Students Share The Biggest Scandal To Happen While They Were In School


Every school has had a scandal at some point. Middle school, high school, and even college are all guilty of this. This can be the fault of both teachers and students, and both sides of this are here to tell you their most shocking stories,

u/punkryan asked: Students of Reddit, what was your schools big scandal?

He deserved to be expelled.


There was a white kid who had a black baby mannequin to take care of for a week for some project to see if he would be a responsible parent. He hung the baby on a tree outside of the school, expelled and made news on the local paper. Beside that not much.


This is terrifying.

My high school did a "block lunch" where everyone ate lunch at the same time instead of separating them into A, B, C lunches. Because our cafeteria couldn't fit the entire student body, it was normal for kids to be eating in the hallway, on the floor, or at tables all throughout the school.

One day during lunch, unbeknownst to the staff and student body, our AP decided to hold a lock down drill. He got on the intercom and told everyone there was an active shooter in the cafeteria in order to see how kids would react had it been a real shooting.

Turned into pure anarchy. Kids calling 911, running out of school and not returning to class after the drill was over, kids having anxiety attacks while hiding in classrooms, dying calls from students to parents. It was pretty bad.

Should I mention how this was two days after the Parkland Shooting?


That's got to be scary.

At the end of my senior year, we had bomb threats about 2-3 times a week. One of them was written in lipstick on the mirror of one of the girls' bathrooms. It said, "Bomb menana". It was so ridiculous. Shit like this had us standing out in a grass field for hours while the police checked the building.


What's with these gross teachers?


In middle school the Athletics Director was caught putting cameras in the girl's locker room.


Graduation ends in tragedy.

A bunch of seniors were having a graduation party in the woods. One of them passed out drunk, rolled into a 6 inch deep culvert and drowned. They didn't notice he died until morning.


Why would a teacher do that?

This actually came out during my last semester there, but it had been happening for years.

One of the English teachers had been having sex with a few select students every year. Most were football players. It got really weird. When I had her class it wouldn't be out of place if a student from another class asked to go to the bathroom and just went to her room to see her. One day some kid brought her a drink from McDonald's because he was late to school and got breakfast.

It only came out because there was this one girl who was in an argument with her for some reason and said something along the lines of, "That's why you f*ck your students!" And the whole incident got brought up to the office and they interviewed everyone.

Found out she'd had sex with multiple students for the past few years.


Oh sh*t!


Chemistry teacher spilled Mercury in the lab at my high school. She tried to clean it up herself which only further contaminated the lab and didn't tell anyone about the spill. She was arrested and it cost the school 60K to have it cleaned up.

Don't know what happened regarding her charges.



I've posted it before but having a hard time finding it, anyways

An English teacher slapped a kid in class and retired that week.


The dream of plenty a teacher.


Oh my god.

This was 10 years ago. My first day of high school, I get home after school and my mom is watching the news. A senior killed his social worker with a chainsaw and then stabbed his mom a couple times. After that he went for a walk and listened to music. They caught him all bloody and everything.

Another article I found on it


That's disgusting. 

My history teacher blackmailed the girls who weren't doing so good on his class. He exchanged good grades for nudes.

And maybe he purposely gave certain students bad grades in hopes that they would send him. That's seriously f**ked up. Wow. Snowyguy

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