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It can be awkward to introduce yourself to new people, especially if you think there might be a chance for a romantic connection. That initial reaction can become slightly more awkward when you realize you're not on the same sexual wavelength.

Reddit user, u/bruh_bro_dude, wanted the answer to the question:

Straight people, have you ever been hit on by someone of the same gender? How did you react?

Never Turn Down A Free Drink

My old hometown watering hole turned into a quasi gay bar: the manager/bartender was gay, so it was kind of a natural progression.

Anyway, he would routinely come over and hand me drinks from this guy or that guy. I would always say, "You told him I'm not gay, right?" and he would laugh and go, "Yep! He still sent this over!"

I'd just nod at the guy and say thanks, but I really don't know what the end game was. I'm not outrageously attractive or anything, so I don't know why they were throwing away drinks on me, but I certainly appreciated it!


...Huh? Me?


I reacted in the moment very similarly to how I react when someone of not of the same gender hits on me: Obliviously.

Later on, when I realized it, I was flattered.


Just Go With It

Only time any stranger ever bought me a drink was a gay guy and I'm a straight guy.

Let me tell you ladies, even though he was flirting up the wrong tree, it was flattering as hell. If any woman did that, that confidence would absolutely have my attention.


Maneuver Them Away

Several times. Gay dudes tend to find me more attractive than ladies do.

I usually just let them know that I'm straight, thank them for their interest, and steer them in the direction of the last gay dude that hit on me.


Reorganize Signals

It's been a minute, but it was a simple "got my signals crossed." I told the other person I'm straight, though flattered, and we both moved on. This is how big kids are supposed to react.


Do Anything For A Sale

I used to work in sales. Old ladies and gay dudes were my bread and butter. I will flirt my butt off for a sale and there's nothing a gay dude thinks is funnier than a straight dude who's confident enough in his own sexuality to flirt with another dude.

That said, yes, I've been hit on. Typically I'd say something like, "Well, I'm not gay and I'm not curious, but boy if I were, I would rock your world."

It always felt less awkward when I'd make a joke about it and I don't think I ever had anyone upset by it.


Let Them Down Easy

I find it really flattering.

I feel like the compliments lesbians give to me are somehow more genuine then what men usually say. Also women take rejection a lot better. If I say I'm seeing someone men are very quick to assume I'm lying which I haven't seen is the case with women.


One Over The Other

I'm a rather unimpressive guy who is frequently hit on by gay guys. It gives me a load of confidence but frustrates me that a woman has never hit on me.


Pick Up Lines Out Of Anywhere

I was at a gay bar with some friends, mid-late 90s, and got the most... interesting pick-up line I've ever heard of, by a guy that apparently had a really good 70s.

I mean, this dude had his polyester shirt open down to his navel, with several gold chains nestled in his white chest hair. "Didn't I see you playing tuba at the Bach festival?" ... "Nope, sorry. " Then walked away before I laughed in his face! Nothing against him, or him trying to hit on me. I just hated disco in the 70s, and have ever since


Check The Ring

I had an older gentleman hit on me at the grocery store. I didn't realize he was asking me on a date for a second because I was shopping but I had noticed him popping up on a lot of the same aisles.

I held up my hand to show my ring and said I appreciate it man, but I'm married, to which he replied, "Just had to ask because you're cute."

I was definitely a little bashful and as he walked off I laughed at myself a little as I realized I was reaching for the fudge pops for my then sick wife as he had tapped me on the shoulder.


The Odd Quirks Hit Different Views

Im a tall lanky dude, with a boney face. I've been told im attractive, by a small amount of women. Now gay men? They have a strange obsession with me.

I worked at a cafe in a mall, had a good hair cut and I was young. The amount of shit that gay dudes said to me that I would not have expected to hear was real high. Now most of these guys worked in the mall so they knew me well enough, but damn. I think gay men are just much more forward.


Oblivious To The Obvious

Totally didn't realize. Just thought I was having a regular conversation with a guy until he asked for my number. He was disappointed to find out I'm straight. Even asked if I was lying to avoid giving him my number. My girlfriend at the time knew he was hitting on me and just stood back to watch. She was amazed at how oblivious I was.


Do People Even Look Up?

As a 125lb man in the military, I've been hit on several times by gay men.

Apparently I react the same way I do when women hit on me, I barely even notice.


Compliment Is A Compliment

A dude told me I had a nice a-- once.

Honestly, i don't know why, but it was somehow more satisfying than a woman giving me any compliment before.

Like, damn, he enjoyed my a-- so much that he risked telling me even though i was probably straight.


Awkward No Matter What

I meant to be cool and genuine and let her down easy... but I was terribly awkward and made it weird.

That's not because she's a girl though.

I'm an equal opportunity spaz.


Flattered And Confused

I'm a dude and I had another male classmate tell me he loved my muscles (I don't really have big muscles).

it was sort of weird for me especially because it was the first time anyone hit on me so I was both flattered and confused so I just asked for a seating movement and sat on the other side of class.


Wanting What Doesn't Come

Other guys have hit on me dozens of times. I just politely decline and feel flattered.

Meanwhile, three women in history have hit on me. I wish I didn't like the vajinga so much.


Dudes Are The Worse

Yup. I've been hit on by girls a lot. I honestly like it more than getting hit on by guys, even though I'm straight. Girls are less aggressive usually, and I've never had a girl tell me I'm a garbage person for rejecting them. Nor have I had lesbians tell me I should sleep with them to know for sure I'm straight.

I've had lesbian friends get hit on by men and have both of those things happen to them - dudes telling them they're sh-tty and all they need is some penis to "change their minds".

So yeah. Girls can hit on me all they want. It's not as threatening, never ends badly, and it boosts my confidence!


Speak Honestly And Openly

Just said I'm very flattered but not gay.

Had to do this more than once, never been a problem.


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