People Break Down Their Strangest Paranormal Experiences


They take the form of chilly movements of air, strange colorful auras, or household objects tugging and dragging around the room.

Paranormal experiences, whether you believe them or not, will undoubtedly continue to be a regular topic of discussion wherever you go.

These spooky moments often occur during disorienting moments: half asleep, in the dark, at homes away from home.

Thus, there will often be the capacity to rationalize paranoia away with far more legitimate explanations for this "paranormal activity."

But those who do experience them, once they do, seem to lack any ability to rationalize anymore. Suddenly the only explanation is an entity beyond our own.

pink_highlight asked, "What is a paranormal experience you've had?"

A Ghostly NighttimeBowel Movement

My family has a cabin next to a lake in Vermont that we spend time at in the summer. One night, while sleeping in the upstairs bedroom I hear what sounds like someone getting up to go to the bathroom.

Oddly enough, no lights went on and no bathroom noises. The sound of footsteps just stopped. A minute later, I had this odd feeling that someone was standing at the half open door to my bedroom. Watching me. This feeling went on for minutes until all of a sudden the feeling of someone standing by the door turned into the feeling of someone standing directly over the bed.

The next morning, my family and I are eating breakfast at the table and I still couldn't shake the feeling. Then my sister spoke up and asked, "Mom, what time was it that you got up to go to the bathroom last night? I could hear you up and walking around from the downstairs bedroom."

Then my dad piped up and said, "No, your mom never got up. I didn't either."


Soothsayer Kid

When I was a kid, I had a dream about my grandfather and he was saying goodbye to me. My mom woke me up to tell me he had just died and I hugged her to let her know that I knew already.

She was petrified.


Medium Mom

Back in 1984 when I was ten years old I was out shopping with my Mother when she suddenly all but collapsed.

After a few seconds she turned to me and said "Your grandmother has died."

We went home (a thirty minute drive) and upon arrival she learnt that her mother had indeed died half an hour before.


Big Bro Spookin'

I had a horrible nightmare and woke up gasping, in a cold sweat and shivering, scared out of my mind. My brother somehow noticed it and calmed me down hugging me telling me it would be ok, it was just a dream.

Didn't really see his face but it was a masculine figure and voice, bigger than me that came down from above me. In the morning I went to thank him for that and he was very confused, said he didn't come home until early morning and since it was so late he slept in the other room not to wake me.


Even Cat's Have Ghosts Now?

My cat that died a long time ago. His toy came out of nowhere and a bunch of his pictures were spread out on my floor.


When Bugs Have Your Back

I once had a dragonfly communicate with me basically telepathically. I was out in the swamp on my friend's boat while we looked for salvage. We took a break and were just sort of sitting dead in the water and enjoying the view when a big blue dragonfly zoomed up right in front of my face and hovered there.

At that moment I felt the words "stay there" almost like, pushed into my head? It definitely didn't feel like my own thought. And immediately the dragonfly zooms at my face and I feel a sharp pain on my cheek.

I looked down and the dragonfly had come to rest on the life jacket on the seat next to me with a biting fly in his little hands. He was just chillin and eating it's face.


Another Haunting Grandpa

When I was about 11 I woke up in the middle of the night because my blanket had slid off me. I looked to the side of my bed and an old man was sitting there, wearing a nice coat and a hat.

When I woke up I told my mom what happened, she asked me to describe the man in detail. She told me he sounded just like my grandfather, who I'd never met.


Are Ghosts Just Never Warm?

We had some newly built dorms at the college I went to.

My Gf stayed there everynight with me aswell. One night. my roommates had left for the weekend and it was just me and my girlfriend. We were watching a movie and we heard a chair drag across the floor in the kitchen and then our door slowly closed. I jumped up and checked and none of my roommates were home.

Flash forward to about 2 weeks, and I'm staying in my dorm alone, Gf and roommates gone. The power went out in my dorm and it was storming very bad outside. I was laying there in a dead silent room when all of a sudden the edge of my bed pushed down like someone sat on it. I felt this cold gust of wind blow on my neck and i freaked out and jumped up and turned my phone flashlight on and proceeded to be scared sh*tless the rest of the night.


Couldn't Figure Out the DVR

My sister and I were alone in the house when we heard a thud from upstairs. We went into the room where the thud was and it was freezing cold. Then out of nowhere, the TV Remote Control flew off the sideboard and hit the wall. The back of it and the batteries flew in different directions when it smashed.

