Students Reveal The Strangest Thing They Discovered About A Teacher


"I never knew that about them..."

Teachers lives feel like a safe full of mysterious secrets. Your teacher can appear like a celebrity when you're stuck behind a desk, watching them lecture all day at the front of a room. There's a line you typically can't cross and it's a rare treat to look behind the curtains. Maybe you find out they wear socks with flip-flops while they grocery shop at 11 o'clock at night? Would anyone believe you if you told them?

Reddit user, u/Jahgerwah, wanted to know what secrets you became privy to about your teacher when they asked:

Students of Reddit, what's the strangest thing you have ever discovered about your teacher?

Fun Times In The A.C.

I grew up about an hour from Atlantic City. Every Saturday a casino (I think it was actually Trump's Castle) would send a charter bus to the local bus station. It would take you to the casino for free, and give you a $50 chip. Then they'd take you back to the bus station that night.

My math teacher would get on the bus, get the chip, go in the casino, cash it in, go back outside to the beach, sit on a bench, eat a hot dog for lunch, another for dinner, then get back on the bus that night and come home $45 richer.


...How'd He Survive The First Time?

I have been out of school for years now, but back when I was still in high school, my history teacher/ rugby coach let it slip that he decided not to have a military career the second time they forgot him in the arctic.


At Least Someone Read It

He wrote a 179-page erotica novel back in 2006. It wasn't very good.

Edit: sorry y'all, nobody's guessed him but I'm not gonna say who it is so nobody figures out who I am


Where Are You?

My social studies teacher was in the live-action Scooby Doo movie from 2002 (it was filmed in my city). He's just an extra in a party scene, but whenever it was brought up he lost his sh-t about it.


lost his sh-t in a good way or a bad way?


Hired On His Merits Alone

Middle school teacher at parochial school was a bartender in a gay bar. He was not gay, just loved the bar scene and extra dough.


Was he hot?


Nobody hires ugly bartenders!

Wow that came across shallow. When I was bartending we had to rate applicants, non-hots were non-hires.

Oh man so shallow.


It's Always Important To Bring Your Personal Interests To Class

My 9th grade teacher accidentally pulled up porn while trying to do a power point.


Anything To Make It To The Last Bell

My math teacher was an alcoholic who put liquor in his coffee to get through the day


I know it's horrible in real life but if this was a sitcom character I'd love him


He was a nice guy. I think he started drinking because of back problems :(


Opening Up To A World Of Glam

My senior year of high school I discovered my English teacher was a drag queen.

He is a straight man, he just loves the thrill of drag. He actually made a very attractive woman. I don't think he does it anymore due to his age, but it was certainly interesting to learn. The only way we found out was because we needed a drag queen for a musical production the school was putting on and he was the first to volunteer. He then let the theatre kids know that he does drag all the time.

Super cool teacher. I actually miss his class.


No One Thought To Ask. No One Knew...

My wacky sixth grade reading teacher killed his wife and son and buried them in his back yard.

During that school year. It took a while for anyone to catch on because he told neighbors she had moved away with the kid.


Ever discovered some bizarre secret about a teacher in your life? Share it with us!

H/T: Reddit

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