People Break Down The Strangest Laws No One Knows About

People Break Down The Strangest Laws No One Knows About
Image by Sang Hyun Cho from Pixabay

There is so much we as civilians don't know or understand about everyday life. The law is far more complicated than we could ever comprehend. But we need to get on top of it.

There are some laws on the books that would leave you stunned. In fact, in some states, we're constantly breaking the law. And we never knew.

The truth is many of our laws were constructed when our founding fathers were not thinking clearly. Thanks moonshine... let's dive in...

Redditoru/Krallorddarkwanted everyone to get educated about dealing with society's "rules" by asking:

What is illegal but most people don't even know it?

Part of me doesn't even want to know about some strange, never known law I maybe breaking. That way I can play dumb and it would be truth. Is dumb a proper plea in court? At this point it should be.


whales GIFGiphy

"In Arizona it is illegal to hunt whales. (Arizona is a desert and landlocked on all sides)."

- Kang0519


"In Alaska it's illegal to whisper in someone's ear while they deer hunt."

- FestusPowerLoL

"hey honey, tonight I wanna doo some "ogie doogie" with you.."

"accidentally shoots someone"

"Now I can't stop thinking about this scenario."

- oneinamelon91

Tie It Up

"In Florida it's illegal to tie an alligator to a parking meter unless you pay for parking."

"Edit: Apparently it was passed for elephants because of discrimination against circus workers according to u/Carrotcake1988 and u/DaveTheNotecard"

- JrBeelzebub

"It has to do with the fact that Florida was where many carnival and circus troops spent the winter months when not traveling. Many of them had exotic animals that they brought with them. The town of Gibsonton, FL is one the places where a large post circus population remains."

- Carrotcake1988


"Chico, CA, it's a $500 fine to make or have a nuclear weapon within city limits. No person shall produce, test, maintain, or store within the city a nuclear weapon, component of a nuclear weapon, nuclear weapon delivery system, or component of a nuclear weapon delivery system under penalty of Chapter 9.60.030 of the Chico Municipal Code."

- breals


Scared 30 Rock GIF by HULUGiphy

"Washing oil paint down the sink. It can contaminate drinking water."

- graypumpkins

What in the world? Whales in Arizona? Well that I'd like to see. But I guess they're making sure, which is always a good thing. American laws are funny. Let's keep laughing...

Fingers Off

Fun Tickling GIF by Zoo BerlinGiphy

"Tickling someone without their consent is a form of assault. But yeah."

- tundrabuddies

being a mule...

"There is a long list of over the counter medication you can legally purchase, but cannot take it into another country."

- cisco54

"You can't legally transport drugs in containers other than their original ones with original labels so transporting drugs in those pill sorting containers is technically illegal. That being said I do it all the time so."

- viktor72

Down South

"In Texas, there is still a law on the books that it is a crime to carry bolt cutters around. It is a leftover from the days of cattle rustlers, when the bad guys would use bolt cutters to take down barbed wire fencing. Pretty sure it hasn't been prosecuted in a hundred years."

- ComicLawyer

Practice, Practice

"The failure to spend 2 hours a week practicing with a longbow. This law was setup in the middle ages and it required ever male over the age of 14 to practice with a longbow every week. The laws still in place but has been massively overlooked and forgotten."

- WildWolfman378


marker total physical response GIF by ALO7.comGiphy

"Carrying a permanent marker or other permanent-staining stationary is illegal in many countries under graffiti laws."

- DoAFlip22

Now I've heard it all. Literally. This thread is too ridiculous. And we need to hire a fleet of people to start reviewing and rewriting the paperwork. I always have a permanent marker... don't ask. I better be careful.

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