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Why are you mad? It's unhealthy. Do we even comprehend why we're miffed half the time? I don't, I've lost track. Although, I do get angry at the drop of a hat. So each origin can be arduous to track.

There really is no exact explanation as to why tempers can be set off. Of course, we are in sensitive times and emotions are are always at an edge, so that doesn't help.

But we really need to do some serious examining into what sets us off so easily. Anger is not an emotion that is sustainable or often has to do with logic. But let's try to find some...

Redditor u/KingOfJuiceBoxes wanted to discuss the times we've all been surprised by anger of others by asking:

What is the stupidest reason someone got mad at you?

I am at my wit's end with people who are overly polite while driving. I know on paper that sounds like a good thing but when you are polite, you tend to buck the rules. The rules I'm trusting you to follow. So when you buck the rules, even for kindness, I can't be secure as a driver. Now I'm mad.

to be rich

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"My "friend" stole a book. I asked him why he stole it when he's rich. He got really offended about the word "rich" and said I need to use the word "wealthy," because "rich" implies he didn't earn what he has. He never earned crap, especially that book."

- tesseracts

Theater Trip

"My ex got mad (yelling, followed by a weekend's worth of sulking silent treatment) during a road trip because I didn't know where the movie theater was or how to get there in the city we stopped in for the night. A city in which I had never been. This was years ago, before smartphones & GPS existed."

- fangfacekitty

The Great Divide

"For trying to use a divider to divide his groceries from the person behind him. He told me it "offended" him and he tried to wrestle the divider away from me. He even had the audacity to tell everyone I was the crazy one."

- SophieCamuze

"Oh lord. I worked as a cashier for years. People can be crazy!"

- Amie80


"Jealousy is a hell of a drug, mine is "because I changed into a jumpsuit and flats at a wedding after party for my SIL, that I attended with my fiancé, her brother." CLEARLY I was actually hitting on this rando's bf in front of all my future in laws because… I… am disabled and can't stand in heels for more than an hour and wanted to be comfortable - so I guess I should have put a poncho on that says I'm Gross!!"

"To avoid confusing your man, my bad. She legit came up to my chin ready to go "I'm from Boston I'll freaking take you" I guess I'm happy her bf and another groomsman carried her away because my MIL would have slit my throat for fighting at the big money wedding. I for sure could have taken her butt lol "I'm from Boston" I'm from Canada and have thrown shovels of snow heavier than you when I was 12."

- B*tchshortage


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"Because I thanked their boyfriend for opening the door for me... Like, what?"

- AuroraDavis97

Humans are a mess. We can't have nice things. I think it's because trust has clearly become a mirage. But so many other issues are the problem. And when we can't trust that always leads to anger.


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"I wasn't at my house, I told the guy I wasn't going to be there and he just ignored me and still went to my house."

- Havok1717

Roomies Know...

"My roommates girlfriend was talking about how she needed an oil change for her car. I offered to do it for her and was explaining what all I needed to do it. My roommate got pissed and stormed off throwing a tantrum. They got into an argument because he's thinking me changing her oil is my way of trying to have sex with her. So now it's become an inside joke with me, my girlfriend, and my other roommates."

- SlapahoWarrior

The Cashier

"I used to work in a store that sold food and this guy and his girlfriend came in, and he was asking me about some of the food. Normal sales conversation stuff. The girlfriend kept inserting herself between us and trying to turn him away from looking directly at me. I gave up on trying to do my actual and literal job and just walked away and she smirked at me the whole time."

"I was also cashiering up front when they got ready to check out, and the girlfriend let someone else go in front of her so they wouldn't be at my register. Ma'am if you're that insecure then that's not everyone else's problem to deal with, therapy is easily available these days."

- shiguywhy

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Chucky Fans

"I used to work in a toy store when I was a teenager and there was this crazy lady who would come in once a week to yell at me because we didn't have any Chucky dolls. From the stupid movie where he comes to life and is evil. At the time, no one had them, because no one made them. Something I informed her of every week. I know they make them now so I hope she's happy."

- Thephilosopherkmh

Check Please!

