Street Smart People Share Their Best Tips
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Those who have recently moved, or simply visiting, a city completely new to them often feel unsafe and unsure in their new surroundings.

Even if they likely aren't in any immediate danger, they still might feel worried or intimidated to go out, particularly on their own.

Unless, of course, they are experienced city dwellers, and have a well developed set of street-smart skills.

Redditor egalCriminal69 was curious to learn the best tips from the most alert and attentive Reddit users on how to stay aware of your surroundings and handle possibly unsafe situations, leading them to ask:

"People with street-smarts, what is ur best street tips?"

Best not to get involved

"No shame in running away from a fight."- SuvenPan·

Always be open to alternatives

"There's more than one way to get home."

"If you see something shady going on on your normal route you're better off taking the long way than getting involved with whatever is happening."- RedPanther1

Show confidence... even if you arent...

"Always act like you know where you are going."- Grenuille

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Sometimes bringing attention to yourself pays off...

"Know that criminals rely on their victims to be polite and not cause a scene or draw attention to themselves."

"When something happens to you, scream and shout."

"Make it known you’re in danger."- brkh47

Be aware of your surroundings, and hold on to your belongings

"If you're in a big town or a city and a group of kids surround you, keep your hands in your pockets and don't let them get behind you."

"Some will try to distract you while others pickpocket you."- Melonmode

How long have you got...

"There is no good reason to loiter in a city, especially at night."

"Stay moving."

"Look at street signs and sh*t only long enough to know where you are."

"Walk quickly, but like you're in a hurry to go somewhere, not leave where you are."

"Mind your business."

"Any yelling, fighting, or any source of commotion should be ignored."

"Move away from it immediately--you have more important shit to do, act like it."

"If someone calls out to you or tries to stop you, don't break stride."

"Respond immediately by briefly glancing at their face, their eyes, and their hands, in that order."

"Immediately look back in your direction of travel, shake your head and loudly say 'I got sh*t going on'."

"Keep moving."

"If they persist, just repeat it while walking away."

"A stressed, visibly engaged person looks dangerous."

"Cultivate a pissed-off expression."

"Not 'bad@ss', don't try to look like someone you're not."

"Just look mad, inconvenienced, and on the way to deal with it."

"Don't hold eye contact longer than four seconds, and don't break it faster than two."

"When you break eye contact, glance down to diffuse a situation, and look away to the side to display confidence."

"Break one law at a time."

"If you're doing nefarious sh*t, dress like you're on the way to or from work."

"Make sure your car is sorted, all lights work, tags are current, full tank of gas, etc."

"Keep your speed within five MPH of the posted limit."

"Don't have bumper stickers, window decals, or anything hanging from the rearview mirror."

"Wear your f*cking seatbelt."

"Unless you absolutely know you need a gun, just don't f*ck with them."

"Never keep it on you."

"Never carry drugs, stolen sh*t, or anything illegal with a gun, and don't keep or store any of that stuff in the same place as a gun."

"Anything + a gun = much longer sentencing guidelines, and mandatory minimums."

"Just don't f*ck with guns."

"Never let someone force you into a car, an alleyway, inside a house, anything."


"No matter what the situation, your odds are better if you fight or run."

"If someone pulls a gun on you and is farther away than about 15-20 feet, run away from them at an angle."

"It is a lot harder to hit a moving target with a handgun than most people realize."

"Even if you know how to fight, avoid it whenever possible."

"Graveyards are full of people who thought they were hard."

"If any of this is something you have to think about on a regular basis, change your life."

"This is not the way people are supposed to live."- kiloheavy

Don't text and drive... or walk!

"Stay THE F*CK off your phone and pay attention to your surroundings."

"Best way to get knocked over the head and your pockets ran is with your nose in your phone and your earbuds in."- mediaG33K

Sometimes best NOT to give the benefit of the doubt...

"Don't talk to any strangers and don't let them stop you on the street."

"Just keep walking."- gmilfmoneymilk·

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No matter where you are, it's always best to be aware of your surroundings.

And whenever possible, wise to avoid walking alone at night.

That's why we have Lyft.

Some things are deceptively simple.

Oh, skydiving? That's easy.

Love yourself? Simple.

Who can't open a can of pickles?

ME! ME! That's who. I can't do any of the above simply.

It's all hard. And you know it too.

It's just designed to" look" easy only to bamboozle us.

Approach everything as a burden and live by a motto...

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