?


If you could have your own unique superpower what would it be?

The power of mother earth

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Control of all birds. Just knowing that in a pinch I could yell "Eagles, descend!" and wreak America-themed terror from above fills me with delight.

This would be the ultimate control of dirty

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Blink my eyes and the house would be clean.

More control over your body is always good

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Grow and retract my body hair. Fhaircuts! And f that one hair that keeps growing really long on my arm!

This is going to be a popular one...

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The power to pay back my student loans

This might be a possibility in a few years

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Mentally connect with any computer and control it.

Finally, something really good!

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When I was a kid, I used to pick my nose, and I'd pretend that wherever I wiped it, it was like a surveillance camera for that area. Like I could always see and hear whatever was going on there.

It's gross, but it'd be useful!

Turning a cold into a super power

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Combat high powered sneezing. I'd be able to knock down buildings with the power of my sneezes.

The instant replacement power

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Always had the fantasy of being able to make things new again.

Car broken down? Poof, it's brand new again. Shirt dirty? Poof, brand new. Scratched your phone? Brand new.

A time master

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Unlimited time stop at will, as it acts in Jojo, and nobody ever notices

What enhanced recovery might look like...

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The ability to get 10 hours worth of sleep in only 1 hour.

Metabolism Woman!

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Drink as much beer as I want, eat all the fast food I want and NEVER get fat.

It does take a super power to get the perfect brush every time

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Being able to use the right amount of toothpaste

Materializing through telepathic powers

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The end all solution. I want the ability to create by use of thought.

Better eat up!

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The ability to turn my fat into money.

A great power!

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I'd like to be able to heal myself and others. But not instantly so they wouldn't know I did it.

Wielding the power of the water

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Manipulating Water.

Yes, projectiles!

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Ultra powerful finger laser beams

Super linguist

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To be able to master languages, written and spoken, with only minutes of exposure.

Absorbing kinetic energy

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Invunlerability through absorption. Any damage I take I can dish out in equal force. Hit by a train, next time I punch something the punch is equal to that of being hit by a train. I wouldn't be harmed instead just thrown 100 feet and get up good as new.

Sound control

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The power to control sound.

Making someone silent when they try to talk, or louder, mimicking other peoples voices/noises, super sonic frequencies....

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