When we're little, we're inclined to believe things that seem ridiculous when we get older. Most of us believed in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy at some point. Many of us believed unicorns existed, or that there were monsters hiding under our beds.

When we were 10, my best friend and I convinced our younger brother that we were spies that went to a special spy school in the middle of the night to train. When I was 12, I managed to convince my soccer camp rival that I was pregnant with a carrot. I'm still not sure how that worked!

The point is, when we're children, we tend to believe a lot of silly, or even stupid things. However, some of us carry some of those stupid beliefs into adulthood.

Reddit users shared some of the stupidest things that they or someone they know still believe thanks to Redditor OnionChan_.

He asked:

"What are the stupidest things that some people believe?"

Live Dangerously Or Not At All

"Had a former co-worker who believed it was safer to cross in the middle of oncoming traffic than at a stop light because they were forced to see you that way. We'd be walking and she'd just cross, horns blaring and swerving around her while we waited for the light to change."

"She also believed our manager was on her side though, and she was the lowest paid in the group - even below the minimum the school allowed. It was amazing she was still alive."

– VictoryaChase

Those Cows Are Talented

"Probably late to the party but I thought that cows rolled up those hay bales until I was like 16."

– Whakefieldd

"As someone who spent the last three days throwing hay bales, I wish cows contributed."

– The_Brain_Fuc*ler

It's Like Rain On Your Wedding Day

"Up until 6th grade I thought ironic meant something was made entirely out of iron. I was only corrected on my misunderstanding when my teacher asked me to explain my logic after I commented on how the hole puncher was the only ironic object in the room. I still remember the look of bewilderment on her face as I said it lol."

– NorthEasternDunes

And Also, It's Made Of Cheese

"I knew a woman who believed that there are high-end resorts on the moon that rich people are vacationing at. She was shocked and confused when I told her that I didn't also believe this."

– grannybubbles

Where Do Babies Come From?

"When I was little, I thought children came from your kidneys."

– Myst3rySteve

"You're kidding me."

– HertogJanVanBrabant

Someone Needs To Look At A Map

"Heard some guy say "Florida doesn't exist, the government made it up". He wasn't joking"

– BigBounceZac

"That's nonsense. Wyoming is the only fictional state."

– themattboard

"Technically the government made up every single state. Like how every word is made up."

– HyperSpaceSurfer

One Of The Biggest Conspiracy Theories

"Flat earth"

– New-Highway868

"if the earth was flat, cats would have knocked everything off the edge by now."

– stormquiver

"I just want to know what is the purpose of the conspiracy? Like if the earth really was flat what would be the purpose of hiding that?"

– afellowchucker

Nothing To Do But Laugh

"We use only 33% of a traffic light. Imagine how fast traffic would flow if we used 100% instead!"

– dracosdracos

"I got into this argument with someone once. I ended it with "Let me remove 90% of your brain and let's see how well you function.""

– Stoomba

Milk Is Milk Is Milk

"I saw a video of a vegan, drinking strawberry milk the nesquick brand. They said “it’s vegan because it’s strawberry milk. Not like cow milk. You know what I mean?” I get how they can have misunderstood due to almond milk, soy milk etc. but still, I found it very stupid and I feel like it’s very common knowledge that it’s strawberry flavored, like chocolate milk."

– _Plutooo_

"Really difficult to milk all those tiny little nipples on the outside of the strawberries. Takes a lot of work"

– Jothomp79

No Words


"Up until I think our sophomore year of Highschool, one of my best friends at the time thought that for guys, your pee is stored in your balls. This friend was a dude by the way."

– rainylikesstuff

You Can Also See The Sun...

"That from the east coast, California is farther to get to than the moon. Because you can see the moon"

– Illustrious_Charge88

Where Is The Proof?

"here in the philippines there's an old belief where If you eat conjoined fruits while being pregnant the baby that your delivering will be conjoined twins."

– PotatoKevin409

This One Is Kind Of Sad

"I thought Alaska was an island and not a part of the North American continent so there’s that"

– Hour-Egg-3011

Maybe In The Animated World

"That if you look at a screen for too long your eyes go square"

– FluffyJo22


"Santa isn’t real"

– cry_me_river

I WISH This Was True!

"For the longest time, I thought fascism was like racism but for faces--discriminating based on beauty standards, basically. Ah, to be teenager me calling random people fascists again..."

– MaelstromNyxus


"My primary school teacher for trying to teach me that Noah's Ark carried fucking dinosaurs.

T-Rex and Steggasauras and all."

– sroche24

That Sounds Painful!

"i had a partner who genuinely believed they put acrylic nails into your finger, like they do in the practice nail videos. they thought they legitimately pushed them under your cuticles."

– peach_png

Can't Reason With What's Not There!

"Ghosts. My MIL told me that she’d rather have a robber in her house in the middle of the night than a ghost. She said she can reason with a robber but not with a ghost."

– sad-butsocial

Double, Double Toil and Trouble

"That crystals have magical powers"

– Outlier25

That made me laugh out loud, and not because of its ridiculousness. I admit, for a long time, I believed that too!

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