Super Fans Explain Which Plot Holes And Inconsistencies Haunt Them


Where TF is Zuko's mom?!? Fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender have been asking that question for like a decade.

It gets addressed in the books, but the fact that Zuko ends his major conflict with Ozai by growling "Where's my mother?" but then we get no epilogue to actually answer that majorly important question is infuriating.

Why would the show let him ask and then never tell the audience the answer!?! They knew they weren't making more seasons, why???

And no, we are not going to talk about the movie that didn't happen. Thanks Shyamalan.

Anyway, Avatar fans aren't the only ones frustrated by missing plot points, loopholes, etc. Reddit wanted to know:

Fans who have been engrossed in a fictional universe so much you could probably earn a degree about it, what plot holes, logical inconsistencies, and the like cannot be reconciled and bother you to no end?

So yeah, lets vent.

Shrek Is A Mess

The fact that there are two Rumpelstiltskins in the Shrek universe really annoys me and many people seem to not have noticed.

We all know the Rumpelstiltskin from the last movie, but in Shrek the Third, when Prince Charming enters the Poison Apple and starts talking to other villains, he actually talks to Rumpelstiltskin, but it's not the same that appears in Shrek Forever After.

- Gallzz

Yep really annoys me. & also two sleeping beauty characters, coz she cameos in Shrek 2.

Also in Shrek 2, if donkey drank the potion & it was also supposed to affect your true love, why didn't dragon transform???

- Peppermint_tea_elf

You sure Rumpelstiltskin is a name and not a job title?

"That's the fire marshal, that's the head butler, there's the Rumpelstiltskin"

Or an inherited title? "That is Lord Edgarmort, and his son Jim will be Lord Edgarmort when his father passes"

- ArrowRobber



I grew up with the Bay Transformers films, and while I'll always have a soft spot for the first three holy sht the lore might be the worst in all of fiction. In the first film the Allspark, a cube that makes Transformers and the cause of the war, lands on Earth in the early 1900s, and it takes the Autobots and Decepticons 100 years to find Earth.

Oh wait, no it doesn't because they've been on Earth since at least the 1800s and never thought to look for the very thing the war was all about. Hell the Primes, basically Transformer Gods, built their Sun Eater in Egypt and were buried on the damn planet. How did they not write Earth down in any records if it was an important planet to them?

Also did you know that the Transformers were the cause of the space race? And that they were making deals with the CIA and NASA all the way back in the 60s? And they still didn't think to look for Megatron or the Allspark in that time period? Also the Government organization made specifically to research Transformers had no idea about any of that?

Oh yeah, Transformers killed the dinosaurs too because Earth was actually being used to mine "Transformium", which is what Transformers are made out of. Oh yeah about that, the Allspark did jack sh!t all along because other aliens made Transformers, so the war was pointless. And Primes are knights now, not Gods for some reason.

Speaking of knights, did you know that Transformers were at King Arthur's round table? They also fought in both World Wars, the American Revolution, they killed Hitler, served the Japanese empire, etc. all along because why the fuck not? Also a Goddess named Quintessa made the Transformers, not those other aliens and not the Allspark, to fight Unicron. Who's Unicron? Well he's the Thanos of the Transformers universe... and he's been Earth all along! Yep, Earth was a Transformer too. Also Cybertron, the planet they are from, is somehow still alright even though it got sucked into a literal black hole in Transformers 3 and blew the f up.

Oh yeah, about that whole "it took 100 years for Autobots to come to Earth" thing? Well not only was Optimus and the gang on Earth the whole time, they also forgot about that and didn't come to Earth till the 80s which is still earlier than they arrived in 2007. So we have three different timepoints for Optimus's army coming to Earth, and two different timepoints for Megatron's.

It's a fcking clusterfck

- Zucc


In X-Files there are like three different versions of Samantha's abduction and they all significantly impact the plot and the way Mulder reacts to certain situations. It's my favorite show of all time, but I've always found it annoying that they kept ret-conning that aspect of the mytharc. I know why they did it but it was dumb IMO.

- CrazyCatLadyRunner

The REAL X-Files head scratcher is Scully's reluctance to 'believe'.

I get it at the start of Season 1. But by Season 3, she should be the most hard-core believer out there.

- MechTheDane



Pirates of the Caribbean. This is annoying me to no end, but in 'Dead Men Tell No Tales' they completely re-write Jack's history by saying he got his compass from his old captain. When in 'Dead Man's Chest' it's explained that he got it from Tia Dalma.

She literally says: "Why didn't you use the compass I gave you?"


- Murkrage

Even worse, in a deleted scene from At World's End and later in a Book, it was established that Jack wasn't always a Pirate, he used to be a Trader. Until the East-India Company hired him to deliver a load of slaves to the Caribbean.

Jack couldn't do it and freed them, which is why the Company branded him as a Pirate as punishment and burned his ship down. Jack then made a deal with Davy Jones to get his ship back. That's why the Pearl was black (from the fire) and why Davy Jones wanted Jack to give him 100 Souls for his freedom, because Jack had freed 100 Slaves.

And then in Dead Men he just was a Pirate from Day One.

- IronVader501

Heaven, Customs, and the TSAngels

Supernatural...suddenly souls that have been to Hell cant go to Heaven. The main characters have bounced between both throughout 15 seasons.

- bittergreen49

I love this show with my whole heart but they just kinda ignored that rule when it became inconvenient. The only thing I can think is maybe nobody was really keeping track? Like its less of a "you have Hell particles on you and therefor are physically repelled from Heaven" and more of a case where you have to declare your emotional baggage at Heaven Customs? And the TSAngels just stopped doing their job? Man idk.

- TheDoomDays

Indoor Plumbing

You've probably heard this one before, but in Harry Potter, Hogwarts was built before the invention of the sink, or basin, whatever you want to call it. However, the Chamber of Secrets (built at the same time as the rest of the castle) uses a sink as it's method of entry, so how did Salazar Slytherin create an entrance to the chamber using a form of indoor plumbing that wouldn't exist for centuries to come?

- CrazyComedyKid

Contractor: Hey, we found this secret entrance to some cave while we were remodeling the bathroom. What should we do?

Boss: We're not being paid to do anything below ground. If it was secret before just make it look secret when you're done.

- abucketofpuppies

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