It'd be too easy to write off everyone as stupid. Obviously, there are incredibly intelligent, critically-minded people in the world who are a pleasure to talk to, to gain insight, and to learn from. However, as we're all aware, not everyone is like this and there are some real dummies out there.

Just take a gander at the encounters below and count your blessings you haven't met anyone this stupid.

Reddit user, u/mememansand, wanted to know the dumbest of the dumb when they asked:

What's the most outright stupid thing somebody has said to you?

Isn't Space Wonderful?


"Did you know the moon isn't the back of the sun"

From a 30ish year old woman who was also an assistant manager of where I worked at the time.


Yeah. Sure.

"You can't date a boy if you're bisexual, that would make you gay!"

Uhm, yeah sure.


Just Find Better Friends

New York came before York,

same person said Jackie chan is Asian not Chinese.

Also have been asked "what language do you speak in England"

... yes I am British and schooled in the US


When Someone Denies Video Proof, You Can't Win

When I was a kid, we had this babysitter/nanny. Because her house was closer to the school than ours and she was kind of an old lady, we often went to her house after school rather than go home because it was easier. Her husband was retired, taught me and my siblings to play chess, sometimes made pancakes, fixed our bikes, really nice setting.

And then one day, we were talking about how this astronaut came home, André Kuipers. And I said something about how your muscles get weaker after spending years and years in a zero gravity environment because you arent using them as actively. He denied every single word. No, not because he thought they had artificial gravity, he didn't believe unused muscles get weaker. Despite video images of the astronaut after returning home, sitting in one of those wheelchairs that also support your head. He just kept repeating "no thats not true" without and kind of explanation of why he thought so.

And then when I said he heart is a muscle too he got angry and stormed out. Still don't know why.


The Only Language That Matters Is American!

Do you speak Mexican ?


This has the same energy as, "Oh you're Japanese? Ni hao!"


It's As If You Were Born Here

I got told once that I seemed like I was born in the United States and that my English was almost perfect. And she was very sure that I was one of the "good ones"

Plot twist: I'm Salvadoran, and I was born in the United States and my majors are criminal justice and accounting. English is my first language


His Last Name Was Francesca?

In my grade 10 history class, the girl who sat next to me turned to me and asked "What was Hitler's last name?"

I thought she was just kidding so I laughed. She kept staring at me waiting for an answer.

"Oh, you're seriously asking."


Guess He's An "Ex" For A Reason

An ex boyfriend was livid that I was spending a lot of time with my best friend from high school, who is a gay man. ExBF explained that all penises are really straight, but it's the brain that tells someone they're gay.

Also, that gay men who are nice to women can't possibly really be gay, since they have no use for women.


Sigh, Good Night Dad. Just, Good Night.

Last night my dad (who got all of this information from facebook) told me:

When the "vaccine" comes ot, dont get it. Trump and gates developed 'the current pandemic' to get people to buy the vaccine. But inside the vaccine is a skew number that will transmit your information, like your name, location, and what car you drive, ect, to the authorities. Thats why Gates invented 5G, cause the skew number will run off that

Me: W-Wha..... Ya know, its not even worth arguing, night dad

I really wish i was joking


That's Not...That's Not How That Works.


"How aren't there more twins? Do pregnant women just stop banging?"


No, No The Science Checks Out On That One

Before the quarantine, when the pandemic wasn't very severe where I live, someone told me they wouldn't get the virus because they don't have an immune system. According to them, only people with immune systems could get the virus.


Get This Man A Ruler

When asked how tall he was he said "5 feet and 12 inches."

( For those of you in countries that use sensible measurement systems, this is kind of like saying "1 meter and 100 centimeters")

Once when asked how long something would take, he said "20 minutes... 15 at the most."


Get This Man A Biology Book

A 20-something gamer dude I game online with once told me that women urinate out of their vaginas. He kept saying "What!?" while I laughed myself to death.


Yeesh, Stay Out Of This Internet Rabbit Hole

"The Earth is flat"


Maybe The Answer Is More Obvious Than You Might Think

This is more a case of running stupidity than an instance of it:

My college roommate developed a habit of drinking at least 4 PBRs a day, or triple that plus shots if she was partying. After about 6 months of this, her stomach was (not surprisingly) always f-cked up. Never had a solid sh-t.

She spent another 2 months self diagnosing and cutting gluten and dairy from her diet, with no success. (Switched from PBR to all-day margaritas.) Went to doctors, no success. I eventually asked her if she thought her alcohol intake could be upsetting her stomach and she just stared at the ceiling for 10sec and matter-o-factly said "No."

Today (3yrs later) she still claims to have intolerance to lactose and gluten, but eats pizza once a week. Still has daily margs. She's learned to live with "her intolerances."


Good. So Long As That Line Has Been Made Exceptionally Clear

My friend who I worked with and is ~40 thinks dinosaurs are fake. He also went on a legitimate "Squach-hunt" a few years back.

I'm trying to be clear here:

Dinosaur fossils are part of the museum/geologist agenda. Big Foot and Sasquatch are a present-day threat.


There's Two Here, And They're Both EQUALLY Dumb

"All bad stuff happen on Friday the 13th. 9/11 happened on Friday the 13th.."

"How much is 16-16?"


Harrison Ford Is irradiating our testicles with microwave transmissions!

Vaccines are the mark of the beast and Bill Gates is trying to inject microchips in people. Or my neighbor who says sea level rise isn't real because ice occupies more volume than water, as if all the ice is currently in the water


Born Is Born Is Born

Someone who will remain unidentified said that I didn't really give birth to my firstborn because c sections don't count, they're the easy way out.

It was an emergency c section because the umbilical cord was getting compressed with every push, after a 56 hour labour with inducing and back labour. 12 years later, the scar still aches if I exercise and my menstrual cramps focus along the scar line. Right. The easy way.


I...I...I Got Nothing.


Happy Holocaust.

She thought it was Jewish Christmas.


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