Students Share The Funniest Thing The 'Quiet Kid' In Class Has Ever Said

It's always the quiet ones.

The school years of life are trying, emotionally erratic and can often leave scars. Everybody plays their character. Some of the most remembered people are what we all colorfully label.... 'The Quiet Ones.' You know, the kids who never say much either because they feel ostracized or left out or perhaps they genuinely don't care, because they have better things to focus on. Then tend to blend into the background and then one day they shock us all when they suddenly open their mouth to react to the moment. And when then happens, often it is beyond memorable!

Redditor u/LethalCritSteel3 wanted us all to discuss those kids we underestimated back in school by asking.... What was the best thing the "Quiet Kid" has said or done in class?



Once it was right before winter break and just as the bell was about to ring to end class, our teacher cut in with "Oh, I forgot, you have homework over the break!"

Everyone groaned, and even the quiet kid in the corner let out an "what an a**hole."

Well, teacher heard it and said "What did you say?" to the kid.

To his credit, he put his head up and loudly said "WHAT. AN. A**. HOLE!"

We all stated cracking up and the teacher's face turned so red. I caught up with the kid after the break and his excuse was "the teacher already heard it anyway, I wasn't going to get away with it, so since he asked I answered." TradeMark310

Why thank you.....

I was best friends with the quiet kid in High School. He spoke to me almost exclusively, and quietly enough that others rarely noticed.

One day, the Loud Girl noticed.

"Oh my God he talks? I haven't heard you talk since sixth grade!"

Without looking at her, he leans in real close and whispers something to me.

"He says he only talks to interesting people."

I'll always remember this, partly for the ego boost he gave me, but also because of her reaction.

"Screw you! I hope I don't hear you for another four years!" WryAnimalCord

Hi Phil! 

There was a guy named Phil in my high school psychology class who had pretty severe Aspergers. People were often mean to him because high school, but I genuinely liked him. And while he was very quiet, when he did speak, I thought he was hilarious. One day my teacher was jokingly giving me crap about protecting my sensitive information. I yelled out my social security number extremely quickly, almost in gibberish. Phil repeated it back verbatim and told me he was going to steal my identity. Then he put his cape on and ran out of the class room. I hope Phil is doing well these days, he was awesome. carolinav13

More of the Same....

Scene: biology.

Teacher: "Now even though clones are the same genetically they may come out differently. If we cloned James here his clone might have more access to-"

Quiet kid: "friends."

Teacher doesn't even argue and just looks sadly at the kid. Not as extreme as others but still completely unexpected. super42695



My friend decided he hated the quiet/weird kid. He wasn't super quiet but he didn't have any friends. One day my friend kept throwing those tiny chips ahoy cookies at the back of the quiet kids head who was sitting by himself at lunch. Quiet kid picked up one of the cookies, stood over my sitting friend, and smashed the crap out of that cookie on my friend's head. It was amazing. ltrain228

Not your cup of tea....

Not in school, but I teach middle-to-high school kids (13-17) how to umpire baseball games. There was one kid, 13 years old, who was very quiet, reserved and shy and I thought, "This is not the vocation for him." A week later I swing by the field to evaluate him and see if I can help him with anything. I arrived about 5 minutes after the game started and I could hear loud, confident and definitive calls coming from this kid. I was floored. His mom came up to me and said that becoming an umpire has completely changed his personality. Kennsing

Don't play with fire....

6th grade science class, teacher was out of the room and we were messing around with hotplates.

While messing around one of my classmates burns his hand pretty bad on a hot plate and has to go to the nurse.

Right after he leaves the room, quiet kid enters and casually says "smells like burnt flesh in here" and just sits down like it was nothing.

Everyone turned and just stared at him. sikysik


There was a girl who went the entirety of middle school never speaking a word unless absolutely necessary. One day the class was being rowdy while the teacher was out of the room and in the raspiest, deepest voice ever yelled "SHUT UP!" We all shut up. Hydracorvus

Lookout Below! 

Seventh grade, new kid named Nick started school halfway through the year. He sat next to me in English class and didn't say anything ever. One day, we were reading poems out loud and critiquing each other. One sorry fella read his, and every line started with 'if I was a bird.'

"If I was a bird, I'd live in a tree. If I was a bird, I'd fly to school. If I was a bird..."

A few people offered polite criticism. The teacher called on Nick for his opinion, and he said, "if I was a bird, I'd poop on all of you."

He got kicked out of class and I still laugh every time I think about it. We became friends and he was actually a pretty nice guy, I think he just couldn't resist making that joke. irwinlegends

And Stewart's if you're lucky!


This one kid in high school said he wanted to go to Harvard, and this quiet dude in the back of the class said "Harvard? No. Stewart's maybe." Stewart's is our local cosmetology school. Whole class lost it.

Good on you Kid. 

