Stupidest Things Lots Of People Believe In

Stupidest Things Lots Of People Believe In
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It feels like nowadays people will believe just about anything.

Literally. Anything.

And that is scary.

What's scarier is that these people with these beliefs... are in positions of power.

How do we neglect facts?

And how did this happen?

Redditor P-o-t-a-t-o-o wanted to hear what shocking things we've heard people say they think is truth.

So they asked:

"What is the stupidest thing a large amount of people believe in?"

I'm still stunned to meet Flat Earthers. I mean...


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"That influencers, politicians and businesses are genuinely interested in you and your lives."


Doesn't Hurt

"We have blue blood and it turns red when exposed to oxygen."


"I remember being literally taught this in elementary school. And the whole different areas of the tongue's taste buds are for specific flavors. I had a first grade teacher encourage us to pull out strands of our hair claiming it 'doesn't hurt.' So many lies. And I got in trouble for ever questioning them."





"Lots of people who are actively in MLMs also believe MLM's are stupid. They just believe their MLM somehow is not an MLM because it's called something else like 'network marketing' or they are an 'independent distributor.'"


"I don't know how people can make it this far in life in modern society and still not be able to spot the obvious scams."


The Fixer

"A college dropout with tax evasion case will fix the Philippine economy again. 31 million people actually believed this."


"Can confirm. Im a Filipino living in the Philippines. It's absolute hell in here. BBM supporters call it the "golden era" but I swear, we struggle to buy food right now, considering that you're middle class. Imagine the poor people living here. What's worse is we fought for this back in 1986 to make sure the reign of the Marcoses never happen again."

"Hundreds and Thousands of lives lost all for nothing. That's what stupidity and bribery does."

"I'm really glad that other people are aware of this issue, and not just us Filipinos. Gives us a sense of hope that hopefully one day we can bounce back from this. Honestly a lot of Filipinos have already migrated to other countries, so that should give you an idea what kind of situation the Philippines is in right now."


Seconds Off

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'''I'll be there in 5 minutes.'"


"'I'm on my way right now.""


Being on time... just say you're gonna be late if that's the issue.

Not a Knockout

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"That a little bit of chloroform on a rag over someone's nose and mouth for a few seconds renders them unconscious. Totally not from first hand experience."


Not so far fetched...



"I’ll never forget watching the South Park episode about Scientology and thinking 'haha yeah this cannot be real, this stuff is way too far fetched.' And then I googled it and googled the instruments they use for Scientology and who some well known names are that were who were part of Scientology and I was completely shocked."



"That millionaire politicians will represent the working class."


"I absolutely hate the concept of 'he is not in it for money, he already has enough' when talking about rich politicians. Please show me a single multi-billionaire who is not constantly trying to get richer. No one suddenly flips a switch from from exploitative capitalist to public servant. Every single rich politician is only interested in getting more wealth/money and to think otherwise is naive."


Be Nice

"That screaming at whichever hapless employee had to answer your call will magically get a supervisor on the line."

"It might work in a few places, but the person you want to talk to is probably too busy to deal with you (or they don’t care), and the person you’re cursing out is being paid to handle calls so their boss don’t have to do that on top of their actual job, too."

"At least that’s been the case at most of the places where I’ve worked. (Note: I have never worked in a call center, so no, there wasn’t a supervisor standing by.)"

"Incidentally, when I was a partial owner of a small business, anyone who was abusive to an employee was banned, full stop. I refused to tolerate that nonsense."

"Edit: holy cow, this blew up. Remember to be nice to the people who did show up for work and are trying to help you…their hands may be tied."



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"That 'mental illnesses aren't real.'"


"A few years back, I remember talking to a coworker one day about a really bad depression episode I was having and my boss overheard, he scoffed and was like 'Depression? Just think happy thoughts and be happy.'"


How are we so gullible?

Do you have anything to add? Let us know in the comments below.

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