People Break Down What They Strongly Believe In Despite Having No Evidence Or Proof
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Gut feelings exist for a reason.

There may be no substantial evidence to back what people believe to be emphatically true, like, say, the afterlife or the existence of a higher power.

But who are we to deny them their faith in the existence of something?

Curious to hear what some of these beliefs might be, Redditor btsao1 asked:

"What is something you strongly believe in but don't have evidence for?"

How well do you know your relatives? These people had gut instincts they couldn't shake off.

Grandpa's Double Life

"My grandpa had a second family. I never knew him as he died before I was born, but my mom would talk about how he'd occasionally disappear for up to a month at a time and my grandma never once asked why because he said it wasn't her business (this was like the 50s and 60s). My mom told me that she'd occasionally have this dream where he had a second family and I think it's because deep down she suspected it."

– Fournote

It Can Never Be Revealed

"My wife's cousin's husband is an undercover CIA agent."

– tecg

Family History

"Kind of related but my mum thought she wasn’t related to her brothers as she didn’t look anything like them. Obviously my grandparents told her she was just paranoid."

"Years later we find out that my gran had an affair (my grandpa knew) and my mother was the result. This came out many years after my grandpa and grandma had died and that my mother and my siblings all had another family, her dad had died but we were living 10 doors away from one of her new siblings."

– ItchyPlatypus

People propose the idea of living creatures still out there among us.

They're Out There Somewhere

"That the Tasmanian Tiger is not extinct. Great swathes of Tasmania are largely uninhabited and still heavily forested . People wander a few metres off a track and are never seen again so dense is the bush. So my old romantic heart hopes that Tigers are still out there."

– 1999falcon

How We Came To Imagine Dragons

"I'm convinced that the myth of dragons in the middle ages originates from early findings of dinosaur fossils. It simply seems like a logical explanation to me, but I have not the slightest evidence for this theory."

– Mission-Access6314 ·

Otherworldly Beings

"That there's aliens out there. There's millions of galaxies, planet and we only discovered 1 and not even fully with the oceans being 10% or something. Even if we are the only ones (super unlikely) that would be even scarier if its just us. I wouldnt doubt advanced aliens would avoid the ghetto planet or be able to disguise perfectly as a human (and human eyes are limited there could be layers of life forms that isnt visable to our eyes)​."

– AccomplishedCandy325

The Fungus Among Us

"That mushrooms are fully conscious. They help forests, they can communicate, they take over bugs brains and have them walk to a place the fungus wants and then kill it, they are older than any other plants/animals, and not to mention the insane effects of psilocybin!"

– chazmosaur


"There are clones, specifically human clones, alive right now. With the advances we made in that field in the 90’s with dolly the sheep and all that stuff there’s no way that some group of people didn’t take it a step further and create a clone human."

– Tornlinftw

If you know, you know.

The Sense Of Void

"I had an identical twin who never made it to be visible on ultrasounds. There's no evidence, just the subjective experience of the hole in the world where someone isn't."

– vewltage

We're All In This Together

"Everyone is delusional, some people just to a higher degree."

– coastermarioguy

For Good

"Being a good person is worth the trouble."

– DiarrheaButtSauce

Every Jekyll Has Their Hyde

"i believe that every single person in existence is capable of doing unspeakable things even if they don’t know it themselves and even if they never actually do."

– liteAvvikande

Graduation Theory

"that U.S universities lie about their graduation rates (the percentage of students that actually finish and graduate with a degree)"

– wayne8827

What We Eat

"Cambell’s Chunky brand soups and stews are really just dog food with extra spices."

– OrchidBest

I believe in ghosts. I believe that the departed exist on another plane.

But as much as I believe in the fact that there are apparitions and spooky specters out there, I really hope I never see evidence of their existence.

Because who has time for that?

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