Students Share Their Best "Well That Happened" Classroom Moments
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Every day in a classroom is a roll of the dice. Educators and students alike have no idea what will happen when you put 20-30 teenagers in a room. Odds are it won't turn into a "Lord of the Flies" kind of situation. but on rare occasions you'll get an incredibly WTF moment that can be shared on the internet for all to see.

Reddit user, u/Not-Fluffy, wanted students to share the tea when they asked:

Students of reddit, what's your "well that happened" moment in the classroom?

Leaping To Conclusions


At my school we sometimes have drug dogs come and check the lockers. They always announce it like "Teachers, please do not let students leave the classroom for the next bit of time" everyone knows what it means and one kid in my class grabbed his bag and jumped over 3 desks and ran out the classroom.

Turns out he was an entrepreneur of sorts.


I'm The Dummy This Time

When i fell asleep in the first row. And the professor and the other students started clapping to wake me up and when
i woke up i also started clapping like a moron.


The Class Won't Stop

A physics class in community college. Professor was explaining conservation of angular momentum and had a kid sit on a tall chair that spins. He then had the kid hold two books out with extended arms and then spin as fast as he can before telling the kid to pull the books in close to his chest. (think of a figure skater and how they spin really fast.)

The kid immediately turns into a blur and the stool/chair starts to tip slightly until it rockets from under him like it was shot from a slingshot. The kid slams into the floor as if he got choke slammed and his head hit the floor in a way that sounded like someone dropped an overly ripe melon. The look on the professor's face said, "well that was a good run. I guess I have to find a new career now."

Kid turned out ok and everyone got a laugh but it genuinely looked like I had just witnessed a death.


Worth It

In a full auditorium, a random guy from a higher year entered. He yelled 'LADIES, THIS ONE'S FOR YOU', and then proceeded to take off his shirt and trousers (his boxers still on luckily). He then flexed his biceps and did different poses in front of hundreds of students sitting there not knowing how to react.

He then left, saying 'sorry to bother you' to the lecturer. Oh well.

Apparently he bet with his friends to do this for 3 troughs of strong beer.


Was It In A Folder Called "Family"?

This wasn't my class but was the talk of the school for a while. A well-liked teacher gave her class a free-work day and offered to play some music.

Upon opening her iTunes, she found a file named "Transformers.MP4." Curious, she opened it. It turned out to be porn that blasted through the entire class at full volume.

Panicking, she couldn't figure out how to shut it off so she ran the laptop, open and still blasting at full volume down the hallway to the office to reduce exposure to students.

It turns out, the superintendent's son used one of the shared servers to browse and download the video so it was accessible by every computer connected to the school network. The superintendent resigned a couple years later.


A Breakdown For All To See

Had a teacher have a little bit of a mental meltdown in class when she realized that no one really cared about doing the homework and such. She was really sad, and I wish I was a better student for her, and I hope her life is going better nowadays.


In The House Of The Lord, Of All Places

One time during gym, one of my classmates dropped a condom on the floor while we were in line during a game of some sort. Me and another classmate noticed it before he picked it back up and put it in his pocket. Now this isn't much for normal schools, but this was during high school at a home schooling program done by a church (non-denominational as far as I know), so that's a big risk. I was even requested to stop saying 'oh may god' once by a teacher a year or two before this.


Speak Out To Be Heard

There's this one kid at my school (he's in 8th grade at a K-8, in the U.S.) and... let's just say that nobody really likes him. Like, *at all.* So, one day, for whatever reason, he decides to throw one of those tiny, fit-in-your-pocket kind of milk carton at one of the security guards that watches over the students having lunch.

The security guard then says, "Get over here." Immediately, and I swear I'm not lying, *every single person* in the cafeteria starts clapping. Some kids are standing on tables, yelling, it's an absolute free for all. And all because this one kid that nobody likes threw a milk carton and got in trouble for it. I love democracy.


Words That Cut Like Ice

So in my science class about half way through the year there was this girl sitting near me who wasn't really paying attention to the teacher. Every so often the teacher would ask her questions and she wouldn't be able to answer, just stare at her blankly until she said something like "oh sorry I don't know". After the third or fourth question to her the teacher just sighed and told the class to get on with their work, she then approached the girl and said to her in a quiet voice: "Do you have a mental problem or are you just that dumb?".

