People Describe The Strangest Pets They've Ever Seen In Someone's Home
Image by Annick Vanblaere from Pixabay

The success of Tiger King on Netflix reminded me that I definitely do not want a big cat anywhere in my house. I'll add that I certainly wouldn't treat one like a pet––that thing should be in the wild, where it belongs. But there are all sorts of people out there with strange pets. People told us all about their experiences after Redditor Temezu9 asked the online community,

"What are some weirdest pets you have seen in people's houses?"

"As someone..."

​"Intact (non-descented) skunks.

Here in the UK, it's not legal to "de-scent" a pet skunk like it is in the US, since it's considered an unnecessary surgery. I was surprised that quite a few people keep them as indoor pets regardless, saying "it's ok, they won't spray unless they're seriously scared or stressed."

As someone who's lived in America where there are wild skunks...I don't think these people quite know the risk they're taking."


No thank you. The risk would be too high... and it's smell so foul.

"It was a bit distracting..."

"A monkey in a very big cage in a house for sale my mother took me to see. It was a bit distracting; I couldn't tell you anything else about the house."


After that horrible incident involving the woman who had her face quite literally ripped off by a chimp, I can tell you that I have no interest in being around monkeys.

"A long time ago..."

"A long time ago as a kid, I was trick-or-treating and one guy opened the door with a raccoon on his shoulder. Never even addressed it. Just gave us candy like it was totally normal."


"They lived in cages..."

"Highly aggressive dogs that I assumed were hunting dogs since the owner hunted pheasants in their spare time. Nope, they just liked owning very aggressive dogs. They lived in cages in their back yard and only very rarely got walked. I hung out with their son and we were warned in strong terms to stay away from them, anyone who came near their yard was greeted to loud barking and snarling. Eventually, animal control ordered them removed, poor dogs."


That's abuse, plain and simple. Thankfully they were removed.

"Heard the sound..."

"Hairless cat. I didn't know it was there.

Heard the sound of meat slapping an armoire in the living room after everybody went to a different room.


"My uncle once had..."

"My uncle once had a roommate that was a rodeo clown. He owned a goddamn mountain lion and a full blooded wolf. They were enormous. This dude would get into the lion's cage with a beer in one hand and the garden hose in the other and spray the lion in the face with water. He was an insane person."


He must be the luckiest person in the world if that lion didn't kill and eat him.

"For a year..."

"For a year I lived next to a family who had a monkey. Before that, I thought monkeys were cute little critters. This one though? Absolute demon spawn."


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"My first time..."

"Not weird but I got to meet a pet hedgehog a few months ago. My first time getting to hold one and they're plucking adorable but I was so scared I would hurt her if I even held her wrong. They seem fragile."


This sounds so cute, though!

"I know a guy..."

"I know a guy who has poison dart frogs. They are extremely poisonous hence the name. Thing is, apparently they become poisonous from their diet. So in captivity, they are actually completely safe."


"My parents..."

"My parents used to have a boar named Arthur. They found him very young and raised him. He was very sweet but smelled very bad."


I guess I'm not a pet person. Taking care of an animal is hard, hard work. And having an out-of-the-box animal is difficult to begin with. I'll pass.

Have some stories of your own? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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