Students Reveal The One Quote They'll Never Forget From Their Favorite Teacher

Students Reveal The One Quote They'll Never Forget From Their Favorite Teacher

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Teachers are the sages we take for granted. They take little to no cash in order to shape the lives of children who do not share their DNA. And they do their duty with diligence and fortitude. Many teachers impart life wisdom in the simplest of ways and the simplest of sentences.

Redditor [aveconks][1] asked What is the most famous line of one of your teachers that you will never forget?_Take a minute and think back. You'll remember this person if you try hard enough. _


I don't know about most famous, but definitely my favorite was when some kids were describing the beginning of Skyrim to our Math Teacher.

Student: So it starts with you as a prisoner that is about to get executed, but just before they kill you a dragon shows up and starts destroying the city

Math Teacher: Oh, So kinda like Shrek?


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Teacher puts on an orange hat. "This is my highlighter hat. If I am wearing it, what I'm saying is important."

And it was true, he would just randomly put it on mid lecture.


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"College is not a haven for geniuses, but a hospital for the ignorant"

-old curmudgeon Chem 101 professor


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One day in an algebra class I had a cold, and the teacher offered me some tea to help. I politely refused, but then jokingly said, "back in the old days, they didn't have all these meds and teas to help, how did THEY deal with being sick?"

The teacher replied, "They didn't... they died."

I had some tea after that.


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"If you are what you eat then I'm fast, cheap, and easy."

My general studies teacher used to say this all of the time. And it's pretty much the only thing I remember from her classes.


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It was my senior year of high school and my girlfriend had recently broken up with me. The art teacher had told me _"Let it go little by little like small boats off to sea." _It withstood the test of time and I still remember it word for word almost a decade later.


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After making a bad joke that nobody laughed at: "Oh well, jokes are like people: some of them are failures."


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During the midterm for my college geography course, our professor told us a joke to lighten the mood.

"If Russia invaded Turkey from the rear, would Greece help?"

Nothing lightens the mood more during a test than an sex joke.


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"Alright kids were half way through the semester. You see that light at the end of the tunnel? You see it? That's a train. Welcome to the real world." - AP World History teacher


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Homework is optional, but you'll get a 0 if you don't do it.


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"Let's talk about the three F's of biological imperatives. Fighting, fleeing and mating."


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Law student here. Sitting in professor's office, he said:

"I'm hardly ever the smartest person in the room, but i'm never the dumbest."

I was the only other person sitting in the room.


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"There will be nothing about enzymes in the test next week"

Next week stares at Q1-20 on the enzymes section of the test.


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My legal writing professor, who had a reputation for being unreasonably demanding, said something along the lines of, I'm going to teach you how to do things the hard way, so it's even easier to do it the easy way. I feel bad for people who only learn how to do things the easy way because it will feel impossible to have to do it the hard way.


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My grade 7 teacher told me this in response to the whole "Practice makes Perfect" statement. _"Practice makes better, nobody's perfect" _


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My calc teacher in high school kept a list of places he would never go to ever again. Walmart was on it because he said they over priced eveyrthing. Burger King was on it because they moved their HQ to Canada to avoid taxes. By far the best one was 7-11. A 7-11 was build across the street from his favorite convenience store (can't remember the name) and to get to said store he'd have to do a u-turn before the intersection. However, since the 7-11 moved there a median was placed which didn't allow a u-turn. So, he'd have to now go around a block to get there, so he hated 7-11. About half a school year went by and he told us that 7-11 was off his list. Why? Because his wife bought him a banana slurpee. No joke he said this, "Hey class, 7-11 is off the list because of banana slurpees."


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My health class professor sophomore year in high school.

"Remember kids, relationships aren't forever; herpes is."


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Don't worry, the worst thing that could happen is you survive and have to live in constant pain.

My electronics teacher in high school used to say this when students where nervous about doing something.


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Make sure you have a pen pencil or writing utensil.

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