Students Break Down Their Funniest Zoom Classroom Experiences


The pandemic ushered in sudden changes as most humans on the globe were forced to sustain their lives with completely new restrictions.

For much of the developed world, that meant remote communications for things like school, work, and political organizing.

The technology itself works fine enough to keep folks connected as everyone trudges through the crisis. But the suddenness of that pivot to internet classrooms and work meetings came easier to same than others.

For consistent snags and awkward moments, look no further than an older aged professor or high school teacher.

Many spent their lives avoiding the new gadgets and never faced no drawbacks for doing so. But out of nowhere those gadgets became part of their unavoidable work duties.

Likewise, the students had already fallen into the groove of a firm separation between home and school behaviors. Suddenly, the grey area in between became the norm.

One Reddit thread stockpiled the best stories from the calamatous Zoom classroom.

alexxsand6 asked, "Students of reddit, what is your favorite Zoom story so far?"

Told You

"I live in Lithuania so most of my teachers don't speak English."

"Teacher-What does 'leave meeting mean?' "

"Students-{in Lithuanian}It means leave meeting."

"Teacher leaves the meeting."

-- demon_gunmaker_666

Impressive Composure

"In my class, we have our videos turned on but our audio remains muted except for the prof."

"Prof decided to unmute a classmate and get him to read the slide only for us to hear him getting yelled at by his parents. That dude just kept reading the slide while his parents yelled at him."

"Our prof didn't know what to do and just acted like everything was normal. He didn't unmute anyone for the rest of the class though."

-- eagleee_pawnee

Late For School

"A guy, who woke up like 5 minutes earlier, didn't notice (I hope) that his camera was on. He got dressed in front of 100+ people." -- jo91198

"Wait, did he join the meeting before he went to sleep? How is that even possible?" -- bastardsgetyoudown

A Good Sport

"At the end of every single class my calculus teacher shows us his cats while Nyan cat plays at the background." -- Creeper690

"That's amazing. My favorite part of zoom classes was meeting professor's pets. It really helped brighten everyone's mood while we were all just trying to figure out what was going on and get used to the changes." -- Pokabrows

With No Time to Waste

"2nd to last class before the final, we are already behind on the material. It's a 3 hour class with a break in the middle, the professor said she is going to rest her eyes for a few minutes."

"Emailed us about 4 hours later and said she fell asleep. No, I didn't do well on the final."

-- thahovster7

When in Doubt

"One of my teachers managed to turn off her ability to see the chat (nobody knows how), so naturally somebody started typing the Bee Movie script. It escalated from there. Very interesting hour." -- _rainbow_waffles_

"What is it with the Internet and the Bee Movie script?" -- PM_ME_B00TY_PICZZZ

Too Cool for School

"Our teacher was screen sharing and I randomly discovered a pen button. So I clicked on it and turns out you can draw on the shared screen. I just started putting some dots there, thinking 'Oh, this is cool!' "

"Then the teacher said:'I don't know who's doing it, but stop drawing on my scan.' I kinda freaked out and deleted it. It didn't occur to me that everyone could see it."

-- fragmentsofemma

New Comrades

"One of my older teachers didn't know what memes were/ has no idea what she's doing in a Zoom call. A couple of weeks before we were supposed to go back to classes, the vice principal sent a message to all the teachers to screenshot their calls for the newsletter to show 'how we were coping as a school.' "

"Fast forward to when we're back, and my teacher had screenshotted our whole class with shi**y meme green screens In the middle of the call, and one of my friends is the centre image for the newsletter with the Communist flag flying proudly behind her."

-- Peganzez

The Ultimate Disguise

"For context, as a joke, me and my friends have been coming up with pretty outrageous names for our Zoom quiz nights."

"Anyways, the day after my quiz, I have to show up to a workshop with one of my lecturers. And guess who forgot to change his name? I spent the rest of that workshop muted, video off and only communicating through the chat so that no one knew it was me."

"And that concludes the tale of Broseph Mengelbruh."

-- theripleymystery

Just Some Bird Drama

"(We use teams) my class asked who's doors making that noise. I turn around to look at my birds who are screaming behind me like normal."

"And one is somehow inside of one of the food bowls (they have covers over so only a small hole for them to stick heads in). Another one is trying to rip another bowl out of the side. And the other two are taking in turns sitting on top of each other's heads."

"The class quickly point to me as the culprit for the 'loud door'. I got muted."

-- pricklypear_bear

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