Stubborn People Finally Admit The Things They Were Totally Wrong About

Stubborn People Finally Admit The Things They Were Totally Wrong About

We all have that one hill we're willing to die on, that one controversial opinion we will defend to the very end. For some of us, though, there comes a moment when you realize you were ... just plain wrong. Whaaaaaaat? 

It turns out, we can be passionate about something and still just be wrong. Better yet, passionate opinions can still be changed, so there's hope for everyone; even you wrongies who think pineapple goes on pizza.


Last month, Reddit users confessed the things they suddenly realized they were wrong about. Take a look at what they came up with.

1. This Bedroom Bombshell



2. This one could potentially save lives.



3. Time saver! 



4. This needs to happen more often. 



5. If you need help, get help. 



6. Pooping should come with instructions, we guess? 



7. The Not-So-Nice Guy



8. It's a miracle!



9. So much wasted time.



10. Toilet seats are not just for the ladies.



11. Shedding the extra layers makes a difference.



12. Calm down, edgelords.



You can check out more of the thread here.

H/T: Reddit

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