Stunned People Share The Weirdest Rumor They've Heard About Themselves

Rumors are vicious and often come from jealousy or boredom. Generally they are not true and if they are about you they can be comical. People share the craziest rumor they ever heard about themselves. She said What!?

PeevesPoltergist asks: What's the weirdest rumor you've heard about yourself?

People are dark!

In high school I had to call 911 for my mother, who was having a medical emergency. The school bus that runs though my neighborhood got stuck behind the ambulance, which was blocking the street. The next day of school, I found out a rumor had spread that I'd snapped and killed my family

When you didn't know you were dead

I recently discovered that people at my secondary (high) school thought I was dead.

The truth is that I was rushed to hospital (appendix) during my final exam week. Since that was the end of school, and I moved to a different town immediately after I'd recovered, it became "common knowledge".

Teachers are the best subjects

Teachers always get the best rumors about themselves. I have been the "father" of about ten students over the years. I have been brother, husband, son to a female teacher on campus. Once I was covered from head to toe in tattoos, but only where my cloths didn't cover. I once killed a guy in self-defense. I was a secret millionaire.

You name it, the students have thought I was it and shared the story.

Dance mom drama

When I was a senior in high school I didn't make the dance team after being on it since 7th grade. It was all very political. That night I cut up my uniform into little pieces while sobbing. I put all the pieces in a bag in my closet and I told one close friend. She proceeded to tell most of the dance team and somehow the story became I cut up the uniform and threw it in my coach's face.

Things got even more dramatic because the story got back to the coach. A team mom called me and pretended not to know the story and just happened to mention that I needed to return my uniform or I would be charged $150. The thing was, they didn't track the uniforms at all so there was no way they knew I had it.

Luckily another (better) friend had her old uniform in the same size. Nobody knew due to the lack of tracking so she gave it to me. When I handed it in it was the most satisfying feeling. Those b****s were so surprised to see the uniform in one piece.

The party pooper

In high school a got a rep as a snitch for calling the cops on a party I didn't even know was happening.

I have called the police exactly once in my life and it was six years after I supposedly did this, and it was to report a hit-and-run when a dude drifted his car into a building.

When your toes are on everyone's tongue

In high school people believed that I had six toes. I don't even know who thought that up and why they were thinking about my toes.

The name game

That my real name is Barry and I changed it because I hated it.

It emerged after someone overheard me mentioning that my dad never remembered my name (he would call me his brother's name all the time), and my friends and I joked he would eventually just start calling me random names, like Barry. Well, someone overheard, misunderstood, and off the rumor went. Suddenly people I barely knew came up to me asking "Your real name is Barry?!"

When you receive unexpected cards

I had shingles when I was a kid, and missed a couple of weeks of school. One of my friends told everyone that the shingles had made me go blind, everyone believed him, even the teacher. The entire class made me condolence cards and get well soon cards expressing how sad they were that I couldn't see any more... This confused me and my parents a great deal.

When you like what you hear

I used to work in a secondary school, and there was a rumour among the kids that over the summer, I traveled to the US to fight The Undertaker.

I do professional wrestling, so I can see where it came from, but it's still rather far-fetched. Still, I didn't exactly discourage the rumour.

When you wished the rumor actually happened

That I slept with a barmaid in a storeroom

I wish I had, but I didn't, and I don't know why it was claimed that I did

This is real life

" She has a ton of boyfriends. "

4th grade with really bad acne problem. All girls asked for advice. I thought they were legit joking until one ridiculed me for not sharing anything.

They were meant to be friends

When I was in HS there was a rumor going around that some kid wanted to beat me up. I had honestly never even talked to this dude, much less started s*** with him.

I finally "confronted" him about it and he said he had heard the rumor too, but that it was bullshit. We're still good friends to this day, and to this day neither of us know who started the rumor or why.

How to stop romance rumors

How about started about myself? I took a job a few years back that was very heavily dominated by females (assisted living. I did maintenance and all the nurses, cooks, aides, etc. were female). Almost immediately, rumors started flying that I was sleeping with someone. Once that finally blew over, I was apparently suddenly sleeping with someone else. Both of these girls were friends and I was also friends with their husbands, so obviously not a good situation for the girls or myself.

One day I am talking to one of the housekeepers, who I knew had the biggest mouth of anyone there, and "confided" in her that I was gay. That rumor spread like wildfire and by the next day I was the gay maintenance guy. I let that one ride for almost a year because it immediately stopped the drama and it was fabulous.

That is just mean!

That I was attacked by a bear.

Just because I have eczema.

There are no bears in the UK.

Highly sensitive

When I graduated from high school, someone said that I'm a snob cause apparently I didn't greet them when they saw me at the mall. I don't even remember seeing them??

The bear master

Well there was the time I got chased by a bear, fought a bear, and apparently flicked a bear in the nose.

We've got a bad boy on our hands

After I got fired, I heard a rumour I was standing out the front of the workplace smoking with a person I'm not friends with. I wish I was as bad ass as that sounds.

Puberty spurs lots of rumors

That I, at 15, got breast implants. During the summer between middle and high school, my boobs exploded. I went from looking like a boy to having bigger boobs than my older sister and most of her friends. I'm pretty sure the rumor was started by a specific friend of hers, and it only circulated that friend group and a couple other people. I was pretty much invisible at the time with no friends of my own. But I was 15, in a family that relied on food stamps to eat, and having to do work on the property we lived on to lower the rent so we could afford it. No Caitlyn, just because you're jealous, doesn't mean I had a boob job, and stop looking!

Some rumors are ok to have flying around

That I had joined a revolutionary guerilla Army in Guatemala. I was actually volunteering with the group that checked in on the health and safety of survivors of the conflict, those that might be Witnesses in a civil case against the former military Commanders. I got back home in the states, found out that not only had that rumor going around about me but that my girlfriend had corrected everybody. I was so irritated that she had not just simply let the rumor fly.

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