Michael Buble Check GIF by bubly Giphy

"This happened recently, actually. I work at a restaurant, and we're kind of short-staffed right now, so one of my managers, without my permission, decided to sign me up for some extra shifts on a volunteer sign-up form. When I reported this to my head manager, the other manager got mad at me and called me selfish, which is ironic, considering he's the laziest fool I've ever laid eyes on."

- I_Fap_To_Murder

I am the boss!!

"I gave them a report EXACTLY as they explained, twice, this was apparently wrong - despite them telling me to modify it this way, so I did so to the T. I then got called up for insubordination. Same person, couple months after asked for the 4th time on how to do a task - I showed them and asked them to take notes because and I quote "this is the 4th time I've showed you this process, would you mind taking notes?"

"Got wrote up again because "I am the boss, it is not for you to tell me what to do." I leave in 1.5 months, I'm the only person who knows how to do my job, he doesn't have a replacement and I've got 10 years of knowledge in me noggin - guess you should have started taking notes on how to do my job."

- WookieIRLv2

Gimme them rolls...

"Had a roommate text me furious that I had eaten her pizza rolls without asking because she was going to have them for dinner. I made all my own food, I didn't eat her pizza rolls... my best guess she got home drunk one night, like she did a lot, ate them and didn't remember."

- ManicFirestorm

Retail Days

"Working in retail and some lady was having some problem with the self-checkout machines. She showed me her card and told me there's something wrong with the machine since she's had no problems at other stores. I look at her card and it's expired not by a day or maybe a few days, 2 freaking years. The card expired in 2019."

"I told her that her card was expired and that she needs to use a different card, she looks me dead in the eye and tells me not only am I an idiot but that she'll have me fired for being incompetent. She walks away I go help someone else and 10 minutes later she comes up to me and tells me to go screw myself as she walks away with what I assume to be her husband."

"I'm not sure how she paid for her stuff and there's no way in hell her expired card would work so I can only assume she's been using her husband's card or some other card that's not expired but still somehow found me to be the one at fault. If anyone ever wondered why this world is screwed it's because of people like that are allowed to drive, make decisions, and vote."

- Dried_Squid_

Clipped Wings

woman toenails GIF Giphy

"Thought I'd broken one of my grandpa's wooden birds and proceeded to scream at me and slam my foot in a door. The bird had been broken by my grandma who'd been dead for more than a decade at that point."

- Water-Chestnut

Emergency Response

"I heard an ambulance approaching when my light turned green. I didn't cross so as to leave the crossing empty for the ambulance. The van behind me started honking. After the ambulance had passed and we were driving, this van passed me. From the corner of my eye I saw the driver and he was making these 'I'm sorry' kind of gestures. That was nice. Reminded me of the fact that we all make mistakes sometimes. I responded with 'sh*t happens' gestures."

- opposablethumbsup

Stay Still

"My husband yelled at me in the middle of the night because he thought I was shaking the house somehow. We were having an earthquake. Had a good laugh about that the next morning."

- fluffypotato

The Mountain

"Both my family and my in laws are mad at me because I don't regularly spank my kids. I've gotten into several argument over it. My Aunt who co-raised me won't speak to me until I let her spank my kids when she babysits. It's a hill I never thought people would die on."

- cuedprincess


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"Someone got mad at me for stopping my car because children were crossing."

- tablawi96

Try Mustard!

"My mom yelled at me and told me i was ungrateful, that i never did anything for her and that she always did everything for me and i never even thanked her for it. I just couldn't find the mayo in the fridge, lol."

- Electrical_Ad8277

"Omg mood. 2 weeks ago I went into my uncle's and aunt's house while they were at the hospital with their newborn baby. He knows I know the door code."

"I left pre-portioned lasagna in the freezer, fresh banana muffins on the counter, and put up a streamer and left a card. According to my mother I'm an idiot, overall stupid, she wishes I would move out, and I violated his privacy. Well, they loved the surprise, loved the muffins, no complaints. Gotta love moms."

- ActualSardine

Anger in hospitality is a given. So I'll let that one slide, but seriously people... we need to do better. Except when it comes to Chucky. Anger towards Chucky is good. But let's try to be calmer in general.