Korean Kid in Canada, socially awkward, didn't speak english very well, physically not coordinated playing any sport even running. That was until we were on a field trip and at lunch we went to a place with Dance Dance Revolution. It was like the videos, playing on both pads, hands on railings, blasting the game to oblivion setting high scores only to beat them. He had the entire leaderboard before we left, first time I saw him smile. One of the most impressive things I have ever seen. trumpsnorthernwall


I remember going to JR high in this small hick town in Texas while i was on probation (thats a long story). Had a quiet kid who was actually really popular, not bullied at all like most quiet kids. Anyway, I was new, had only been going to the school for about a month when this happened. We had a substitute teacher for one of our classes. She was doing a quick roll call and got to his name.... "Piojos." She said "Thats an interesting and beautiful name, what does it mean?" he said "lice." There was dead silence and confused looks all around. This kid had been going to this school since kindergarten (small town), and had ALWAYS gone by Piojos which was his nickname. Nobody had a clue what it meant, let alone that it was't his real name. All of his paperwork at the school had to be updated and everything. I thought it was hilarious. TheDirtSyndicate



There was a fly in the room, he threw his pencil straight up and SKEWERED the fly and the pencil got stuck in the ceiling, it was those really weak plaster tile things but it was the coolest thing I've ever seen. I wish I could go back in time and record it. annon6969420

The Show Must Go On! 

Classmates used to throw crumpled paper balls at her every day because they knew she wouldn't react. One day she started picking them up, spitting on them, and throwing them back. The teacher just smiled and watched. yolodgaf

The quiet kid in my class was sorta bullied by this kid who had a cleft chin. One day the cleft chin guy insulted the quiet kid, and the quiet kid came back with the insult "is your mouth so filthy because someone f**ked you in the chin?" It was 6th grade and the whole table (we were seated as groups) busted out laughing. It was a dirty joke, so check, and it was aimed at a bully, double check. He became known as the "chin f**ked" kid, which was hilarious to us 6th graders. AshDinges

The Quiet. 

Sell drugs.

He was the typical quiet, good kid who always made good grades. He was also the best drug dealer at our school. Since all the teachers saw him as this innocent angel, he never once got caught. Wh00pity_sc00p


My friend was the quiet kid. In high school drafting class, back when drafting was done on paper, there was another kid harassing him from across the room. He took his t-square (about 2 feet long, made of wood, sharp edges) and whipped it across the room, hitting his harasser square on the side of the head. The resulting head wound required several stitches. d0gf15h

Oh Yeah! 

When I was a kid I was obsessed with the Simpsons, and one day I kept narrating everything in the DuffMan voice "Duff Man says, OH YEAH" etc.

Eventually the quiet kid next to me stood up and screamed "Shut the hell UP! I don't give a f**k what the Duff man says!!!"

He got in trouble and I didn't, cause the teacher hadn't heard any of my duff man quotes. I still think about him sometimes. I'm sorry man, I was being so annoying and you didn't deserve to get in trouble. wavybranches

Too Legit.


A girl that used to sleep during class went to the director office because there was too much noise in our philosophy lecture.

Next class right after she started sleeping and the "Quiet Kid" woke her up and warned her he wasn't going to let her sleep ever again.

Legit. matbg_xx

The British Way....

My wife told me of a really really quiet kid in her class. No one ever heard him speak because he has some sort of mental thing and the teacher knew not to call on him. The last week of school this kid finally speaks. 100% British. This is in the cornfields of the midwest.

Leave Britney Alone.

We're in health class, on the topic of domestic abuse.

Somehow the subject turns to how Britney Spears received backlash for abusing her kids

Kid in the back says, "Probably because she hit her baby one more time."crabpropaganda

The BP Boys!

One time we had a huge man for a guest speaker and when he arrived he was eating a foot long and his excuse was he missed breakfast and the quiet kid muttered "I doubt that!"

Almost exactly like from trailer park boys.

Edit: for anyone who hasn't watched trailer park boys I highly recommend it! aidantradingcs



We had a kid at our high-school who refused to speak for the entirety of our high school career, even if a teacher called on him. The day we graduated he spoke for the first time. His reasoning for his four years of silence was "just because I could." ohhh_hey

Easter Forever. 

Quiet kid in my theatre class, there for the crew type jobs. Our teacher asks us questions daily, and the days question was "What's your favorite Easter candy (or normal candy if you don't celebrate)?"

One kid said chocolate bunnies, and the teacher asked what they liked it filled with. Kids chimed in with stuff like, "Peanut Butter!" or "Marshmallow Cream!" But this girl just says "Organs." In the most monotone voice imaginable. _blehhh_


My sister told me about a quiet guy that asked to go to the bathroom but the teacher refused and so just stood up and peed himself in class. Drum-Major

Ultimate power move. GooseNGander

The air is Choking... 

I was in a marketing class once and the instructor put up a slide with advertisements for Axe body spray. He asked the class "what do you think this product is for?" and the quiet guy piped up and said "Birth Control." beakerbrains1785


The dorky short pudgy kid was being bullied by the really popular class jock. Dork rushed the jock, pulled his shirt over his head and began beating him pretty good hockey style.

The jock actually transferred schools the next year. Not sure if it was because of that or what but he wasn't popular anymore. Reddit

Excuse me?

Geometry teacher was bragging about how well he drew circles and going on about how one day he would draw a perfect circle. He asked us what would happen if he drew a perfect circle.

My friend, a sweet, quiet girl says rather loudly "You die." Can't really remember the reaction of the class, but I laughed and the teacher looked totally crushed. MorbidMunchkin

We all Die.


A little short blond girl with a really high pitched voice read a poem she wrote about how death is unescapable and everyone will die. tortsys


In the last semester of senior year, we were assigned a pass-fail essay. If we made any grammatical, stylistic, or formatting mistake, we would fail. It was traditional for the seniors of each year to write and bomb said essay, and the teachers would never stop gloating about how impossible it was.

The quiet kid in my class wrote a perfect essay. Kangaroodle


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