Strange Foodies Explain Which Pokemon They Think Would Taste The Best

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From Abomasnow to Zygarde, there are hundreds of Pokemon featured in video games, on TCG cards, and in anime. But what about a cookbook?

Reddit user SpookyLlama asked their fellow Pokemon trainers, "Which Pokemon would taste the best?"

After careful consideration, here are the responses.


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I mean, whale tastes great, so why not this big blue balloon?


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Thanksgiving Dinner.

The centerpiece: Farfetch'd, seasoned with diced leeks. Bounsweet sauce replaces cranberry sauce. I don't think there's a pumpkin Pokemon, so the pumpkin-marshmallow-thing is safe. The stuffing is made with Grumpig meat, breadcrumbs, more leek (can you tell I kinda like leek?), and seasoning from Roselia (expertly obtained to remove the poison).

Finally, the dessert. I'm thinking Vanillish sundaes, topped with Cherubi and bananas from Alolan Exeggutor. Because it hasn't to have fruit of some kind besides those heads, right?


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There is a pumpkin Pokémon: Pumpkaboo.

I could go for some Pumpkaboo pie for dessert.


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Tropiuses.....Tropii? have bananas! God, I'm drooling over fictional meals.


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Im a huge Breakfast guy so Exeggcute and exeggutor. Do they got a pig pokemon? I know I could get some cheese from a Miltank.

Fairy Cake?

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Gardevoir... ;D


Where's the Beef?

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Miltank, for both the taste and the psychological satisfaction of eating that OP piece of beef.

This would be my choice I can imagine so many people eating Miltank steak while screaming "yeah you POS try using rollout NOW!"

The Tofu of Pokemon

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Why not Ditto? If it retains its ability to change into anything even after dying, I would love to eat a Ditto because it's like having every conceivable meal at once.

Ditto is the tofu of Pokemon. Tofu can be made to taste like anything! A Ditto is a Pokechef's bestfriend.


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Mareep, according to my brother. I have to say Magikarp.

3 Course Meal

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Miltank for dat milk and meat

Combusken for dem chicken legs

and Vanillite for dat ice-cream dessert.


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Supposedly, Chansey and Blissey's eggs taste great, as do Tropius' chin-bananas. As well as that, diluting a Bounsweet's sweat makes for a pleasant juice.

Fatty Liver

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Golduck foie gras.

Mystery Meal

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All of the unknowns in a can with some cheap tomato sauce please.

Vegan Menu

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If I'm a vegetarian would I still be able to eat a Bulbasaur? I mean it's technically a plant right? No?

Would Bulbasaur bulbs be sorta like brussel sprouts?


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Slurpuff is the cotton candy cake sugar dog pokemon.

Special Ability: Diabetes

Does the Colonel Know

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Does Arceus count? I wonder what a god tastes like.

(It tastes like) chicken.

Meant to be Eaten

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I feel like the Pokemon creators asked this very question (about eating Pokemon) and then came up with Vanillish.

S'Mores anyone?

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A slow-roasted Jigglypuff would taste like a tasty marshmallow.

Seafood Platter

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To be honest, I've always been excited about eating Shellder ever since I was a kid. Look at the size of those things... A ginormous scallop is a dream come true!

A Little of This, a Little of That

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A Tauros steak, topped with sauteed Oddish.

How would you like it cooked?


Preferably Butterfree.

Maybe with just a Rapidash of salt and pepper.

Don't overcook it or itll taste like Trubbish.

ALWAYS season with a Squirtle of BBQ sauce.

That Magnemite be tasty.

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