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But sometimes, something strange really did happen and our memories are actually serving us perfectly.

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Sixth sense, hunch, spidey senses tingling, or gut feeling: no matter what you call it, we all have had that feeling at one point or another. Not everyone is as in tune with that feeling as some, but when we have that feeling it's important to listen to it. It could be life or death.

Science tells us that there's actual physical feelings associated with the gut feeling due to our gut-brain connection. Signals from our brain can actually cause intestinal signals to bubble up. It can come in a moments notice. Sometimes feeling a little like anxiety or even "hearing" a voice in your head telling you something might be off.

Healthline says:

"Research links these flashes of intuition to certain brain processes, such as evaluating and decoding emotional and other nonverbal cues."

We might need to listen to our gut specifically to protect ourselves. It's that intuitive knowledge that keeps humanity alive for centuries.

Antonia Hock, global head of The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center said:

"Instinct is a powerful data point that can be a treasure trove of untapped generational knowledge in decision making."

Redditors shared their life-saving moments when they listened to their gut and trusted it.

Redditor TheGaySussyBaka asked:

"What's a gut feeling that saved yours or someone else's life?"

Intuition could save a life. Let's read some true stories about gut feelings that made all the difference.

It was worth being late to the party.

"Years ago, my wife and I were driving on the expressway that was under major construction. Traffic had slowed quite a bit and I saw a plume of smoke ahead. As we drew closer, I could see it was the beginning of a Carbeque, but the driver was still in the vehicle."

"I did a death defying move to cross multiple lanes of traffic to pull over, despite my wife's protests about being late to the event we were headed to."

"I approached the car, which was just starting to produce visible fire from the wheel wells and opened the door to the car. The guy was conscious, but in obvious shock and was unresponsive. I had to reach in to unbuckle him and pull him out of the car. Within seconds of me getting him out, the driver's compartment was completely engulfed in flames."

- TheSpatulaOfLove

"In that moment, that's what your wife was thinking about?"

- Nooseents

"I don't think she had malicious intent. She's just nuts about being everywhere 5 minutes early. She assumed the guy would get out of the car and all would be fine. I didn't get that feeling."

- TheSpatulaOfLove

"Tipsy" driving is still drunk driving.

"Do not get into a car with someone who says 'they are just a little tipsy.'"

"The guy who was trying to convince us that he 'was totally fine to drive' didn't die that night but he did have to spend a two years learning to walk again."

- fruit_cats

"My story isn't as bad as that but I'm pretty sure I saved a friend from getting arrested for drunk driving. She'd been hanging out at my fraternity and had at least a couple drinks. She said she was going to drive to the bar, but I told her I wasn't going to let her and would find someone to drive her. But everybody else had been drinking. I hadn't, but I also didn't have a driver's license at the time (not for nefarious reasons, I just didn't get one until I graduated college)."

"Refusing to let her drive, I told her I would. She got in next to me and even though I hadn't driven in awhile, I drove slowly to the bar. After I pulled in to the spot, I finally noticed that there had been a cop right behind us. Luckily he drove off. But the cops in our college town were notorious jerks and even if she had been below the legal limit, she probably would have been arrested. But she was fine and I drove her back to her apartment after we were done."

"Also later found out that the car I was driving wasn't even hers - it belonged to her sorority sister. So there's a good chance I prevented her a) from getting arrested, b) getting into a bad accident, c) damaging her sorority sister's car or d) all of the above."

- PAKMan1988

"You're really burying the good part."

"You prevented her from possible troubles by driving a stolen car without a license right in front of a cop."

- yourmomlurks

Listen to your parental gut feeling.

"My son has leukemia and is on chemotherapy. He was Looked paler than usual and something just felt odd. Turns out chemo had obliterated his blood so much it might as well have been water and he would have died within days. Two blood transfusions, five days hospital and two weeks off chemotherapy and he was on the mend."

"I went into traumatic shock and the one thing that pulled me out was a debrief with my doctor, who told me I had just saved my child's life with my maternal instinct and never doubt it. Fast forward a few months and he got an infection and that same odd feeling woke me up. He spent a week in hospital that time."