Me and my sister ran down stairs and after building some courage for a while, decided to go back up. We got in the room and the remote was back on the sideboard, fixed.



I was with my friend (we both didn't believe in this stuff) and as soon as we stepped into the graveyard past the gate, we saw this purple-grayish haze wash over the graveyard from the other side to us. It was almost like being able to see the wind, and it was blowing in our direction.


Worst Vacation Ever

I went to Mexico with my ex and his family. We went 18hrs into Mexico to visit his sister's in-laws.

The third night I was there, I awoke to a feeling I was being watched. I turned over and saw an old Mexican woman staring at me. I called out to her in Spanish but she didn't answer and after a few moments, I realized I could see through her.

The next morning I told my ex's sister what happened and she says "oh, you saw her?"

She tells me that one night a few years ago, they were once again visiting his mother and staying in her house. In the middle of the night, her husband wakes up to the feeling he's being watched.

The woman that looks a lot like his mother walks out of the room and eventually goes outside.

Half asleep and in a trance, he follows, calling out to her again and again with no answer.He runs after her and sees her jump directly into the well. Panicked, he begins to jump in thinking he is saving his mother from drowning. But the moment before he jumps in the well, he fully awakes and realizes there's no splash and the water at the bottom was completely still.

If he would have jumped in he would've drowned.


Feeling it in the Air

Back in college, I was an officer in a student org. Each week, after our allotted time in the Student Union was up, we'd head to an unlocked lecture hall to keep hanging out.

It was some time between 10:30 and 11 when we heard what sounded like scratching and tapping in the upper right-hand corner of the hall.

Two of us decided to go up and check out that corner. We got about halfway up the stairs when the air in the room changed again. It's difficult for me to describe, especially since it was so long ago, but it sort of felt the way it does right before a storm, like there's static and pressure and tension. We froze.

I heard one of the two who'd stayed down at the front let out a yelp, and then the tension broke, and this wave of...something crashed over us.


A Friendly Ghost

I used to see a little boy in the corner of my room mostly at nighttime when I was about 13yo. I could see and sense that he wasn't a living human being and his clothes were really old-fashioned.

At some point I had had enough of an argument and got out, slammed the door behind me and for some reason went to a parking garage under our house to chill and cool down for a few hours.My mom, cousin and aunt went looking after me and eventually found me.

My cousin told me that she had got the idea to look from the parking garage after she had seen a young blonde boy with weird clothes standing by a fence that was right next to a door to the garage. She told me that the boy just stood there and when he got her attention he jumped over the fence and disappeared.


Double the Ticket Price!

I worked at a haunted house and once when looking down the hall of one of our actor exits, there stood a figure, like an all black somewhat transparent silhouette of a human standing, motionless in front of me.

I stayed at the hall entrance and called my boss over and asked her to look down the hall, but didn't give any indication that I saw anything so I wouldn't give her a false impression. When she looked, her expression was pure cold fear.

And before I could say anything more, it came full sprint at us. My boss screamed and ran away, but I was curious what it would do, so I stayed. It got right up to my face and just stopped, inches away from my nose, then suddenly dissipated into thin air.


Ghosts Like Dress-Up Too

When I was 8 or 9, my family volunteered at a place that basically purchased historical buildings and set them up like a huge outdoor showroom.

I was walking with another girl, who stopped suddenly and froze up. I asked her what was wrong, and she just pointed and said "look!"

There was a beautiful woman there that neither of us had ever seen before, in a purple Victorian dress, and she was dancing by herself. It took us both a second to process, and in that time she had completely faded away.


Overcoming Stubbornness

My maternal grandmother was dying in the hospital. She had a DNR but my grandpa wouldn't let go. I was at school in the journalism room. (this was 1997 and I didn't have a cell phone.) Suddenly, I was overcome with a suffocating sadness and I HEARD my grandmother tell me she needed grandpa to tell her he would be ok so she could finally pass.

I called my mom at the facility and relayed the message. My mom was silent for a few seconds and then agreed to pass on what I had said. In an hour I got the call that Gramma had died.


Why is Haunting Always so Destructive?

We were doing a St. Patrick's day civil war murder mystery, I had volunteered to help as an actor for the event and to wash dishes. Anyways after the event I was in the kitchen with the cook (a family friend) and had turned to ask her how her day had went. It was when I had turned around to talk to her that plates when flying of the shelves across the room as if someone had thrown them.


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