The girl just stared at her not quite believing what she heard and then burst into tears and ran to the bathroom outside our class. The teacher followed her shortly after and we were left alone for a good 10 minutes not quite able to process what happened.

The thing is this teacher is a very good teacher and was liked by a lot of the more intellectual students however for the majority of the school after they heard what happened wanted her fired. Naturally she denied everything that happened and I was surprised by how lightly they let her off just because she was good at teaching.


Can't Turn It Off

Not technically a classroom, but some kid got caught vaping in the bathroom. The principal tool him out to talk to him about it. In the middle of their conversation, the kid took a nice big hit and then blew it all in the principal's face


Music Helps You Focus

Teacher started playing the explicit version of Get Low by Lil Jon...during a test.


How Dare You Be So Rude And So Accurate?

A little backstory: this happened in the last period of the day, so everyone is usually wound up by this point and always acting up. The teacher, I shall call her Mrs. J, was pretty cool with it. She expected it and usually rolled with the punches, even giving some students some doses of their own medicine at times. We were doing a "fun activity" to measure the mass of air or something.

So Mrs. J had a balloon, and she's starting to instruct us how to do the project. At first she blows it up to be roughly the size of a small cantaloupe. We had to measure the circumference. First part, done.

Then we had to take a deep breath of air, and blew as much (in one breath) into the balloon as possible. The balloon was now the size of a smaller watermelon. From the back of the class you hear this one girl pip up,

"You must make your husband very happy."


Causing Political Uproar In Gym Class

I went to an Indian school and it had ties with the Consulate General of India, so they used to have big patriotic celebrations. Now one day, some classes were taken to the auditorium to watch the prime minister of India address the students (projected on screens) and for some reason, the pe teachers were on the ground floor seats, leaving no one to mind students.

I don't remember his speech very well, but at one point a guy got up, threw something at the screen, and just yelled "RAHUL GANDHI" (India's opposition leader). He was never caught


Wrong Kind Of Ball

In high school physics, we were waiting for the teacher to show up, and another physics teacher from another class comes in with a bowling ball, and says "Do you guys think I can dribble this?" Everyone just kinda looks at him incredulously, and he begins to repeatedly and heavily strong-arm the bowling ball into the floor hard enough for it to rebound high enough that he can keep the momentum going.

People start to laugh, but then after about 5 or 6 bounces, the ball splits in half as it hits the floor. He quickly scoops up the halfs, holds a conspiratorial finger to his lips, and shuffles out the door.

About 15 seconds later, our physics teacher comes in, looks at the few dusty chips of bowling ball on the floor, and asks "What was all that noise? What's this mess on the floor?"


Eff Yeah


Two things you need to know.

First: there was this guy at my school whom I've now known for 25 years. His thing is to scream "F-CK YEAH" at everything. Hes done it since I've known him. Anytime someone mentions Matt someone always adds a "f-ck yeah!" He is huge and very loud. When he comes in the bar he announces his presence with an exuberant "F-CK YEAH!!" If he calls you, you say hello and he yells "F-CK YEAH". You get the picture.

Second: my senior year it was a thing to sneak vodka into school in Cinnabon mugs. For some inexplicable reason plastic Cinnabon mugs were like a huge thing. Sashaying around flaunting your Cinnabon mug. rolls eyes

Anyway I'm in a post-lunch class one day and one of the Cinnabon Vodka girls up and starts puking bright, hot pink, fruity vomit out the window behind her. Then she stood up and screamed "WHOOO F-CK YEAH!!" at the top of her lungs with her face covered in puke. F-ck Yeah dude is also in this class so he immediately screams "F-CK YEAH!" back. Then she yells "F-CK YEAH" again and they go back and forth yelling "F-CK YEAH!!" getting progressively louder with each one until the teacher gets to her and ushers her out of the room.

The rest of us just sat there like WTF was that all about?


Intervention Required

Guy with anger issues started yelling at the teacher and then slapped her across the face. Keep in mind this fat kid was huge and the teacher was this old tiny asian woman.

The nicest guy in the class smokes the guy with a sucker right hand and just puts the guy out cold.


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