Remember those crazy high school stories? Let's see how yours measure up to these tall tales.

WageWolf asked Reddit: What was the biggest scandal at your High School?

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Legends never die.

Some dude wrote "the Chamber of Secrets has been opened" with his own sh!t in a bathroom stall.


The best thing I've read this whole day, by far.


Always smart to carry clean pee.

A girl had a urine specimen cup for... uh, something? Maybe a sports physical.

Anyway, she opened it and threw her piss in another girl's face when they got in a fight on the bus.


That's how you assert dominance nowadays, just like dogs. She now owns the person.


That reminds me, a guy I went to high school with peed in a yellow Gatorade bottle and then gave it to his friend to drink. Wild.


Honestly, just stop reading after this.

Student A started a fight with student B because student B got student A's mom pregnant.

A lot of crazy stuff happened at my high school but that one always makes me chuckle.


They probably played CoD together.


Sounds like a quality institution for learning.

School year: Student's stepmother hires a hitman to kill her father, student moved across country

Year after that: A different band director arrested for propositioning multiple female students

Year after THAT: Married/pregnant government teacher and married econ teacher both divorce their spouses for each other.


Where the hell do you live, the chain link fence at the local park?


Max creeper teacher.

Middle-aged teacher getting drunk and sleeping with girl in my grade. The grade his daughter was also in. It later came out that he used the school's database used for storing student info and grades to basically groom her into coming over to his house. Very wild day at school when that news story came out.


I'm not seeing a problem here.

Only crazy thing that happened while I was in school was a guy slipped LSD into the algebra teacher's coffee.

Teacher went home early, police were waiting for the kid when he got home.


Crazy thing is our Chemistry teacher said the same exact thing. He mentioned someone laced his coffee with acid and he had an experience on it.


Omg I couldn't imagine being in class coming up on a gnarly trip.


Teacher parties hard, earns nickname for life

Our gym teacher, Mr. Morton, failed to use his turn signal and got pulled over. He had a small quantity of cocaine in his possession. His father was the Mayor so they let him keep his job as long as he agreed to treatment programs, regular drug tests, etc. For the rest of the year we called him Snortin' Morton.


What was going on at this school?

Undercover cop. She was a "student" for a few weeks and then showed up one day in her uniform. Arrested some kids and some parents.


What were the students and parents arrested for tho? I'm going to guess drugs but I'm not certain.


Probably that hella dangerous Marijuana stuff everyone keeps talking about.


Don't even joke about this, my roommate ate all my queso when she was high. It destroys relationships.


Shocked face. -_-

It was only known to me but I saw a now starting NFL running back with a bat fighting off his rival gang in front of a parking lot. He was fighting the whole rival gang and winning. I don't watch football anymore but it's funny when his name gets brought up.


Should I start him in fantasy? The chiefs don't really need to win so I'm a bit skeptical but if Damien can back down a group of 9 people with just a bat he may be able to grab me a win.


Let them eat Texas Toast.

Not really a scandal but we had garlic bread in the tucky which was some of the best I've ever had. It was $1 to start with and every one was contempt with it. Then they raised it to $1.20. Everything lost their sh*t. There was outrage throughout the school.


Bloody inflation...


This is sad.

There was a kid who burned down an entire building in our school. Why? So he wouldnt have to go to that class abymore. 2 years later and it's still not rebuilt completely. Even worse, the building that went up in flames was the classroom of a world history teacher and he kept HUNDREDS of souvenirs from his travels all over the globe, many of which were irreplaceable, but all of which went up in flames!


Gotta do what you gotta do.

A kid was caught with drugs and agreed to narc in exchange for a lesser sentence. I can't remember how many kids he narc'ed on, but I do remember the day the police marched them all out of school.


Snitches get stitches.


But guns in school make us safe.

My suicide prevention teacher shot herself in front of the class.


my suicide prevention teacher shot herself in front of the class

Well this got dark quick.


Rich white kids do drugs? 

My high school was full of rich white kids. There was an undercover cop that spent the year with us as a student and joined the football team. Half way through the year there was a big drug bust and a good portion of the team was arrested.


So like 21 Jump Street? That's rad. I wonder if the cop ever felt they were in too deep.


Plot twist.

A male high school teacher used to tutor some of his former students over the summer. When the teacher tried to seduce one of them, the student turned around and killed his teacher. There were a lot of nervous giggles and uncomfortable looks when his name was brought up. This was the '80s, and nobody knew how to deal with it.


OK, this was many years ago, so I neglected a few details. The teacher tutored the students in his home over the summer. I believe the student rebuffed the teacher's advances and a physical fight ensued. The student then grabbed a knife (again, details are sketchy in my brain - it could have been scissors) and stabbed him.

Does this make more sense?


This story does not make much sense at all.


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