Students Divulge How The Entire Class Turned On The Teacher


It's important for students and teachers get along, but what happens when teachers don't respect kids? Chaos. Can you imagine getting in trouble for having a seizure? Or having your insulin pumped ripped out because it was beeping? How about having a teacher refuse to turn on the AC? Most teachers are heroes, but some are clearly over it.

Deepakify asked, Students of Reddit, what is something your teacher did that really pissed the whole class?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

When you get in trouble for having a seizure...


Headteacher of my high school tried to expel me for having an epileptic seizure in front of him. Said I was a danger and distraction to others pupils and was disrupting his school.

I ended up being kept out of school for 2 months while my parents fought my case. In that time almost all of the rest of the teaching staff, who were furious with this decision, kept me supplied with work and even one to one tutoring when needed.

This was in a rural area where the next nearest school was 40 miles away so we had no other school choice.


When teacher won't turn on the AC and it's hot AF...


40 degree weather (Celsius) in outback Australia and she wouldn't turn on the air conditioner in class even though it worked. Her reason was that "when she was young she didn't have an AC, and she survived." All the students hated her.


When teacher makes you read the wrong book, and you have to start over...


‚ÄčIn GCSE English he taught us the wrong novel for almost the entire term. We'd read this book over and over, answered essays and remembered/studied every significant narrative meaning.

Apparently none of the faculty heads had checked up on him until about 6 weeks before our exams when they realized all our work was on a book not even on the syllabus and all our time was effectively wasted.

So to rectify it we lost all our PE lessons, had to stay late after school 3 days a week and spend three out of five lunch breaks cram-learning the actual book with another teacher.

Safe to say our class wasn't happy at all and most parents complained as it could affect our ability to pass the exams.


Forced donations? In school?


Forced us to make a donation to a charity. When I didn't bring anything in, I got a demerit. Had to argue that not everyone has the ability to give something away. She then told me off for back chatting in front of the class. Everyone was like wtf?


Big workload. One credit. Unhappy students.


In my second semester of my first year of law school, everyone in my class (80+ people) had to take a research class. This class was taught by four different law librarians but followed the same syllabus. It was also worth one (1) credit. These librarians ran the class as if it was 3 credits. We had to read, conduct legal research, and write two memos throughout the semester, when we had 5 other classes, all within the 2-4 credit range (plus one specific class was notoriously difficult). Anyway, halfway through the semester, my class gets pissed at the workload-to-credit ratio and someone starts a petition to reduce the number of assignments and/or change the grading for the class from a letter grade to pass/fail. Almost the entire class signs (there were a few holdouts). The student who started the petition delivers it to the librarians. The librarians remove one or two assignments, but otherwise disregard the petition. Those who signed all awkwardly suffered through the rest of the semester.


This condescension...


I had a college professor who was teaching a history course to a bunch of education majors in their junior year. She would ask us questions all the time about things she hadn't yet lectured on and then pull the "really? No one knows the answer to this? Well I guess we'll just wait for someone to answer." We were all education majors. We knew that trick. We waited her out, every single time. She always broke first.

Edit: people keep asking "what's the trick?" This was a poorly executed attempt at using the Socratic method. It's better to have students arrive at an answer themselves than it is to tell them. However, you have to first create and environment of trust and respect so that students are comfortable enough to risk a wrong answer, and you have to be willing to provide a little bit of scaffolding should no one know. This professor did neither of those things.




Screamed at the class because he assumed that an intermittent beeping sound that occurred throughout the lecture was somebody receiving texts.

It was the projector that he was using, alerting him to the fact that it was overheating.




Cousin has diabetes. Teacher got angry it was beeping and he said he didn't feel good. She thought he wanted to play on his phone. Saw the cord and pulled it out, only to see a blood tipped needle/ port on the other end. She got fired of course.


Great plan there teach.


During English controlled assessments she would play whale noises in the background to help us "focus."


Sounds like life to me.


Spent the entire semester in uni telling us half the material would not be on the semester exam.

Guess what? All the material was on the semester exam and it tanked all of our scores because the professor was a dick and hated that people go to uni to get a qualification for a job. He hated anyone in his class that didn't aspire towards a career in academia.


Oh, her.


Not just the whole class, but the whole school.

She got a bunch of teachers fired because of petty office politics. And those teachers were older and more beloved than her.


Why shouldn't learning - and life - be fun?


She didn't believe in field trips because she said that kids would have too much fun and "learning isn't supposed to be fun." However, the entire grade would take the trip so she was required to take us. So she would make us all sit in a common area of the zoo, museum, etc., and she would hold classroom lessons. It was so upsetting to hear about all the cool things the other kids got to see while we had "class."


This arbitrary grading curve.


Gave a C to an 85+% test because she "gives grades relative to the average performance of a student".


This is not how teaching is supposed to work.


Teacher spent weeks teaching us "The Shinlever" method of learning about natural science instead of teaching from the book. On test day, he gave us the test that came with the teacher's version of the book so we'd never even covered the info on the test. We all scored very poorly but learned to ignore him in class and study the book on our own.

His name was Mr. Shinlever and his method was to teach us the things he remembered from college about natural science, none of which was covered in our 9th grade textbooks.


World's whattest teacher?


This was 2nd year (12th Grade?) in school. My teacher, unable to manage 20 of these rowdy kids, is pretty enraged by the end of the class. She has a thing about counting every piece of equipment after class, and she begins counting the newton meters. Now, if you don't know what these are, they are literally a metal spring with plastic around it that measures how much an item weighs. This teacher counted 19, when there was definitely 20.

So she holds us back from lunch. She brings the faculty head in, and we get a bollocking from her. "Cannot steal from the school", "unjust" yadda yadda.

If we were rowdy before, we're raging now, and she requests the least well-behaved kids open their bags. Of course these kids are protesting, but the teacher offers detention if they don't comply. So after rummaging through a bunch of pubescent kids' bags and finding nothing, she finally goes back to her desk to find the Newton Meter sitting behind her 'World's Best Teacher' mug. Look on her face, priceless.


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