People Share Their Strongest Non-Political Or Religious Opinions
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People have long engaged in passionate debates about their firm beliefs on any particular subject, the popular ones being religion and politics.

Those arguing on both sides of religious or political debates seldom see eye-to-eye with their opponents and are unable to find common ground.

But there are other arguments that are equally as passionate which people are not willing to negotiate, or at the very least, have some wiggle room for compromise.

Curious to hear some examples, Redditor lllSnowmanlll asked:

"What's your strongest opinion that's not political religious or moral?"

We are constantly inundated with marketing ads sneaking their way into our daily interactions on social media.

Enough is enough.

Audio Assualt In Ads

"Radio ads that have honking horns or sirens should be illegal. As should billboards."

– Mojo884ever

Focus On The Product, Please

"If I buy a car, I want to own it without paying a subscription to use the radio or heated steering wheel."

– topendminer

Effective Strategy

"Ads with the skip button are more effective than ones without."

"If an ad has a skip button you can choose whenever you’re interested in said product or not. This provides more clear info to advertisers too."

"An unskippable ad makes a person associate the company with a negative experience, therefore downgrading the company."

– PyroWasUsed

When it comes to our well-being, these Redditors believe the following are of utmost importance.

Ready For The Weekend

"Weekends are sacred and you can pry my free saturday out of my cold dead hands. And even then good luck because i will have hot-glued it to my hands."

"Jokes aside, self care and de-stressing are important. Take care of yourself people!"

"Edit: for everyone saying this comment is indeed political/religious: i'm just saying that having some time off to recharge or take care of personal stuff is important. It does not matter when or how that time off is, as long as you have some. I just want people to be healthy."

– Doctor-lasanga

It's Time To Let Go

"My boss asked me to come in on Saturday next month. Every Saturday. All month."

"In response, I took off all the Fridays. Due to corporate policy, he can’t deny it. At the end of the month, I’ll be quitting. This is the fifth time in less than a year he’s tried to get me to do regular overtime, and I’ve had enough. If he wants someone working on Saturday, he can do it himself."

"EDIT: I’m getting tired of all the people saying I should have 'just said no,' so let me explain why I didn’t."

"I’ve been at this company two years, and I’ve been 'just saying no' since day one. I was literally asked to stay late on my first day. For a while I did it because COVID had just started and I didn’t want to lose my job. I was very lucky to have a job at all and I knew it."

"But the demands for more overtime, more work, more responsibilities, it all kept growing. Soon, I was working 10 or 11 hours a day Mon-Sat and another 3 or 4 hours most Sundays. I was doing the work of three people and barely making enough money to live. Keep in mind I didn’t get paid for most of this overtime, maybe half of it. No OT bonus to speak of."

"Finally, after eight months of this, I put my foot down. I went back to 40 hour weeks, no overtime unless it’s payed and I choose to do it. My superiors weren’t happy, but replacing me wasn’t easy and they knew it, so they had to deal with it."

"Lately they’ve started pushing me to do more overtime again, but they still refuse to pay me for it. So, I’m done. I’m already planning on moving, but my plans to transfer to a different location are now out the window. I’m way past my limit with this company, they’re lucky I’m still here at all. So no, I won’t 'just say no.' I’ve been saying it for months and they don’t listen.

– DJDarwin93

Staying Afloat

"Swimming should be taught to every child."

– TheFrontierzman

The following opinions are about our interactions with the public.

Courtesy Flush

"If you take a sh*t at public toilets, FLUSH!!!"

– Edmundwhk

The Stigma Of Naiveté

"People should learn that saying 'I don't know' is a perfectly acceptable thing to say, and very often the most accurate."

– realistic_bastard

Gym Etiquette

"Rerack your weights, you meaningless excuse for intelligent life!"

– EndlessExploration

Road Communication

"Drivers who don't indicate when turning are selfish scum."

– Big_Undies

When using the elevator or public transportation, please let the passengers off before batter-ramming your way in, please.

The doors will eventually shut automatically but will not crush you if are entering the departed cabin at the last minute.

There's no rush.

That's the thing with people. Everyone's in a hurry to get from point A to B but cutting people off on the freeway or jamming your way into an emptying elevator will not get you places any faster.

Not only is it annoying, it's also dangerous.

And I'm done with my PSA. Thank you, kindly.

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