"Parental instinct is there for a reason. Don't doubt it. When you feel it, it's not like feeling a concern or worry that something might be wrong... it's a deep primal knowing."

- belltrina

"My wife had the same thing happen with our 3rd kid. 3 days old. Something was off for her. She had a feeling, called the pediatrician and tested his blood sugar with her kit since she was a gestational diabetic. It was in the basement. Like the oh f**k basement. Verge of coma basement. Doc had us call 9-11 and they would have life-flighted him to a bigger hospital had the weather not sucked a**. Spent 9 days in the NICU. Now he's a wild 5-year-old boy. She 100% saved his life."

- Fleadip

"When I worked in peds, this was the mantra among the nursing staff. If mom (or dad) thinks something is wrong, something is wrong! You know your kid better than anyone else in the world."

- vanillabeanlover

"This is so true! When I had appendicitis, my doctor tried to send me home saying it was the flu. If my mom hadn't insisted something was seriously wrong, I might be dead. It was hours from rupturing when they removed it."

- hotairballoons

A near miss.

"Scenario- driving myself and 2 coworkers back from lunch. Didn't immediately go when my light was green as I got this weird knot in my stomach like something was gonna go down. Car next to me went forward and got slammed into a brick building and post by a speeding car that went thru his red. Some debris rained on my car but basically was left unscathed. Shook but unscathed."

- tokoloshe_noms_toes

"My friends make fun of me for this, bc the 'light is green lol' but I've been involved in that type of accident, and am only alive because my dad, who was driving saw it in time to slam the gas and make them only hit the bed of the truck."

- marshal231

The man in the truck.

"This is before cell phones (think beepers). I went out one night and was meeting my bestie half way between my house and hers. I noticed this truck drive by me and he slowed down to a crawl. Another car was coming so he kept going. My spidey senses were triggered though. I saw my best friend and I grabbed her and pulled her into an old shed at an abandoned house. I shut the door quick and told her to be quiet. There was a space so we were able to see this truck coming."

"She is whispering rapidly to me asking what is happening. I told her that I had seen that guy a few minutes before and he made me nervous. He slowly crept down the street, pulled over and got out with a flashlight. That's when we saw the gun. The most terrifying thing, it was only moments, but felt like hours. He finally took off, but I was hesitant to leave yet. We stayed there for about 15-20 minutes and he came back 4 or 5 times."

"Finally we heard our names being called, her older brother and his best friend had come looking because it typically takes 10 minutes to get from my house to hers. I am convinced that she and I would both be dead if it wasn't for that shed and me trusting my spidey senses."

- Right-Mind2723

Caught it just in time.

"Was hanging out with my brother who was visiting from a few hours away. We went to one of his highschool friends house to shoot the sh*t."

"My brother's friend had a kid who was literally bouncing off the walls. After one bounce I heard a little scrape behind me. I looked behind me to see the 8 point deer head mounted to the wall just in time for another bounce."

"I snatched that head out of the air just about 3 inches from giving the kid 4 stab wounds to the skull."

- piratecheese13

"I was at a party my house was hosting back in the day. We had a back area that had a door leading to the backyard, the door swung inwards. Someone was bent over putting their shoe on and I heard someone coming up the stairs to come in. As soon as the handle started turning, I put my hand over the door to stop it coming in. The person putting on their shoe was so shocked because no one else noticed the door opening and their head was right near the handle. Maybe not exactly saving a life, but a solid concussion at least."

- Subject37

"Peacefully riding my motorcycle."

"'I don't think that guy is going to stop for that stop sign. I'll slow down just a little bit so he'd miss me if he didnt.'"

"Guy flys through intersection at 100km/h."

"'God wanted me to live this day, I see.'"

- shrapnullvxvsa

There are a few things you'll need to do to learn how to trust your gut. Part of it is recognizing when your gut is trying to send you signals. Body awareness, emotional awareness and cognitive processing is something that can happen intuitively, but we have to know how to recognize it.

Pay attention to when it is intrinsically emotional or when it might be clouded by bias. Know the difference so you can make choices that make the most sense for the situation.

And practice! Find ways to listen to your body and emotions and put the skills to the test.

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