Students Reveal The Craziest Teacher They've Ever Had


You may need a Xanax Ms....

Teaching isn't easy. In fact, teaching is one of the most difficult occupations in life. You have to care for and nurture other people's children. More often than not, like any job really, stress gets to you and your nerves fray and your mind... well your mind just goes. Educators aren't paid enough for the stress that will eventually drive them nuts. Now that is not to say that there aren't eccentric teachers out there educating away long before their students take their sanity. There is no box to check on any application that asks.... "SANE-NOT SANE." Maybe we should think about that?!

Redditor u/Marycate11 wanted everyone to regale the internet with tales of their education by asking.... Who's the craziest teacher you've ever had? What did they do?

The Howler.... 


My old bio teacher used to tell everyone he was a werewolf. This included jumping on the tables and howling.

He had a certificate certifying his sanity stuck up next to the whiteboard along with a picture of a house with a single chickens foot like underneath it. He used to tell us it hopped around on a full moon.

There was also a black stick the size of a nunchuck handle, with runes carved in it, which he used to hit the desks if he wanted everyones attention. Apparently he used to have a black box you'd stand in if you were misbehaving, though that wasn't a thing anymore once I had him as teacher.

I remember he always used to give the boys crap but never girls. Funny enough as we grew up he treated us with more respect, eventually got fired for stealing supplies from the school.

There's some other bits and pieces but I think I've gone on long enough! KantoLife

I always suspected that! 

Our Woodwork teacher was fired after chasing a student around the classroom trying to beat him with a 2 by 4.

I once walked into his staff room without knocking and he berated me and told me that he and the other teachers could have been having an orgy and that I should always knock before entering. Dingmaxiu

Maestro! No! 

I had a professor in college who gave so little f**ks that he would pit his students against each other in political debates for his own entertainment and laugh at how stupid everyone was. (This was a music class) EmergencyKale

Oh my god that is so bizarre.. I was in a theater class in high school where everyone was liberal where all of those who weren't were excluded and ignored. I could just see a fight breaking out if the teacher did something like that. ChunkyMunky666

No G'day to you Sir! 

Agriculture/ biology science teacher.

He hit a kangaroo on his way into work one morning, so he brought it into class for us to dissect. Apparently he had to call multiple government departments to get permission. 15 teenagers armed with scalpels, standing around the corpse of a 6ft kangaroo, with instructions to keep the tail for his dogs to eat. FormalMango

Crazy Cool....


According to state standards, we were supposed to read Machiavelli's The Prince in our AP English course but our teacher said all the concepts were outdated and you no longer had to be a d**k to get things done so he assigned us Catilgone's 'The Book of the Courtier' instead.

We were all bummed out because this was back in '96 when Tupac released his Makivelli album and that "Keep your friends close and your enemies closer" line was cool. laterdude

PTSD is no joke! 

I had a history teacher in HS who was a little nuts. He was a 'Nam vet (tunnel rat) and still seemed a little off. One day while we were taking a test, the substitute teacher in the next room was letting her class get too loud and rowdy so he pulled a decommissioned hand grenade out of his desk, walked out into the hall outside her door and yelled "fire in the hole!" and tossed it in.

After a couple gasps and screams, he popped his head in and said "good, now that I have your attention, quiet the down, my class is taking a test..." anon_e_mous9669

Flint you....

I had an archaeology prof who, just one minute into his 'first class, cool skills, impress the fresh things' demo of flint tool making - well, there was much, much blood, off to ER, 12 stitches, class cancelled. If it was 5,000 BCE, he'd probably have died in front of us. So he didn't know how to nap flint. He just thought he did. A40

The Devil is in the details.... 

My year two teacher, Mrs. Shepherd, was the most ridiculous teacher I ever had. I was sent to the headmaster's office because my handwriting wasn't neat enough (I was 6). One time, my friend finished all his work and asked if he could go outside and play in the sandpit (a reward offered up to good kids). She agreed and he went off to play. 10 minutes later she comes screaming outside asking him what he thinks he's doing. It transpires that she said he 'could' go outside to play, but she never said that he 'may' go outside to play. She was an absolute psycho. StopChattingNonsense

You're Fired....

He used to work as a movie cameraman and always talked about it.

One of his antics was holding the door shut when someone tried to come back to class if they went to the bathroom. One time a girl was coming back and kept saying what's the password to her while holding the door shut... this was 20 minutes of him keeping it closed.

He always talked about how he almost dated Khole Kardashian. But some reason it fell through, i forget what he said about why it failed.

He always talked about how he wrote a movie script for a movie he wanted and he sent it to Robin Williams, but the day after he sent it he killed himself. He always joked he he killed him with how bad his movie was. He lost his teaching license in like 2015 though. Thr0w---awayyy

One Flew Over the Cuckoo Teacher's Nest....


My history teacher.

  1. Pretended to hang himself
  2. Grabbed his penis in front of the class
  3. Told kids in my class that if I died it would be beneficial to the gene pool.
  4. Married his former student.


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